Plantation home sales, December 29, 2019-January 4, 2020

The following residential sales were reported for the week of December 29, 2019-January 4, 2020. The median sale price was $252,000.

833 Fairway Drive
Plantation East
Buyer: Jonathan and Veronica L. Gilligan
Seller: Liborio and Lidia Meza

12251 N.W. Fourth St.
Plantation West
Buyer: Colton and Whitney Lehmann
Seller: Jeffrey and Carole Falkanger

1183 N.W. 78th Way
Plantation East
Buyer: Norma Vieux
Seller: William A. and Ginny H. Hazen

1738 N.W. 81st Way
Plantation Central
Buyer: Nelson E. Valois Jr. and Zayra Carpio
Seller: Patrick A. Jacques

7470 N.W. 11th Place
Plantation East
Buyer: Dorothy J. Wilson
Seller: Miguel H. and Jessica M. Collado

121 S.W. 52nd Terrace
Plantation East
Buyer: Adam Erik Alfano and Katherine Lynn Doyle
Seller: Michael and Marguerite Welch

4809 N.W. Eighth Court
Plantation East
Buyer: Princess Cris Investments LLC
Seller: Broward County Circuit Court and Rosa Davis

6751 Cypress Road
Plantation East
Buyer: Bruce and Tracy Moulton
Seller: Carmen Gil

7000 N.W. 17th St.
Plantation East
Buyer: Alessandro Antonio La Rosa and Camila Salcedo Garbo
Seller: Mura Daraban

1170 N. University Drive
Plantation East
Buyer: Kim M Flanagan
Seller: Clint and Eliana Roman

9861 N.W. Third Court
Plantation Central
Buyer: Osiris R Lopez and Mayda Barbara Rodriguez
Seller: Marie Manigat and Marie Manigate

100 Jacaranda Country Club Drive
Plantation Central
Buyer: Hector J Suarez
Seller: Teresa Suarez

8239 N.W. Eighth St.
Plantation Central
Buyer: Chase E. and Lorene Seeler Young
Seller: Lisbet Esquivel

6855 W. Broward Blvd.
Plantation East
Buyer: Jason Maseda
Seller: Adam Robert Goldstein

581 N.W. 75th Ave.
Plantation East
Buyer: Deborah Hurford
Seller: James A. Thurman

543 N.W. 98th Ave.
Plantation Central
Buyer: Dwight M. A. and Dominique Douglas
Seller: Dwight M A. Douglas

10987 Golden Eagle Court
Plantation Central
Buyer: Michele and David Tabb
Seller: Avner and Genia Asraf

561 N Pine Island Road
Plantation Central
Buyer: Meghan G Lane
Seller: Cathie Uustal Tedesco and Thomas J. Tedesco Jr.

6502 S.W. 20th St.
Plantation East
Buyer: Land of Plantation LLC
Seller: US Bank National Association

1061 Renmar Drive
Plantation East
Buyer: Sean M. and Dennys K. Sitko
Seller: Robert and Nancy Zarr

1756 N.W. 74th Ave.
Plantation East
Buyer: Marie Chua
Seller: Brandon N. Yee and Brandon Nelson Yee Chance

9860 N.W. Second Court
Plantation Central
Buyer: Brayam Perez and Katie Leigh Mays
Seller: Bouthena Roman

820 S.W. 87th Terrace
Plantation Central
Buyer: David L. and Nancy Hirsch
Seller: Paul and Emily Burville and Emily Burville-Cortollilo

5240 S.W. 10th St.
Plantation East
Buyer: John and Gloria Pean
Seller: Dwayne A. and Angelene S. Wint

4723 N.W. Ninth Drive
Plantation East
Buyer: Mica USA Corp.
Seller: P & G Florida Group Corp.

341 N.W. 110th Ave.
Plantation Central
Buyer: Mohammad J. and Julan Kahok
Seller: Samar and Jamal Kahok

11571 N.W. Second St.
Plantation West
Buyer: Joseph M Cangialosi
Seller: Christie L Jackson-Abbey and Christie L Jackson

172 S.W. 126th Ave.
Plantation West
Buyer: Christina Galgano
Seller: David and Angelica Santiago Ligon

7491 N.W. 11th Place
Plantation East
Buyer: Kathleen Mary Keane
Seller: Bruce and Tracy A. Moulton

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