Re-energize a stale bathroom with a new tub

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For homeowners who enjoy a luxurious soak, the bathtub can be the most important spot in the house. However, if outdated, cramped or rusty, they can become more repulsive than relaxing. Larry Russell, owner of West Coast Remodelers and Contractors, discussed some of the options available and the time commitment involved to change a bathtub.

“We offer all different types of bathroom tubs, such as the standard 5-foot tubs and the claw-foot tubs, which are becoming pretty popular these days,” Russell said. “Some clients like to go with the garden tub, which adds whirlpool action.”

The process of replacing a tub usually takes about a week. Not only will you be replacing a tub, but you might also need to replace the tile on the wall.

“If the tub is quite old and has discoloration due to rust, we recommend replacing the shower valve as well since most of the issues that are taking place are with the shower,” Russell said. “This then requires replacing all the tile on the shower walls as well as what is behind them. Sometimes on the older homes, there is just drywall behind the shower walls, or green wall, which is no longer approved.”

Be sure to plan for a fairly invasive project before beginning.

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