Home sales in Joliet, June 10-16, 2018

The following residential sales were reported for the week of June 10-16, 2018. The median sale price was $196,500.

816 New Lenox Road
East Joliet
Buyer: Aaron M. and Rebecca K. Taylor
Seller: DRH Cambridge Homes Inc.

1301 Riverhaven Trail
West Joliet
Buyer: Kristen Feiza
Seller: Dale R. and Katrina K. Dayton

704 Woodruff Road
East Joliet
Buyer: Lissette Reyes
Seller: Barbara L. Robinson

2311 Graystone Drive
West Joliet
Buyer: Richard and Marilina Angarone
Seller: Jaime G Reyes

2812 Tucson Drive
East Joliet
Buyer: Michael T. and Courtney E. Lofgren
Seller: Richard J. and Melissa A. Michals

1114 Mountain View Drive
East Joliet
Buyer: Kristin Swidergal
Seller: Lothar Koeppler

1513 Legacy Pointe Bl
East Joliet
Buyer: Leopoldo Altamirano
Seller: Kendall C. and Kristin M. Jones

6207 Hawthorne Ridge Drive
West Joliet
Buyer: Alex J. Michalski
Seller: Zachary and Angela Eisele

2612 Ruth Fitzgerald Drive
Buyer: Cerberus Sfr Holdings II LP
Seller: Karl and Erika L. Browder

1417 N. Raynor Ave.
Central Joliet
Buyer: Maria and Alysia Quinn
Seller: Rigoberto and Luis Bautista

618 Buell Ave.
Central Joliet
Buyer: Carlos Camacho and Isabel Rios-Camacho
Seller: Rosita Jarquin

1014 Mountain View Drive
East Joliet
Buyer: Salvador and Myriam P. Olivas
Seller: Residential Solutions Inc.

5903 Lake Pointe Drive
Wesmere Country Club
Buyer: Adam P. Richter
Seller: First Midwest Bank (trustee) and 7502 FMB

6504 Jack Rogers Lane
Buyer: Cerberus Sfr Holdings II LP
Seller: Chirstopher W Kreit and Candice M McCauley

1914 Timbers Edge Circle
West Joliet
Buyer: Catherine M. Brady
Seller: John W. Roche (trustee), Joan T. Roche (trustee) and Roche Family Trust

408 Wilcox St.
Central Joliet
Buyer: Manuel and Maria G. Ortiz
Seller: Margarita, Ivan, Jose, Concepcion, Samuel and Alexander Guerrero

616 Westridge Road
West Joliet
Buyer: Shawn E Lahti and Emily M. Wyss
Seller: Marylyn A. Lopez (trustee) and Qa Lopez Marylyn (trust)

3721 Terrance Ferry Drive
West Joliet
Buyer: Fatime Destani
Seller: Michelle R. Arturo and Michele Delgado Arturo and Michelle R Boeving

523 Adella Ave.
East Joliet
Buyer: Timothy J. and Bridget K. Sargent
Seller: Alexander H Szepelak

2463 Saddle Ridge Drive
East Joliet
Buyer: Audra Armstrong
Seller: Nicholas J. Hughes

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