Shorewood home sales, June 17-23, 2018

There were eight reported residential sales in Shorewood for the week of June 17-23, 2018. The median sale price was $236,500.

1119 Trillium Lane
Buyer: HP Illinois I LLC
Seller: George F. Ewan Jr. and Marianne M Ewan

1607 Hunter Drive
Buyer: Scott and Michele McMaster
Seller: Adam and Amy Denny

1978 Parkside Drive
Buyer: Meagan H Whitley
Seller: Joann Kujawinski, James A. and John A. and Jeffrey A. Nudera, Judith A. Petrosky, Jacqueline A. Gulczynski, Jerome A. Sr Nudera (estate) (deceased) and Jerome A. Nudera Jr.

1736 Fieldstone Drive N.
Buyer: Jill Sperando
Seller: Howard W. Bailey

624 Calif.-Crest Drive
West of River
Buyer: Eliseo and Alesbia Almanza
Seller: Jeremiah W. and Amanda Yaden

522 Calif.-Crest Drive
West of River
Buyer: Jesus Ferrer Jr. and Jaclyn N Ferrer
Seller: Candyce W Holland

404 Honors Court
Buyer: Mark L. and Sharon A. Dames
Seller: John and Pamela D. James

21257 S. Redwood Lane
Buyer: Michael Fulcher
Seller: Lonnie and Michelle Carr

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