Recent Joliet home sales, June 17-23, 2018

There were 36 reported residential sales in Joliet for the week of June 17-23, 2018. The median sale price was $190,000.

1851 Delrose St.
West Joliet
Buyer: Michael and Jacquelyn Finch
Seller: Home Partners Ga 2015 LLC

662 Landau Ave.
East Joliet
Buyer: Cecilia Navarro
Seller: Nicolas Robles

3 Manor Court
Central Joliet
Buyer: Paul L. and Rena K. Schultz
Seller: Patricia Bell Bell (trustee), Bell Family Trust, Melissa Bell Meinhart, Kristen Bell Mulvey and Amy Bell Dow

1943 Calla Drive
West Joliet
Buyer: Cynthia J Joachim
Seller: Joan L McGrath

2436 Timberwood Court
East Joliet
Buyer: Julian and Marissa Cantu
Seller: Christopher R. and Candice J. Bielski and Candice J Cibulskis

4076 Hennepin Drive
West Joliet
Buyer: Devin Whitehead
Seller: Vytautas Vilkauskas

4318 Odonahue Drive
West Joliet
Buyer: Noah and Tina L. Tyree
Seller: Laura Hunt and Laura and Michael R. Yesley

2705 Campus Drive
West Joliet
Buyer: Georgiana A. Szymczak
Seller: Thomas R. and Karen Cirricone

2115 Olde Mill Road
West Joliet
Buyer: Daniela Clementz
Seller: Gertrude Reiter (estate) (deceased) and Trudy-Independent Cutrano (executor)

2300 Woodhill Court
West Joliet
Buyer: Sean and Tryniti M. Metz
Seller: Mark D. and Debra L. Mountain

1111 Davison St.
East Joliet
Buyer: Rimas Kairys and Aksana Kaire
Seller: Jeremy P Braack

6715 Whisper Glen Drive
Buyer: Cesar and Rosa M. Sanchez
Seller: NC Global LLC

1011 Erins Glen Drive
Buyer: Richard and Harriett Branz
Seller: Michael and Tamera Tschida

2603 Inwood Drive
West Joliet
Buyer: Tamra M Bashford
Seller: Jill L Bashford

210 Collins St.
East Joliet
Buyer: West End Property Group LLC
Seller: Ruben D. and Estella Figueroa

1508 Baltz Drive
West Joliet
Buyer: Mihail Stratan
Seller: Petrulis Corp.

6014 Autumn Oaks Drive
Buyer: Heriberto and Sandra Bustos
Seller: Dr Horton Inc.-Midwest and DHR Cambridge Homes Inc.

1357 Sterling Ave.
East Joliet
Buyer: Joseph J. and Stephanie Farano
Seller: Sherry Parfitt (heir), Duane K. Osterman (heir), Brenda Dixon (heir) and Mary Ann Osterman (deceased)

2913 Art Schultz Drive
Buyer: Fernando Rodriguez Lemus
Seller: Mark M. and Lois A. Babich

903 Dawes Ave.
Central Joliet
Buyer: Janice Groves
Seller: Scott R. and Kelly E. Winkels

3409 Grass Lake Drive
West Joliet
Buyer: Eric K Edgecombe Jr. and Brittany A. Edgecombe
Seller: Edwin and Maria Dejka

304 Lafayette St.
Central Joliet
Buyer: Jessica Pena
Seller: Henry Waters

927 N. Raynor Ave.
Central Joliet
Buyer: Diane Gifford
Seller: Thomas and Elizabeth Sittinger

2009 McDonough St.
West Joliet
Buyer: 2 Ayaan Bangash LLC
Seller: Hodgman Group LLC

517 N. William St.
Central Joliet
Buyer: Valerie L Winterfeldt and Joshua E. Winterfeld
Seller: Donald R. and Norma G. Strahanoski

2551 Oak Tree Lane
West Joliet
Buyer: Karen S. and Reginald M. Foster
Seller: Sherry Rachal Kuster

2806 Stacia Court
West Joliet
Buyer: Lera Tuskey
Seller: Jose and Eulalia Hernandez

216 Collins St.
East Joliet
Buyer: West End Property Group LLC
Seller: Daniel V. Rios Jr. and Estela Rios

2716 Wake Island Drive
West Joliet
Buyer: Sasso Gina and Sasso Dale Del
Seller: Richard Cox

6709 Whisper Glen Drive
Buyer: Dariusz and Malgorzata Szwab
Seller: Johnny W. and Anna Gould

1521 McKinley St.
East Joliet
Buyer: Lucia Kulbartz
Seller: Toro Hernando Del

2671 Jodee Drive
West Joliet
Buyer: Nancy O'Brien
Seller: Glen P. Narducci and Dolores E. Narducci (deceased)

154 N. Raynor Ave.
Central Joliet
Buyer: Roberto Lopez
Seller: Rigoberto and Luis Bautista

2306 Graystone Drive
West Joliet
Buyer: Israel Curiel
Seller: Jeffrey J. and Gail L. Wiggins

3115 W. Nantucket Drive
West Joliet
Buyer: Hannah M. Eubanks
Seller: Guillermina Montes

2417 Rockwood Drive
East Joliet
Buyer: Daniel Steven Miller
Seller: John C. and Colleen T. Cuthbertson

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