Margate home sales, October 27-November 2, 2019

The following residential sales were reported for the week of October 27-November 2, 2019. The median sale price was $185,000.

7787 Golf Circle Drive
Margate Central
Buyer: Peter Fried and Angela Fernandez
Seller: Shalom Zanzuri

3370 Pinewalk Drive
Margate North
Buyer: Imran LLC
Seller: Meyland Holdings LLC

6112 Coral Lake Drive
Margate North
Buyer: Jean E. Jester (life estate), Karen Lynn Waterhouse, Susan Jean Hausler and Donna Jester Duany
Seller: Petrina Mancini

1175 N.W. 66th Terrace
Margate Central
Buyer: Bradford R. and Andrea Scott
Seller: Shirley A. Sarvis

610 N.W. 66th Ave.
Margate Central
Buyer: Now Home Buyers LLC
Seller: Deutsche Bank National Trust Co.

3306 Concert Lane
Margate North
Buyer: Edward B. Rothenberg
Seller: Marlene and Jose A. Montesino

610 N.W. 66th Ave.
Margate Central
Buyer: Landana Development LLC
Seller: Now Home Buyers LLC

261 W. Hemingway Circle
Margate South
Buyer: Natacha Ladouceur
Seller: Petros D. Petrus D. and Monica Klaver Petrus D.

705 N.W. 74th Terrace
Margate Central
Buyer: Patricia Garricks
Seller: George Peter and Theologia Constantinides

3337 Apache Lane
Margate North
Buyer: Nicole and Selvin Pladley
Seller: Luis Jesus Gonzalez and Cecilia Rivas-Gonzalez

6505 Winfield Blvd.
Margate North
Buyer: Federal National Mortgage Association
Seller: Josephine B. Matley

6500 Winfield Blvd.
Margate North
Buyer: Garrett Bender
Seller: Faramarz Adl

6026 Coral Lake Drive
Margate North
Buyer: Zobida Khan
Seller: Daniel Falter and Susan Gruber

6975 N.W. 10th Court
Margate Central
Buyer: Dorothy Pantano
Seller: Diane C Graden

1527 N.W. 80th Ave.
Margate Central
Buyer: Renee Dorothy King
Seller: Yvly and Claudel Alexandre

6450 Fern St.
Margate North
Buyer: Abel Hernandez and Gloria Orozco
Seller: Richard Jean St. and Lei Cici Dong-St. Louis

6105 N.W. 19th St.
Margate Central
Buyer: Brian Alexander Federici and Stefanie Herrera
Seller: Christopher M. Catanzaro

2800 N.W. 75th Terrace
Margate North
Buyer: Ederson Hernandez Solano and Marisol Hernandez
Seller: Murray J. and Luisa E. Grossbauch

601 N.W. 79th Ave.
Margate Central
Buyer: Marie Immacula L. Liautaud and Caridad Princess Remy
Seller: Gary and Reed K. Martin

1005 Country Club Drive
Margate Central
Buyer: Angel A. Nieves
Seller: Helen Lanzafama and Cathy M Reich

6501 Coral Lake Drive
Margate North
Buyer: Michael and Deborah Bourgault
Seller: Dean R Brown Jr. and Margaret L. Brown

6111 N.W. 20th Court
Margate Central
Buyer: Cenat Hyppolite
Seller: ASA Home Management LLC

7867 Golf Circle Drive
Margate Central
Buyer: Gerald R. and Eleanor Coffman
Seller: John E. Berger and Elva Luz Hernandez Espana

7855 N.W. Fifth Court
Margate Central
Buyer: Johnnie and Ingrid Dixon
Seller: Leroy Henry and Audrey Eleanor Smith

7800 N.W. 18th St.
Margate Central
Buyer: Luis and John Acuna
Seller: Wells Fargo Bank

613 S. State Road 7
Margate South
Buyer: Vine International Ministries Inc.
Seller: Ismael and Raquel Roman

7688 N.W. 18th St.
Margate Central
Buyer: Vera Lucia and Alexsandro Da Silva
Seller: Peter and Blanca H. Rodriguez

3959 Cocoplum Circle
Buyer: Allyson L Katoski
Seller: Vivian W. and Thomas M. and Timothy R. Thanos and Chrisi Thanos Vineyard

3114 Merrick Terrace
Margate North
Buyer: Kristian Baso
Seller: Thomas and Hua Harrah

7420 N.W. 18th St.
Margate Central
Buyer: Alvaro Andres Pachon and Magdalena Bermudez
Seller: Yvonne Maingot

1171 W River Drive
Margate Central
Buyer: Supreme Property Ventures LLC
Seller: Ana Luisa Ortega

103 W Parkway Drive
Margate South
Buyer: Kevin E Peters
Seller: Coral Coast Holdings LLC

545 S.W. 61st Terrace
Margate South
Buyer: Monalisa Johnson and Dwayn Wilson
Seller: Olga and Enrique Pico

3377 Merrick Lane
Margate North
Buyer: Nathan C. Larson
Seller: Gina M Montagnino and Gina M Montagnino-Fiske

173 N.W. 80th Terrace
Margate South
Buyer: Janarus Jackson
Seller: Michael David and Edeltraud J. Barth

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