Keep yard in shape for spring

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When the temperatures drop, it’s easy to let yard maintenance go by the wayside.

However, a winter lawn needs special attention in order to prepare it for spring.

Chad Suders, who with Noel Suders owns Lawn Sculptures, offers some advice for keeping grass hydrated.

“Lawn irrigation is very important during the winter months; it helps add nutrients to the plants but also acts as protection,” said Suders.

“Depending on the amount of water you use during the summer, you can usually cut it back to half or even one day a week. I tell everyone who is on a two-day-a-week schedule to drop it down to one day a week and take it from 45 minutes down to 30.”

When watering, be sure to pay attention to how much water is being used. A gauge is not necessary; just look closely at your lawn.

If there is a lot of shade on your property and you notice a lot of standing water, lower the amount of time on that particular zone.

“Some zones require more watering than others,” said Suders.

“A great tool on many sprinkler timers is the percentage setting. All you have to do is turn the dial to the water percentage and cut it down to 50 percent. There’s no need to adjust anything else until spring.”