Recent Miramar home sales, December 15-21, 2019

There were 33 reported residential sales in Miramar for the week of December 15-21, 2019. The median sale price was $340,000.

13214 S.W. 21st St.
Miramar Central
Buyer: Staphon and Elizabeth Moore
Seller: Nathaniel E. and Patricia Y. De Shong

2063 S.W. 195th Ave.
Miramar West
Buyer: Jason O. and Patricia L. Chin
Seller: Jai and Malathi Kumar

7825 Dilido Blvd.
Miramar East
Buyer: Mortell Fuller and Lakeesha T Moulton
Seller: Mortell Fuller

14101 S.W. 54th St.
Miramar Central
Buyer: Deryck N. and Lisa C. Alexander
Seller: Edward D'Abate

2516 Centergate Drive
Miramar Central
Buyer: Amaro Elite LLC
Seller: East Capital Investments LLC

6022 S.W. 39th St.
Buyer: Jose Herrera and Cathy Mercado
Seller: Robert N. White Jr.

12729 S.W. 21st St.
Miramar Central
Buyer: Christian M. and Aleesa A. and Marie Y. Rodney
Seller: Marie Y. Rodney

15324 S.W. 40th Court
Miramar Central
Buyer: Khalid Javed (life estate), Shaista Javed (life estate), Roshana J Pusateri and Nadir A. Javed
Seller: Khalid and Shaista Javed

12852 S.W. 50th St.
Miramar Central
Buyer: Cynthia Manrique
Seller: Christian and Yahira Torres

4802 S.W. 157th Way
Miramar West
Buyer: Luis A. Mendez and Karenly Espada Hernandez
Seller: Florence Armbrister

7829 Alhambra Blvd.
Miramar East
Buyer: Afasa LLC
Seller: Wilner and Derelia Joseph

12850 S.W. 31st St.
Miramar Central
Buyer: Andres and Sandra Patricia Cerezo
Seller: Su Qing Mo

5262 S.W. 173rd Ave.
Miramar West
Buyer: Lai and Long Doan and Loan Doan
Seller: Armando G. and Isabel Hernandez

7808 Panama St.
Miramar East
Buyer: Aliette Devalus
Seller: Norma Lyn McDougall

18748 S.W. 47th St.
Miramar West
Buyer: James Wai Ping Yip and Chun Ming Lui
Seller: Abnesh K Raina and Nidhi Mohta

3405 Acapulco Drive
Miramar East
Buyer: Isabel Lora and Juana Caraballo
Seller: B I S Homes LLC

2501 E. Wilshire Drive
Miramar East
Buyer: Jean R. Deschamps and Dorothy Augustave
Seller: Iolyn Green

12112 St. Andrews Place
Miramar East
Buyer: Johanna Alejandra Pineda
Seller: Deepika Delal and Ashok Dalal (living trust)

12930 S.W. 17th Court
Miramar Central
Buyer: Humberto and Eli Gonzalez
Seller: Michael D. Wild and Demott Family Trust

5260 S.W. 131st Terrace
Miramar Central
Buyer: Joel Milanes and Jennifer Coll
Seller: Jdfl Ventures LLC

4698 S.W. 134th Ave.
Miramar Central
Buyer: Deija Dorothie Badia
Seller: Sonia M Rebollida and Alejandro Dearmas

1818 S.W. 182nd Ave.
Miramar West
Buyer: Peter Basil and Anthony Michael Ortiz
Seller: Helen Leonor Barnard

5020 S.W. 152nd Ave.
Miramar Central
Buyer: Willie Connie Townsend Jr. and Ellen Deborah Youmans-Townsend
Seller: Nina Diane Morris (revocable trust)

6961 S.W. 25th St.
Miramar East
Buyer: Yves Michel Ducasse
Seller: Julie Jones

3730 S.W. 145th Terrace
Miramar Central
Buyer: Shaleshanda Lightbourne and Trevor Seymour
Seller: Vanessa K Edden

5226 S.W. 158th Ave.
Miramar West
Buyer: Carolina Marte
Seller: Kimberly A. Corcoran

9051 Crescent Drive
Miramar East
Buyer: Jean P. Charles and Marie Andree Bellabe
Seller: Jacqueline Miller

12739 S.W. 49th Court
Miramar Central
Buyer: Daniel Fonte and Rodolfo Betancourt
Seller: Concepcion Gonzalez

8081 S.W. 24th Place
Miramar East
Buyer: Esteban Ernesto Payret Cabrera and Liset Fraguela Cuesta
Seller: Tayan Alliances Inc.

3117 S.W. 137th Ave.
Miramar Central
Buyer: Kamise Yannique and Patricia Clare Yannique and Neville Laukin Ledgister
Seller: Balaji and Kiranmayi Yalamanchi

13494 S.W. 32nd St.
Miramar Central
Buyer: Radha Sumintra Hussain
Seller: Bank of New York Mellon

8468 Sheraton Drive
Miramar East
Buyer: Jose Luis Godoy
Seller: Spe 8468 Sheraton Drive LLC

5284 S.W. 159th Ave.
Miramar West
Buyer: Hector W Ruiz and Yanet Ortega
Seller: Jose L. Noyola and Alison Oncay

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