Choose LEDs for a stunning, durable display

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When selecting exterior lighting for the holiday season, there are basically two options: incandescent or LEDs.

Incandescent lights have been the tried and true product for years and create a softer look, as opposed to the vibrancy of LEDs.

When comparing the two, it’s important to consider longevity, appearance and environmental impact.

Ray Reed, owner of R&R Decorative Landscape Exterior Services, tells us which one the professionals use and why the choice is crystal clear.

“We have invested significantly in sourcing products that offer ... a wide variety of styles, from colors, bulb styles, custom light frames to animated trees – all commercial-grade LED,” Reed said. “LED lights are green-friendly.”

Though they are more expensive, LED lights last years longer than incandescent light bulbs, and they also use almost 90 percent less electricity to operate and do not heat up when turned on, thus resulting in a safer product.

Storage is easier, too. Simply wrap up the LEDs and store them in the garage without fear of bulb breakage or moisture damage.