It's Bluebird season at Spring's Just For The Birds

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Spring is literally right around the corner, and that means the added ability to get out and spot the Eastern Bluebird.

To prepare birdwatchers for the thrill of catching an elegant Eastern Bluebird fluttering around through its daily activities, Just For The Birds, a gift shop specializing in birds and wildlife in Spring, offers a plethora of items related to the elegant creature.

“Eastern Bluebirds are a member of the thrush family and prefer open land with low or sparse ground cover,” Kathy Coward, owner of Just For The Birds, said. “Next to golf courses or open meadows are prime sites to welcome these birds. In this open habitat they eat insects, spiders, worms, wild fruits and berries.”

Describing the birds as one of the most beautiful to nest in the Houston area, Coward states that they can be easily spotted because of the bright blue color on their backs and heads and belt out a beautiful and lyrical song.

“The installation of nest boxes has really helped the Bluebird population, once in serious decline,” Coward added. “Proper boxes and placement location for the box is very important, as Bluebirds are territorial and their nesting opportunities can be reduced by other bird species.”

To help spur the population of the Bluebird and to increase the likelihood of seeing them on a regular basis, visit Just For The Birds for Bluebird nest boxes, Bluebird feeders, dried mealworms and books about the feathered friend. Additionally, the store stocks plenty of gift items with Bluebirds as the theme, as well as many other birds and wildlife.

For more information on the local Bluebird population, visit the website of the Texas Bluebird Society at

For more information, contact Just For The Birds at 281-288-9019; or, visit the shop at 209 Main St., Old Town Spring, Texas or online at For shipment, depending on the availability, allow two to three days delivery via UPS.

About Just For The Birds

Just For The Birds is a small independently owned shop located in the restored turn-of-the-19th-Century railroad town of Old Town Spring. Kathy Coward is the owner. She began the business in 1994 out of a “labor of love”. She is very knowledgeable with birds and birding having been the former President of the oldest and most respected Piney Woods Wildlife Society from year 2001 to 2005. Just For The Birds offers a collection of gifts for bird lovers of all ages along with products for wild birds, squirrels, butterflies, and bats.

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