Recent Bolingbrook home sales, June 17-23, 2018

There were 10 reported residential sales in Bolingbrook for the week of June 17-23, 2018. The median sale price was $251,450.

378 Sweetgum St.
Buyer: Thomas and Maria Gibbs
Seller: Chicago Title Land Trust Co. (trustee) and 1108234 CTLTC

541 Cumberland Lane
West of Bollingbrook Dr
Buyer: Jerome and Kathleen Dea
Seller: Kathryn O'Brien

247 Clifton Lane
Buyer: Oschenia and Anthony Duffey
Seller: Chicago Title Land Trust Co. (trustee), State Bank of Countryside (trustee) and 032501 CTLTC & Stbc

1342 Parkside Drive
Buyer: Xianjie Yu and Min Yue
Seller: Nucjet G Nuekbeczej, Jamie N Mielneczek and Jamie N Swanson

1557 Suncrest Lane
Buyer: Anatoliy B Sen
Seller: Steven and Kristin Capezio

1749 Apple Valley Road
Buyer: Richard J. Llewellyn
Seller: Jeffery and Lynn J. Dilger and Lynn S Johneas

197 N. Commonwealth Drive
West of Bollingbrook Dr
Buyer: Aaron J. and Kathryn M. Wurster
Seller: Jaquolene M O'Hagin and Jaquolene M Forys

581 Lakewood Farms Drive
Buyer: Valerie C Torres Bertoni
Seller: Nancy J. Trejo

494 Larkspur Drive
West of Bollingbrook Dr
Buyer: Irwin and Ma Luisa Arteaga
Seller: Stacey Lynn Carpenter and Edward Moy

190 Boxelder St.
Buyer: John C. Whitney III
Seller: John H. and Kari H. Breal

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