Recent North Liberty home sales, January 7-13, 2018

The following residential sales were reported for the week of January 7-13, 2018. The median sale price was $215,903.

1540 Cypress Circle
Buyer: Adam Lee and Erin M. Brown
Seller: Guido J. and Liliane J. Tricot

115 E. Weston Drive
Buyer: Stephanie Fleckenstein
Seller: Paul Wellington Jones

850 Maple St.
Buyer: Kathryn R. Jansa
Seller: Amy J. Reid

70 Cherry Court
Buyer: Stanley and Douglas
Seller: Johnson County Sheriff, Ervin Nieves and Feilin and Fei Lin Lin

50 David Lee Court
Buyer: Robert and Elizabeth Westermann and Jacqueline Sheila Kenck
Seller: Kristen Horrie

506 Pinehurst Lane
Buyer: Christine Cleveland
Seller: Franklin Louis, Donna Marie, Derek F. and Lisa A. Randall

335 N. Juniper St.
Buyer: Matthew J. and Katie A. Pronk
Seller: Chad M. and Nicole C. Brandmeyer

1552 Progress St.
Buyer: William and Anna B. Wu
Seller: Daniel C. and Lisa L. Augspurger

410 Camden St.
Buyer: Stephen and Holly Loew
Seller: Richard Joseph Vale

60 E. Jefferson St.
Buyer: Tenderfoot Properties
Seller: Matnic and Matthew D. Agt Lepic

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