Quality assurance analyst dishes Misty Oaks 3BD

Frank and Diane Gonzales acquired a three-bedroom, two-bath home at 8117 Golden Harvest in Misty Oaks from Nauri L. Broussard and Paul Olivares on Nov. 1.

Broussard acquired the property from Raylene Hollified in April 2004. The home in the Great Northwest subdivision was built in 1981. It is valued at $91,890.

Broussard has served as a quality assurance analyst at CPS Energy, a utility company in San Antonio, with combined natural gas and electric service.

According to BlockShopper.com, there have been 42 home sales in Misty Oaks during the past 12 months.

Address: 8117 Golden Harvest
Buyer(s): Diane Z Gonzales and Frank H Gonzales
Seller(s): Nauri L Broussard and Paul Olivares
Sale date: Nov. 1, 2010