Joliet home sales, June 3-9, 2018

There were 27 reported residential sales in Joliet for the week of June 3-9, 2018. The median sale price was $191,000.

1704 Terrace Ave.
Central Joliet
Buyer: Amardeep Singh
Seller: Joseph P. and Anna M. Aimaro

1301 Norley Ave.
Central Joliet
Buyer: Gerald and Brenda Pulley
Seller: Tommie Bouie

6004 Cherry Ridge Drive
West Joliet
Buyer: Peter D. and Angela J. Depaoli
Seller: Antonio A. and Lisa A. Gregori

5316 White Oaks Court
Wesmere Country Club
Buyer: Ion A. Siminoi
Seller: Brookfield Relocation Inc.

1928 Timbers Edge Circle
West Joliet
Buyer: Steven C. and Dawn M. Pinney
Seller: Michele L. and Michelle L. Arling

1504 Staghorn Drive
Buyer: Martin Guzman and Olivia Tapia
Seller: D R Horton Inc.-Midwest

1319 N. William St.
Central Joliet
Buyer: Michael J. and Barbara M. Terdic
Seller: Mary K. Kazak

2718 Crested Butte Trail
West Joliet
Buyer: Jean Woody and Jean Myriam
Seller: Anchor Investments Inc.

1212 Gould St.
East Joliet
Buyer: Asael Flores Hernandez
Seller: Minnie Waits Johnson

1261 W. Marion St.
Central Joliet
Buyer: Kenneth and Brenda Stennett
Seller: Dennis and Robert and Brian Quigley

2703 Billie Limacher Lane
Buyer: Manuel S. Haro Jr. and Valerie Haro
Seller: Kenneth and Gena Anderson

2512 Oak Tree Lane
West Joliet
Buyer: Lauren C. Gall
Seller: Amy H. Buteau and Joel C Erickson

617 Silver Lake St.
West Joliet
Buyer: Glenn H. and Latoya S. Burton
Seller: NVR Inc. and Ryan Homes

410 Mills Road
East Joliet
Buyer: Zamrey Investments LLC
Seller: Chicago Title Land Trust Co. (successor trustee), Harris Bank Joliet (trustee) and 4780 CTLTC & Hbj

2512 Caddy Lane
West Joliet
Buyer: Luis Diaz-Bernardino and Jennifer Perea
Seller: Joseph Richard Remko (trustee), Carole L. Remko (trustee), Joseph Richard Remko and Joint Tenancy Remko (trust)

1312 Elgin Ave.
East Joliet
Buyer: Graciela E Luduena
Seller: Ronald J Orloff LLC

1207 California Ave.
East Joliet
Buyer: Kelly A. Sheputis
Seller: Noble R Smith

6916 Grantham Drive
Buyer: Bruce J Casper
Seller: First Midwest Bank (successor trustee) and 8916 FMB

3119 Fiday Road
West Joliet
Buyer: Dane R Ulekowski
Seller: William Fiday

2706 Cedar Breaks Court
Buyer: Daniel P. Blanco
Seller: Daniel J. and Amy L. Eckberg

705 Silver Leaf Drive
West Joliet
Buyer: Derrick and Zenekia Blue
Seller: William Mikenis Jr.

2814 Wake Island Drive
West Joliet
Buyer: Kyle J Martinez and Taylor M. Vicic
Seller: Franklyn and Mayte De Amado

3620 Harms Road
Buyer: Lauren Petersen
Seller: Anwar Kamal and Kamal & Lubna Kamal Joint Anwar (revocable trust)

1622 Mayfield Ave.
Central Joliet
Buyer: Douglas and Kelly J. Fowler
Seller: Robert Tudor

116 Oneill St.
Central Joliet
Buyer: Edgar A. Oliva and Jessica Herrera
Seller: Philip E. and Jamey S. Koenig

824 Horseshoe Drive
Central Joliet
Buyer: Alexander Alberti
Seller: Jason and Krystal Barz

4703 Galway Road
Buyer: Robert J. Baron
Seller: Thomas M. Baron

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