Coralville home sales, August 4-10, 2019

There were 13 reported residential sales in Coralville for the week of August 4-10, 2019. The median sale price was $340,000.

1425 Woolridge Drive
Buyer: Jonathan S. and Julia Smith Welter
Seller: Matthew R. and Elizabeth M. Weldin and Elizabeth M. Fitzpatrick

2409 Belmont Drive
Buyer: Catherine L. Grawe (trustee), Catherine L. Grawe (living trust) and Catherine L. Grawe (trust)
Seller: Michael R. Aguilar and Katherine L. Hurst

2862 Coral Court
Buyer: Rashid
Seller: Deniz and Nilufer Atasoy and Nilufer Sayar

1137 Ryan Circle
Buyer: Zhibo an and Yanting Zhang
Seller: Dongxu Wang and Le Jia

1300 23rd Ave.
Buyer: Nathan M. and Stephanie E. Ramer Heubner
Seller: Old Capital Property Group and John R. Agt Dwyer

2114 Holiday Road
Buyer: Jenny Cartagena Zelidon and Deveraux Spicknall
Seller: Paula Quisenberry

2035 Glen Oaks Drive
Buyer: Brendan D. and Lindsey Grieser
Seller: Corey and MacKinzie Rekers

2150 Pembrokeshire Drive
Buyer: McKenzie L. and Jonathan S. Murray
Seller: Kay Jean Countryman

2146 Dempster Drive
Buyer: Dawn M. Morgan and Aaron Loomis
Seller: Ryan E. and Michelle M. Klingeman

167 Auburn East Lane
Buyer: N. P. Dodge Jr. (trustee), N. P. Dodge Jr. (trust), Leslie A. Delperdang (trustee) and National Equity Inc.
Seller: Sean Michael and Tiffany Einck Merrick

167 Auburn East Lane
Buyer: Austin J. Ramme and Brigit Elizabeth Ray
Seller: N. P. Dodge Jr. (trustee), N. P. Dodge Jr. (trust), Leslie A. Delperdang (trustee) and National Equity Inc.

3015 Wind Ridge Drive
Buyer: Chia Wen Chen and Michael L. Moon
Seller: Jacksyd Investments and Mark Agt Greb

2152 10th St.
Buyer: Kaihua Liu and Antentor Othrell Hinton Jr.
Seller: Alexandra B Zimprich

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