Home sales in Parkland, September 29-October 5, 2019

There were 12 reported residential sales in Parkland for the week of September 29-October 5, 2019. The median sale price was $644,250.

6427 N.W. 99th Ave.
Parkland West
Buyer: Scott and Jennifer Novik
Seller: Irene Janez Sutter and Albert J. Poliak

9513 Kenley Court
Parkland West
Buyer: Hector Duque and Norma Correa
Seller: Poornima Investments LLC

6101 N.W. 61st Ave.
Parkland East
Buyer: Joseph Dauch
Seller: Christian J. Reisch Sr. and Deanna K Reisch

7525 N.W. 61st Terrace
Parkland East
Buyer: Jared M Smith
Seller: Lois J. Whitehead

10907 N.W. 61st Court
Parkland West
Buyer: Venkata Satya Suresh Vadapalli and Rama Sudha Tumuluri
Seller: Scott and Jennifer Novik

7905 N.W. 110th Drive
Parkland West
Buyer: Brandon J. and Samone L. Gibson
Seller: Kevin and Patricia Burnett

5931 N.W. 61st Ave.
Parkland East
Buyer: Rolando and Daisy Jaime
Seller: Garry Dennes and Emelina Escariz Cooke and Cooke Family (revocable trust)

6303 N.W. 72nd Way
Parkland East
Buyer: Norman and Karen Christie
Seller: Shon Thomas and Heidi Renee Lees

5890 N.W. 71st Terrace
Parkland East
Buyer: Maria C. Garnica
Seller: Garzuca Properties LLC

8738 N.W. 58th Court
Parkland East
Buyer: Thomas J. Viscount
Seller: Robert and Sandra Cancel

7040 N.W. 62nd Terrace
Parkland East
Buyer: Rebecca G. Doane and Hosanna Boothman
Seller: Leonard R. and Constance H. Markowitz

10943 N.W. 70th Court
Parkland West
Buyer: Justin J. and Jillian I. Goldfarb
Seller: Barry A. and Melissa Diamond

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