Rolltex Shutters Offers Security Shutters

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With the Christmas season here, many homeowners will be leaving for vacation. But before leaving the house empty, let Rolltex Shutters secure doors and windows with rolling shutters, so that the house and its contents, including family, friends and pets, will always be protected from security threats and harsh weather.

Even if you'll be having a "staycation" this December, home break-ins usually increase during the holiday season because bad guys know the houses are full of gifts and pounce on the opportunity when a family leaves for a period of time.

Rolltex Shutters, a trusted name in Pasadena when it comes to shutters, storm panels and retractable awnings, is a big help to the community by making sure homes and its inhabitants are protected throughout the year.  Rolltex Shutters installs a wide variety of products such as rolling shutters, storm panels, accordion shutters, armor panels, retractable awnings and retractable solar screens for extra protection that provides peace of mind.

Besides keeping the houses safe day and night, Rolltex Shutters also creates custom-made security shutters to the client's specifications. Home and business owners should not worry about the possible effect on the physical look of the location because Rolltex Shutters will ensure that their protective shutters are not only of high quality, but stylish as well.

For more information, please call 281-991-9200 or visit The Rolltex Shutters showroom is located at 3004 Beverly Road in Pasadena.


About Rolltex Shutters

Rolltex Shutters is a family-owned and -operated business that supplies, assembles and installs first-rate exterior rolling shutters, storm panels, accordion shutters, retractable awnings and retractable solar screens. The company ensures that homes and businesses are soundly protected from severe weather and are given the advantage of energy savings and noise reduction. In addition to cosmetic and weather purposes, shutters also serve as a great source of security for a home or business.