Preparing your car for winter important, even in Texas

When winter approaches, most of the country prepares vehicles for the additional strain the season of freezing temperatures, snow and ice will dump on cars. Often times, residents of warmer climates do nothing.

The whole “winterizing” process for a car is much more streamlined than the process for a boat or a camper. Preparing your car for winter, even in the warmer climates, is an easy and necessary process.

Residents of Grapevine need only look to last February for a reason to winterize their vehicles. On Feb. 11, a rare North Texas blizzard dropped nearly eight inches of snow in the area. Grapevine also sees average low temperatures hovering around 30 degrees, which is below freezing.

A native of northwest Houston, and marketing director for Grapevine Dodge Chrysler Jeep, Scott Wideman says it is a good idea to get some minor work done on your vehicle at this time of the year.

“Get your fluids checked because of the freezing temperatures,” said Wideman. “Today's fluids usually won't freeze easily, but it is still a good idea to check them. Make sure you check the brakes, especially if they are due for routine maintenance.”

According to Wideman, the most important aspect of your winter check-up would be attention to the tires.

“Check the treads in your tires so they are prepared for icy roadways,” he said.

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