Recent Coconut Creek home sales, June 14-20, 2020

There were 14 reported residential sales in Coconut Creek for the week of June 14-20, 2020. The median sale price was $199,750.

3388 N.W. 47th Ave.
Coconut Creek South
Buyer: Tamara Latoya Baker
Seller: Brooke Turco and David Anthony Torres Jr.

5223 N.W. 54th Ave.
Coconut Creek Central
Buyer: Geri B Castaldo
Seller: Jesse Castaldo and Victoria Oropeza

4977 Cypress Lane
Coconut Creek Central
Buyer: Patricia Parnell and Marlene Fearon
Seller: Cynthia R. and Cindy Christen

7114 N.W. 48th Lane
Coconut Creek North
Buyer: Jason and Jennifer Carneiro Foltz
Seller: Christopher Luke Plante and Emily Fudge Stowe

1905 Bermuda Circle
Coconut Creek South
Buyer: Vicky Sarasohn and Brian Scofield
Seller: Patricia Romandetti and Lawrence E. Graham

1707 Hammocks Blvd.
Coconut Creek South
Buyer: Elisha Forjan
Seller: Carlos A. Sepulveda

3330 Carambola Circle
Coconut Creek South
Buyer: Heather L Bromley
Seller: Charles Pinter and Meghan Stephens

2351 N.W. 39th Terrace
Coconut Creek South
Buyer: Chloe M. and Shabo Augustin
Seller: Otoniel Barbosa and Cyntia Rodriques Vilar

1603 Abaco Drive
Coconut Creek South
Buyer: Christine Beach
Seller: Margherite L Duffy, Francesca M Bruley and Cevallos (trust)

3005 Portofino Isle
Coconut Creek South
Buyer: Marilyn Hammer and Vicki Windman
Seller: Steven Lee Aversano and Sla (investment trust)

3671 Carambola Circle
Coconut Creek South
Buyer: Gedeline Bornelus
Seller: Eric Cohen

5065 Wiles Road
Coconut Creek Central
Buyer: Lucas L. and Jessica Gomes
Seller: Marci Potter and Christopher Marczyk

2201 Lucaya Bend
Coconut Creek South
Buyer: Tamera Ann Sparkman
Seller: Bank of America

1715 Hammocks Blvd.
Coconut Creek South
Buyer: Patrice A. Doctor
Seller: Shari L Stevens

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