Vintage decor enhances home

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The holidays have a way of filling our hearts with cheer while at the same time overloading our homes with kitschy decor.

Some homeowners can feel overwhelmed when decorating, and can be lost as to how to add a festive touch without overdoing it.

A great way to add whimsey to your home is to choose vintage pieces, which add a classic look.

Celesta Carter, owner of Paper Street Market, offers some expert tips.

“If there is a time of year where nostalgia reigns strong, it is definitely the holiday season,” Carter said.

“When incorporating vintage holiday items into your decor scheme, we recommend groupinglike items together. A cluster of vintage Santas on a mantel make more of a statement than placing one or two in different places around your home. You can also blend old and new items to create an intriguing display – think of a glitzy, glamorous arrangement in an antique holiday vase as a centerpiece, or vintage hand-embroidered stockings hanging from newer, bold holiday hooks.”

When using antique pieces, it’s important to check the wiring. Older fixtures may not be grounded and could get extremely hot when plugged in for long periods. To ensure safety, switch them off before leaving the house.