Just For The Birds discusses the cardinal, the joy of the season and beyond

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Just For The Birds, located in Old Town Spring, thinks that no bird represents the holiday season, particularly Christmas more than the beautiful cardinal.

It's presence in nature cannot be understated because the cardinal transcends itself and has become an ingrained part of society. The Northern Cardinal is one of the most beautiful of all birds, according to Kathy Coward, owner of Just For The Birds. Seven states in the eastern United States deem the Northern Cardinal as their state bird. Cardinals are also named after officials of the Roman Catholic Church

Male cardinals are easy to spot because they are all red with a crest and black on his face around the base of a reddish bill. His female counterpart is buffy below and grayish brown above with a reddish bill and reddish tint on her crest, wings and tail. The juveniles of the species look like the female except for its dark gray bill. 

"It is thought that cardinals mate for life," said Coward. "They make a nest of twigs, bark strips, and leaves in dense shrubbery or small trees. They lay two to five eggs consisting of a buff white color with dark markings. The cardinals may nest or brook one to four times per year and during mating the male can be seen feeding the female and shares the feedings of the young."

The cardinal sings a series of whistles that vary, including "Whoit whoit" and "cheer cheer cheer." They also make a sound that often sounds like a metallic chip.

Cardinals will visit backyard feeders and while they prefer sunflower seeds, they will also eat safflower seed, cracked corn and mixed seeds. They will also use birdbaths for bathing and drinking.

"Cardinals are symbols at this time of the year because of their beauty and cheerfulness," Coward added. "I hope the sights and sounds of cardinals light up your life during the holidays and all year long."

For more information about birdhouses, or any of the items for sale at the store, please call 281-288-9019 or go to www.justforthebirds.com. Just for the Birds is located at 209 Main St. in Old Town Spring.


About Just for the Birds

Just for the Birds is a small, independently-owned shop located in the restored turn-of-the-19th-Century railroad town of Old Town Spring. Kathy Coward is the owner. She began the business in 1994 out of a "labor of love." She is very knowledgeable about birds and birding as the current president of the oldest and most respected Piney Woods Wildlife Society. Just for the Birds offers a collection of gifts for bird lovers of all ages along with products for wild birds, squirrels, butterflies and bats.

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