Neighbors Emergency Center Equipped to Handle All Imaging and Laboratory Needs

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Neighbors Emergency Center, an emergency care facility with locations in Baytown, Bellaire, Grand Parkway, and Kingwood, offers its patients all the imaging and laboratory services they may need. However, unlike a standard emergency room, NEC makes sure that they provide detailed information, provide efficient services at a shorter wait time, and promise a quicker turnaround for results. 

"NEC has revolutionized the emergency room experience," says Dr. Setul Patel, physician and CEO of the emergency center.  "NEC is also taking this opportunity to answer common questions patients have about Imaging and Laboratory tests."

Having the necessary imaging and laboratory equipment as well as technical and medical expertise is essential in order for doctors to treat patients efficiently in the least amount of time possible.  Certain medical situations, such as cardiac arrest and OB/GYN emergencies, injuries sustained in road accidents or ingestion of foreign objects, require such services. 

NEC offers CT or CAT scans (computed tomography or computed axial tomography), which takes images in cross-section (or "slices") of a certain area of the body.  Different from an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), which uses a magnetic field and certain radio frequencies, and takes about 30 minutes of scanning, a CT Scan uses computer-processed x-ray technology and takes about 30 seconds for the actual scan to take place.  While the MRI is the choice for evaluating tendons, ligaments, and other soft tissue as well as brain tumors, CT Scan is often preferred for bony structures and bone injuries as well as lung and chest imaging.

NEC also has cardiac monitoring equipment and EKG (also ECG or Electrocardiogram).  EKG is used to monitor the electrical activity of the heart, which is meant to determine the rate of a patient's heartbeat as well as its regularity.

Neighbors Emergency Center also has other equipment such as X-Ray, Ultrasound, and COLA Certified Stat Laboratory Testing.  Moreover, with the quick turnaround of results, patients and families need not deal with the additional burden of waiting and worrying.

Short waiting time and quick imaging and lab results make NEC the emergency care provider of choice.

About Neighbors Emergency Center

Neighbors Emergency Center is an emergency care facility that serves Baytown, Bellaire, Grand Parkway, Kingwood, and the surrounding communities 24/7. They will open two new facilities in Pasadena and Pearland in the spring of 2013, recognizing the need in those two communities for top-notch care. Neighbors Emergency Care strives to be the emergency center provider of choice by offering quality, compassionate, and prompt medical care on a concierge level.

In addition to their in-house physicians, their staff includes registered nurses, radiology technicians, clinical technicians, and administrative assistants. But at its heart, Neighbors Emergency Center is a company owned and staffed by physicians. Those same doctors are still involved in the front lines of patient care every single day.

Their philosophy is to ensure patent satisfaction with the best, patient-centered efforts, providing solid care plans, and taking the time to answer each and every question. Neighbors Emergency Center has re-defined the emergency experience with this unique approach. Each of their facilities is equipped with private treatment rooms, HD TVs, modern décor, comfortable waiting areas, peaceful pediatric treatment rooms, and more.

Neighbors Emergency Care offers the full services of a standard emergency department, including computed tomographies (CT scan), bedside emergency ultrasounds, radiographs (x-rays), and full service clinical laboratories. But unlike a standard emergency room, a visit to Neighbors Emergency Care means little to no wait time because they are dedicated to providing you and your family elite care at  moment's notice.

They are equipped to handle ANY adult or pediatric medical situations including: Emergency Care, Trauma/Injury Care, Cardiology, Imaging & Laboratory, and other services. Neighbors Emergency Center understands how important it is to have someone you can trust during an emergency. Their team of experienced, board-certified physicians will be that someone for you and your family any time, day or night.


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