Recent Plantation home sales, November 17-23, 2019

There were 52 reported residential sales in Plantation for the week of November 17-23, 2019. The median sale price was $344,500.

703 S.W. 88th Terrace
Plantation Central
Buyer: Rudolph W. and Sharon A. McLennon
Seller: Rudolph W. McLennon

4730 N.W. 10th Court
Plantation East
Buyer: Gus Ramirez
Seller: Andrea Chenet

1701 N.W. 75th Ave.
Plantation East
Buyer: Leyani Novoa Marrero and Alex Antana Hernandez
Seller: Shirley Goldenberg (revocable trust)

1021 Mockingbird Lane
Plantation Central
Buyer: Beatriz Villa
Seller: Carlos M Kieffer

430 Commodore Drive
Plantation West
Buyer: Catherine Elisa Josar Vicent
Seller: Gonzalo M. and Evelyn M. Melendez and Eduardo J Aviles Salmeron

10749 Cleary Blvd.
Plantation Central
Buyer: Piyush and Vratali Chhapekar
Seller: Samir Al Shehadeh

4341 N.W. Fourth Court
Plantation East
Buyer: Caribbean View Properties Inc.
Seller: Marie Nicole Adolphe

8789 Cleary Blvd.
Plantation Central
Buyer: Alan M Cardoso
Seller: Jennifer Hanebury-Estevez and Mario Estevez

360 N.W. 94th Terrace
Plantation Central
Buyer: Mike and Charmaine Shirley
Seller: Jennifer N Hall

5280 S.W. Fourth Court
Plantation East
Buyer: Shonte Wynette Wilson
Seller: Timothy B. and Teresa Jo Dobbins

7361 N.W. 13th Court
Plantation East
Buyer: Frances G. Ripoll
Seller: Michael E. and Jennifer J. Johnson

11063 N.W. 18th Place
Plantation Central
Buyer: Fernando and Rosa Costanzo
Seller: Gerald D. Miller and Lesley W Davies

5360 S.W. 21st Court
Plantation East
Buyer: James J. and Amanda Bibbings
Seller: Peter B. Pavkovich

11420 N.W. Fourth St.
Plantation West
Buyer: Michael and Grace Chase
Seller: Keith Stansell, Marc Gonsalves, Thomas Howes and Judith, Greer, Christopher, Michael and Jonahtan Janis

361 N.W. 135th Way
Buyer: Dominik Montes
Seller: Karen L Figueroa and Marisa Nicole McGrath

4740 N.W. 10th Court
Plantation East
Buyer: Gerard Jn Pierre
Seller: Cliffina Johnson

1226 N.W. 85th Ave.
Plantation Central
Buyer: Dane Anthony Smith (life estate), Thomas A. and Marcia B. Smith and Judy Marie Burke
Seller: Robert Anthony and James Sebastian Toscano, Marianne Toscano Bernstein and Josephine T. Toscano (trust)

8217 N.W. 12th Court
Plantation Central
Buyer: Luann Sanandres
Seller: ASA Investment LLC

4400 N.W. Second St.
Plantation East
Buyer: Jerry Arbelaez
Seller: Louima Properties Inc.

4331 N.W. Seventh Court
Plantation East
Buyer: David and Nisha Wills
Seller: Roger Dexter and Byron Blandin Dexter and Lorraine Ferguson

10350 N.W. 16th Court
Plantation Central
Buyer: Miguel Antonio and Luz Maria Vargas
Seller: Michael S. Sibner (trust)

10361 N.W. 11th Court
Plantation Central
Buyer: Ling Hu
Seller: Delicene and Marie F. Daris

6850 N.W. Seventh St.
Plantation East
Buyer: Jemny and Jonathan E. Peceros
Seller: Betsy S. and Betsy M. Serzen, Jefford S. and Matthew S. McMillen and Sally F. McMillen (revocable trust)

