’Tis the season to take steps for a beautiful spring lawn

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Q: What are some tips for winter lawn maintenance?

A: As the holidays approach, most people are not thinking about their lawn, but cooler temperatures and the occasional rainfall make it an ideal time to prep the lawn for a healthy spring.

If you haven’t yet applied a nitrogen fertilizer during the fall season, it may be best to wait until early spring, as the lawn will not absorb much nitrogen when dormant.

This can also lead to fungus issues and cause more harm than good.

The best fertilizer during December and January would be a treatment high in potassium (0-0-62) to help thicken the root structure.

If the turf needs a boost of color, a liquid or granular iron treatment would do the trick. Also, the winter months are the best time to apply a pre-emergent weed control, which will help reduce turf weeds in the spring and summer.

As far as watering, the best advice would be to keep an eye on the temperature. If we continue to have temperatures in the 70s and 80s, then once-a-week watering is recommended.

However, once cooler temperatures hit the area, every-other-week watering of the turf is best. Giving your lawn a little attention now will result in a lush and healthy lawn come spring.

—    Joseph Scicchitano, general manager of Tampa Lawn Salon, (813) 417-7301