Comedian markets home in Village Valley

Medium 39a1975f132420c006a72fe370b1d7e5 Mack Dryden and Teri Dryden sold a two-bedroom, one-bath home at 5447 Radford Ave. in Valley Village to Arkadiy Balasanyan and Elina Balasanyan for $560,000 on Oct. 27.

The Drydens acquired the property in Sept. 2004. The 1,396-square-foot house was built in 1940.

Mr. Dryden is an actor-comedian who became part of the movies Landers, Bel Air , Simpatico and Million Dollar Mystery. He also appeared in various TV series such as "The Guardian," "Team Knight Rider" and "Paradise." He wrote for the TV movie "All Night Radio." He became the other half of the Mack & Jamie duo, which performed for corporate events, cruise ships, and comedy clubs.

Prior to acting, he worked at Ingalls Shipbuilding and also sold jewelry in Paris, London and Barcelona.

He received his bachelor's in journalism and English from the University of Mississippi and his master's from the University of Southern Mississippi.

According to, there have been 150 home sales in Valley Village during the past 12 months, with a median price of $510,000.

Address: 5447 Radford Avenue
Buyer(s): Arkadiy Balasanyan and Elina Balasanyan
Seller(s): Mack Dryden and Teri Dryden
Sale date: Oct. 27, 2010