11241 N.W. 22nd St.
Plantation West
Buyer: Dawn Rostock
Seller: Aevon Jean Watts and H. V. and Hyacinth Richards

730 Bluebird Lane
Plantation Central
Buyer: Jennifer Hall
Seller: Lnl Properties LLC

620 Lake Dasha Circle
Plantation Central
Buyer: Michael and Sarah Knowles
Seller: Stanley C. Krafick Revevocable (trust)

11760 N.W. 24th St.
Plantation West
Buyer: Robert and Kelly Nicholson
Seller: Christian A. and Maritza Tobon

8592 W. Sunrise Blvd.
Plantation Central
Buyer: Jose Rodrigo Nina-Quispe
Seller: Lea Shen

9014 Vineyard Lake Drive
Plantation Central
Buyer: George A. Faraldo and Olga M. Rodriguez
Seller: Peter and Bonnie Giacobbi and Anthony M Formeza

6025 Rose Terrace
Plantation East
Buyer: Brian Carnes
Seller: Robert and Ruth Rudakiewicz

10681 N.W. 18th Court
Plantation Central
Buyer: Braham Dhillon and Navdeep Gill
Seller: Moshe and Maayan Korleicar

201 S.W. 118th Ave.
Plantation West
Buyer: Jorge Santana and Idora Vior
Seller: Wells Fargo Bank

5301 S.W. 14th St.
Plantation East
Buyer: Steve and Dimce and Luba Loleski
Seller: Dimce and Luba Loleski

1720 N.W. 87th Ave.
Plantation Central
Buyer: Jsrp Real Estate LLC
Seller: Roberta M Horwitz

718 N.W. 99th Circle
Plantation Central
Buyer: Abemax LLC
Seller: Donald J. Franza

10631 N.W. 14th St.
Plantation Central
Buyer: Mark S. and Loida Graham
Seller: Nenad B Stefanovic

9249 W. Sunrise Blvd.
Plantation Central
Buyer: Jose A. and Christopher Cabrera
Seller: Donald J. and Terri L. Gasiorek

1640 S.W. 67th Ave.
Plantation East
Buyer: Regine Monestime
Seller: Helen D. McConnell, Lewis and Helen McConnell (living trust)

1021 N.W. 97th Ave.
Plantation Central
Buyer: David John Szura Jr. and Glenda C Szura
Seller: Charles D. and Linda M. Sultzer

3900 N.W. 76th Ave.
Buyer: Jessica M. Baquero
Seller: Eduardo Baquero

5160 S.W. 14th Court
Plantation East
Buyer: Zachary and Judith A. Perkins
Seller: Zachary Perkins

98 Wimbledon Lake Drive
Plantation Central
Buyer: Candie Weiss
Seller: Steven J. and Krystel Weyrauch

954 N.W. 92nd Terrace
Plantation Central
Buyer: Jaime and Wilma Santiago
Seller: Aries Financial Ltd.

9895 Fairway Cove Lane
Plantation Central
Buyer: Phadia Vincent
Seller: Gibraltor Realty Holdings LLC and Bfa Florida Land Trust #44

7301 N.W. First Place
Plantation East
Buyer: Eliza and Jacob Achinah
Seller: Stephen N. and Pamela Campbell

10450 N.W. 12th Place
Plantation Central
Buyer: Cesar Pavani and Mariana Ligotte
Seller: Sebatiao Augusto Braga Jr. and Maria Lucia Braga

280 Holloway Drive
Buyer: Darien Munoz and Jennifer Ficken
Seller: Jorge A. and Salvadora D. Yanes

10440 N.W. 12th Place
Plantation Central
Buyer: Sebastiao Augusto Braga Jr., Maria Lucia Braga and Cory Davis
Seller: Paige Cory and Scott Davis Cory

10401 N.W. 18th Manor
Plantation Central
Buyer: Erin M Stillman
Seller: Perry A. and Trudy A. Persechino

7281 N.W. Seventh St.
Plantation East
Buyer: Rae M Bullard
Seller: Ha Kyung Chung and Douglas R. Perez

1160 S.W. 70th Ave.
Plantation East
Buyer: Jacqueline Sidney Loundy and Royi Sher
Seller: Michael John and Maisa Benjamin

540 N.W. 107th Ave.
Plantation Central
Buyer: Laurie Ernesto Gabriel and Caridad Maria Gonzalez Ernesto Gabriel
Seller: J Patrick O'Neal and George W. Howell Family Trust

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