Sunrise home sales, November 10-16, 2019

The following residential sales were reported for the week of November 10-16, 2019. The median sale price was $140,000.

9790 N.W. 25th Court
Sunrise Central
Buyer: Seulement Dareus and Guyline Leon
Seller: John Thomas and Marykutty John

11431 N.W. 30th St.
Sunrise Central
Buyer: Joel Admeth Perez and Marisol Del Carmen Rodriguez
Seller: Angelina and Mario Hernandez

5861 N.W. 16th Place
Sunrise East
Buyer: Florida Affordable Rentals LLC
Seller: Touraine Wilfork and Touraine Sugar

8300 Sunset Strip
Sunrise East
Buyer: Jessie I. Mateo and Hector L Suarez
Seller: Baf 2 LLC (trustees)

7130 N.W. 20th Court
Sunrise East
Buyer: Ramdel Roberto Luciano and Hazel Tatiana Valentine
Seller: Miguel Grados and 7130 Nw 20 Ct Land Trust

9141 Sunrise Lakes Blvd.
Sunrise Central
Buyer: Blanch Diaz
Seller: Hjz & Sons LLC

2751 Sunrise Lakes Drive
Sunrise East
Buyer: Trisha Needleman
Seller: Vital and Gisele Gelinas

11350 N.W. 38th Place
Sunrise Central
Buyer: Rodrigo Eduardo Ordonez
Seller: Geri Johnson

9359 N.W. 45th St.
Sunrise Central
Buyer: Kidanny Mendez Perez and Keishly Hernandez Arce
Seller: Adam Arucas and Pable J Alfonso

356 Lakeside Court
Sunrise West
Buyer: Peter David Ruocco
Seller: Kyle and Deborah Lewis

1080 Del. Lago Circle
Sunrise East
Buyer: Howard H. and Simone K. Miller
Seller: Dorothy Reid and Doreen Walker

663 Vista Isles Drive
Sunrise West
Buyer: Mariela Brunello and Pablo E Calabro
Seller: Dagmar B Gomez and Maria T. Chacon

2125 N.W. 72nd Terrace
Sunrise East
Buyer: Gelissa Gomez and Grecia Menendez
Seller: Therapeutic Achievements Inc.

5881 N.W. 16th Place
Sunrise East
Buyer: Antonova Oksana
Seller: 2221 Lush Apartments LLC

5950 Del. Lago Circle
Sunrise East
Buyer: James F. and Cindy R. Blonde and Blonde Family Holding (trust)
Seller: Lisa Atzmon and Maria Branstrator

3872 N.W. 90th Ave.
Sunrise Central
Buyer: Babeica LLC
Seller: Asj Business LLC

3920 N.W. 94th Terrace
Sunrise Central
Buyer: Abimbola S. and Manuel Escarment
Seller: Harriet Klein

10369 N.W. 24th Place
Sunrise Central
Buyer: Adam and Brian Goldstein
Seller: Mortgage Equity Conversion Asset Trust 2011-1 and U.S. Bank

4863 N.W. 95th Ave.
Sunrise Central
Buyer: Jonathan Perea
Seller: Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Bcat 2017-19TT

9424 N.W. 39th St.
Sunrise Central
Buyer: Aldean Reid and Christina Hogarth
Seller: Welleby Palms LLC

10433 Sunrise Lakes Blvd.
Sunrise Central
Buyer: Maria Elena Hoyos
Seller: Leonard and Rocco Caparatta

3800 N.W. 121st Ave.
Sunrise Central
Buyer: David and Maritza Lissette Rodriguez
Seller: Ira Herman

3885 N.W. 115th Terrace
Sunrise Central
Buyer: Alexander David Miller
Seller: John and Dolors Ceci

8680 N.W. 27th Place
Sunrise East
Buyer: Sph Property One LLC
Seller: John B. Saunders

9501 Sunrise Lakes Blvd.
Sunrise Central
Buyer: Olga Rafaelina Gomez
Seller: Richard Haralabatos

7629 N.W. 42nd Place
Sunrise East
Buyer: 5941 Lush LLC
Seller: Daphne S Claxton and Dennis Mummaw

2764 N.W. 104th Ave.
Sunrise Central
Buyer: Deomatie Ramasami and Sunita Azore
Seller: Wanda Joyce

2601 N. Nob Hill Road
Sunrise Central
Buyer: Lawrence E. and Ercilla C. Newell
Seller: Angela Fiore and Elizabeth Clark

9973 Nob Hill Court
Sunrise Central
Buyer: Fagro Investment Group LLC
Seller: Maria Elizabeth Serrao Olival and Irwing Jose Gregoria Santamaria Carrillo

9730 N.W. 24th Place
Sunrise Central
Buyer: Ruben De Leon Becerra and Colleen Dayana Daza Camacho
Seller: Yamiris and Alfredo Rivera

9360 Sunrise Lakes Blvd.
Sunrise Central
Buyer: Judith A. Storzieri
Seller: Laura Elena Barboza De Remirez

9310 Sunrise Lakes Blvd.
Sunrise Central
Buyer: Jacob Albo
Seller: Sharon Marie Karen W. and Garett Rogers Karen W.

2786 N.W. 104th Ave.
Sunrise Central
Buyer: Delores Daniels
Seller: Terry and Grace Tyson

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