Coralville home sales, July 29-August 4, 2018

There were 12 reported residential sales in Coralville for the week of July 29-August 4, 2018. The median sale price was $245,000.

2316 12th St.
Buyer: Margaret K. and Elizabeth A. Tigley and Fred Christopher Pigge
Seller: Hakim A. Rashid and Wafa M Abdalla

2861 Coral Court
Buyer: Pau Hana and Leilani
Seller: Terry L. and Kim E. Anderson

709 Holiday Road
Buyer: Lester J. IV and Emily A. McMackin
Seller: Jacob L. and Jessica L. Young

1601 Oak Lake Park Road
Buyer: Chaoqun Ni and Jiepu Jiang
Seller: Zhixing Wan

2119 Terrace Lane
Buyer: Rita Jean Gundacker (trustee) and Rita Jean Gundacker (trust)
Seller: John D. and Rebecca M. Burich

2752 Muddy Creek Lane
Buyer: James T. and Naomi D. Smith
Seller: Baxter Construction Inc.

1205 21st Ave. Place
Buyer: Skip and Harry Re
Seller: Kai M., Jon and Catherine Ringen (trust) (trust), Jon Ringen (trustee), Jon Ringen (revocable living trust), Catherine Ringen (trustee) and Catherine Ringen (revocable living trust)

1137 Ryan Circle
Buyer: Dongxu Wang and Le Jia
Seller: Derek and Courtney J. Darby

2262 Holiday Road
Buyer: Paradise Inc.
Seller: Martin Alan Raye (estate) and Linda E. Harvey (estate administrator)

11 Lynncrest Circle
Buyer: Cameron and Michael Mueller
Seller: Janice S Chelf

2227 10th St.
Buyer: Elysee K Agbogbo and Elom Aboatsi
Seller: Bsquare Properties, Brian Agt Meyer and Brian Agt Stevens

1103 12th Ave.
Buyer: Dhuha Tawil and Thomas Chanier
Seller: Ryan M. Strang