Recent Miramar home sales, October 27-November 2, 2019

There were 38 reported residential sales in Miramar for the week of October 27-November 2, 2019. The median sale price was $298,250.

2257 S.W. 80th Terrace
Miramar East
Buyer: Simon Falcon and Martha Cuenca
Seller: Teamwork Capital LLC

2660 S.W. 66th Ave.
Miramar East
Buyer: Heroic Homes LLC
Seller: Ricky L. and Julia Nelson

4905 S.W. 140th Terrace
Miramar Central
Buyer: Zhengduo Yu
Seller: Seascape Group LLC

15732 S.W. 41st St.
Miramar West
Buyer: Bryan Gatmaitan and Angie Hernandez
Seller: Carlos Ramirez and Nathalia Velez

12945 S.W. 30th Court
Miramar Central
Buyer: Kahlev Michael and Nanelis Magnus
Seller: Jesus S. and Gloria M. Belune De Hadid

7825 Madeira St.
Miramar East
Buyer: Henika Devar Lloyd
Seller: Bcg Builders Corp.

2071 Alcazar Drive
Miramar East
Buyer: EK Real Estate Services of NY LLC
Seller: Stacey and Ramon Medina

13314 S.W. 44th St.
Miramar Central
Buyer: Valerie Alphonse
Seller: Maritza Sala

14178 S.W. 54th St.
Miramar Central
Buyer: Angel Luis Rivera and Vanessa Isabel Landin
Seller: Guiyou Huang and Yufeng Qian

15711 S.W. 53rd Court
Miramar West
Buyer: Bahar Ahmed Demirci
Seller: 4H Investment Properties LLC

6314 S.W. 26th St.
Buyer: Sarabjeet Sarju (life estate) and Indranie K Sarju
Seller: John and Martha Cavanaugh

2360 E. Preserve Way
Miramar East
Buyer: Delsia Rivas
Seller: Terra V LLC

2650 S.W. 83rd Ave.
Miramar East
Buyer: Hernan Cristian Cunzo and Lorena Elizabet Antelo
Seller: Julio C Duarte

8346 S.W. 29th St.
Miramar East
Buyer: Jerome C. Jacobs
Seller: Gladys Cadet and Subrina Charles

12825 S.W. 30th St.
Miramar Central
Buyer: Sph Property Two LLC
Seller: Quantum Holdings LLC

3380 Java Plum Ave.
Miramar East
Buyer: Shantrell Dawkins
Seller: LA Familia 2 LLC

17570 S.W. 29th Court
Miramar West
Buyer: Alvin Gonzalez
Seller: Lee S. and Edith M. Ratliff and Edith Marian Colon

12492 S.W. 45th Drive
Miramar Central
Buyer: German Andres Mutti and Mariana Arezo Rodriguez
Seller: Carais Properties Ltd. Inc.

17456 S.W. 20th St.
Miramar West
Buyer: D a D Investments LLC
Seller: Pauline L. Bouffard

13166 S.W. 26th St.
Miramar Central
Buyer: Kevin Quiceno
Seller: Nikkoll Monique Boatwright

6208 S.W. 26th St.
Miramar East
Buyer: Larry L Bates
Seller: Cheryl L. Andrews (revocable trust)

4253 S.W. 132nd Way
Miramar Central
Buyer: Mark Bird
Seller: Deutsche Bank Trust Co. Americas

3813 S.W. 171st Terrace
Miramar West
Buyer: Erik Edward Blanco and Sharon Joy Dziedzic
Seller: Christian E. Brewer and Alejandra Rojas

12797 S.W. 28th Court
Miramar Central
Buyer: James A. Johns
Seller: Joy and Kimberle T. Spence

17670 S.W. 32nd St.
Miramar West
Buyer: Felix Javier Rosario
Seller: Nalini Mohan and Sushma Malneedi

4706 S.W. 160th Ave.
Miramar West
Buyer: Ouday M Abusamen
Seller: Goshen Doral LLC

2506 Alcazar Drive
Miramar East
Buyer: Serge W Avril and Alexandra Avril Dauphin
Seller: Lizbeth M Valdez and Christopher James

2667 S.W. 189th Ave.
Miramar West
Buyer: Nyree Perez Artega
Seller: Paulo Eduardo Da and Lucilla F. Silva and Lucille F. Silvia

10507 S.W. 17th Court
Miramar East
Buyer: Newton Williams
Seller: Lisa M Johnson

5072 S.W. 167th Ave.
Miramar West
Buyer: RDSR3 LLC
Seller: Bank of New York Mellon

6967 S.W. 40th St.
Miramar East
Buyer: Pisfal LLC
Seller: Fountain Crossing LLC

6104 S.W. 20th St.
Miramar East
Buyer: MacUs Desir
Seller: Yolande Jeanbarette

4404 S.W. 160th Ave.
Miramar West
Buyer: Ali M Abusamen
Seller: Maribel A. Espinosa

16263 S.W. 47th Court
Miramar West
Buyer: Vavanne Destin
Seller: Rahiza K Montana

12763 S.W. 50th St.
Miramar Central
Buyer: Yamaris Roman and Ariel Arce
Seller: Eric Anderson

12880 S.W. 53rd St.
Miramar Central
Buyer: Joseph Gross and Olinda Mendez
Seller: Lavern Laman

3833 S.W. 170th Ave.
Miramar West
Buyer: Christopher L. Hopkins and Giselle M Correa-Colon
Seller: Rotimi and Valencia Salawu

4526 S.W. 186th Way
Miramar West
Buyer: Mark and Samia Zaki
Seller: Lai Lam and Kam Fai IP Kuan

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