Miramar home sales, November 10-16, 2019

The following residential sales were reported for the week of November 10-16, 2019. The median sale price was $285,500.

7637 Kismet St.
Miramar East
Buyer: Miguelina Almanzar
Seller: Tario P. and Ruth Valerio Robert

6123 S.W. 20th Court
Miramar East
Buyer: Carlos I Mendez Perez and Naomi Guzman
Seller: Romlon Properties LLC

7759 Panama St.
Miramar East
Buyer: Miky A. Del Cid and Jennifer Sanchez
Seller: Heroic Homes LLC

3545 S.W. 180th Way
Miramar West
Buyer: Sandy Alcantara Montero
Seller: Lyla and Peggy Vega and Richard Luis Antequera

6519 S.W. 27th St.
Miramar East
Buyer: Anelco Investment Corp.
Seller: Troy M Munroe

19250 S.W. 30th St.
Miramar West
Buyer: Aura Milandina Cabrera Fuster
Seller: Marzanna Pulaczewska and Andrea Cioni

2021 Renaissance Blvd.
Miramar East
Buyer: May 1998 Investment LLC
Seller: Garden Plus LLC

15515 S.W. 49th Court
Miramar West
Buyer: Joel E Escobales and Andrea M Montes
Seller: Fausto Rafael Betances

1921 Acapulco Drive
Miramar East
Buyer: Ronnie Holas
Seller: Derek and Indira Dindial

6129 S.W. 34th St.
Miramar East
Buyer: April Vaughn
Seller: Paul Hernandez

3526 S.W. 174th Drive
Miramar West
Buyer: Paul R. Augustin
Seller: Broward County Circuit Court and Juan Carlos and Yelenys Delgado

16295 S.W. 26th St.
Miramar West
Buyer: Shahin Edmee Diaz-Steidel and Joel Rodriguez Aleman
Seller: Alan Gamarra and Enma Berly Olano Davila

13770 S.W. 31st St.
Miramar Central
Buyer: Lisa Renee Baldwin and Shannon Deanda Woulard
Seller: Jasmine Maignan Jones and Gerlyn Leslie Cadet

2490 Centergate Drive
Miramar Central
Buyer: Carol Pineda and Tulio Garcia
Seller: Margaret Cynthia Dyer

17490 S.W. 29th Court
Miramar West
Buyer: Frank and Karla Gesualdi
Seller: Carla Carrai

6621 Arbor Drive
Miramar East
Buyer: Leroy A. Rhoden
Seller: Selvie Washington and Bridgette Pollack

2658 S.W. 189th Ave.
Miramar West
Buyer: Kenneth R. and Demaris Moss
Seller: Paul Moretti, Kelly Leong Poi and Kenneth R. and Demaris Moss

7961 Meridian St.
Miramar East
Buyer: Mercina and Sancia Metelus
Seller: Jpm Hedge Equity Fund Inc.

13241 S.W. 28th St.
Miramar Central
Buyer: Sabiha Khanum and Omeir Khan
Seller: Sabiha Khanum and Khaqan Khan

2270 Island Drive
Miramar East
Buyer: Reyna Lopez
Seller: Heart Fully Yours Homes LLC

12937 S.W. 26th St.
Miramar Central
Buyer: Elizabeth Gonzalez and Eduardo Carretero
Seller: Linda Liz Casanova (revocable trust)

8841 S.W. 21st St.
Miramar East
Buyer: Imilla Garcia Cruz, Yamir Vejo Perez and Gabriela Arias Garcia
Seller: Haydar Life Corp.

17626 S.W. 32nd St.
Miramar West
Buyer: Winghung Chiang and Lin Yang
Seller: Maria Eugenia Rojas and Charles Joseph Berniol

1850 S.W. 118th Ave.
Miramar East
Buyer: Anamary Hernandez
Seller: Angelica Maria Quintero and Roan Williams

3285 Foxcroft Road E.
Miramar East
Buyer: Jeanny Haydee Mejia Medina
Seller: Gladys Vega Properties LLC

1711 S.W. 86th Terrace
Miramar East
Buyer: Grace Rodriguez Sambrano
Seller: Anthony D Ramirez

4009 S.W. 69th Lane
Miramar East
Buyer: Roxanne Isaacs
Seller: Patricia Maloney and Michael D. Bender

2730 S.W. 126th Way
Miramar Central
Buyer: Robyn I. and Derrick M. Reyes
Seller: Wilmington Savings Fund Society, Christiana (trust) and Pretium Mortgage Acquisition (trust)

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