Recent Lauderhill home sales, September 15-21, 2019

The following residential sales were reported for the week of September 15-21, 2019. The median sale price was $83,000.

1330 N.W. 43rd Ave.
Lauderhill Central
Buyer: Harold Bohannon and Linda A. Dennis Valin
Seller: Robert and Olive and Simon Ramchand

4975 N.W. 82nd Terrace
Lauderhill North
Buyer: Sherena and Lucsang Banton
Seller: Nghiatax LLC and Avanti Solutions LLC

4710 N.W. 11th Place
Lauderhill Central
Buyer: Exante and Ethelia Marc
Seller: Camille Amritt-Lall and Stanford L. Amritt Jr (revocable trust)

2105 N.W. 56th Ave.
Lauderhill Central
Buyer: Rentsav LLC
Seller: Rk Family Legacy LLC

4191 N.W. 26th St.
Lauderhill Central
Buyer: Hernan J Romero
Seller: Georgette Germana

4156 Inverrary Drive
Lauderhill North
Buyer: Juan David Becerra Solarte, Dayane Becerra and Gedfrey Becerra Sanchez
Seller: Nigel G Jeanty

2834 N.W. 55th Ave.
Lauderhill Central
Buyer: Realtex Holdings Group LLC
Seller: Aurelius LLC

3821 Environ Blvd.
Lauderhill North
Buyer: All About Real Estate LLC
Seller: Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. and Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Inc.

6679 Racquet Club Drive
Lauderhill North
Buyer: Patricia Alce
Seller: Maria Teresa Lemos Uddin

7389 N.W. 49th Court
Lauderhill North
Buyer: Kenrick Delano Marsh Sr. and Faye A. Cummings-Marsh
Seller: Robert L. and Jennifer L. Schaust

3730 Inverrary Drive
Lauderhill North
Buyer: Steven Chavez and Gloria Bocanegra
Seller: Lai Global Ventures LLC

3771 Environ Blvd.
Lauderhill North
Buyer: Maryam and El Ghazouan Sawmali
Seller: Rayadella Coleman

3511 Inverrary Drive
Lauderhill North
Buyer: Khateeja Ali
Seller: Selma Sherman (revocable living trust)

2233 N.W. 59th Ave.
Lauderhill Central
Buyer: Aqua Property Inc.
Seller: Habitat II Condominium Inc.

4174 Inverrary Drive
Lauderhill North
Buyer: Carl Wellington
Seller: El Cordobes LLC

4881 N.W. 22nd St.
Lauderhill Central
Buyer: Elpidio Antonio Caba
Seller: Mark A. Sweet and Sweet Family Trust

4221 N.W. 19th St.
Lauderhill Central
Buyer: Michelle Marie White Plaskoff
Seller: Sf-DD LLC

6911 Environ Blvd.
Lauderhill North
Buyer: Guillermo Muller
Seller: Justin and Jessica Smithline

3514 N.W. 13th St.
Lauderhill South
Buyer: Petra-Simone Britton
Seller: GB Assets Corp. Inc.

4920 N.W. 85th Terrace
Lauderhill North
Buyer: Nicholas Hong-Ting and Madeline Velez
Seller: Robert and Crystal Pinckard

4710 N.W. 18th Court
Lauderhill Central
Buyer: Estenio Cine, Savilia Joseph and Ribert Fertil
Seller: Sonide Gerard

2421 N.W. 55th Ave.
Lauderhill Central
Buyer: Fine Wood LLC
Seller: Dafna Shahar

7710 N.W. 50th St.
Lauderhill North
Buyer: Thomas B. Lewis (life estate) and Daniel Lewis
Seller: Reinaldo and Dulce Cruz

4981 N.W. 12th Court
Lauderhill Central
Buyer: Schneyder Jean and Cassandra Estimable
Seller: Mirna M Bowie

1100 N.W. 41st Terrace
Lauderhill Central
Buyer: Bennie P. Denson Sr. and Debra Denson
Seller: Atosha Williams and Shawn Logan

4751 N.W. 21st St.
Lauderhill Central
Buyer: Carol LI
Seller: Rickey V Fisher and Lynne Carriere-Fisher

1351 N.W. 58th Ave.
Lauderhill Central
Buyer: Hayon Holdings LLC
Seller: Tanya and Michael Tunsil and Tanya Cato

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