Cliff's Pools & Patios Remodeling Offers Tips for Pool Preservation during South Florida’s Hurricane

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The experts at Cliff’s Pools & Patios recommend that all pool owners in South Florida secure their pool when direct hits from storms are expected. Hurricane Season started in July and will continue on through November, so pool owners should take action now to avoid costly repairs due to storm debris and power outages.

Cliff’s Pools would like to inform pool owners of the proper way to safely secure their pools during the storm season to prevent any major damage that might occur.

Pool owners should first have their pool drained to the bottom of the waterline tile only.  It is important that the pool surface is not exposed. Extra chlorine and acid should be added to the maximum acceptable levels. In the event of prolonged power failure, additional chemicals should be kept on hand to prevent contamination of the water. It is advised that a pool net, brush, and vacuum should also be on hand to clean any debris from the pool. Patio furniture should not be kept in the pool, as this can damage the pool surface.

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