Home sales in Davie, June 14-20, 2020

The following residential sales were reported for the week of June 14-20, 2020. The median sale price was $395,000.

3860 S.W. 59th Ave.
Davie East
Buyer: Hi-Land Properties LLC
Seller: Richard A. Sanchez

2986 S. University Drive
Davie East
Buyer: Ameeta Balbir R. and Sameer Bagga Balbir R. and Bagga (revocable trust)
Seller: Haresh and Dhaval Shah

501 Danville Terrace
Davie West
Buyer: Jeffrey L. and Margo A. Kreger
Seller: Rosemarie C. and Salvatore Sulsenti

581 Royal Palm Way
Davie West
Buyer: Claudia Lorena Perea Urrea and Balazs Brassay
Seller: John H. and Elsi C. Miller

4983 Madison Lakes Circle
Davie East
Buyer: Ruben and Mirba De Tullio
Seller: Igor Libman

521 Mulberry Lane
Davie West
Buyer: Federico Mascali and Laura Cecilia Verniere
Seller: Luiz Frediani De Moura and Michele Putini

6301 S.W. 39th Court
Davie East
Buyer: Will Robin Real Estate LLC
Seller: Kelvyn and Donna Whitelaw

8321 S.W. 57th St.
Davie East
Buyer: Mauricio and Ana Maya Sigal
Seller: Alan J. and Cheryl L. Appel

14547 S.W. 23rd Court
Davie West
Buyer: Sam Helenius and Ximena Fonseca
Seller: Christian Compton and Hilde Wangen

8817 Southern Orchard Road
Davie Central
Buyer: Stephen Edward and Sandra Esther Young
Seller: Sph Property Three LLC

3134 Peachtree Circle
Davie Central
Buyer: Luke Poulos
Seller: Nicholas B. and Christina L. Mahon

11485 S.W. 22nd Court
Davie Central
Buyer: Melanie and Sherri Montenegro
Seller: Davie Home Investment LLC

5700 S.W. 38th St.
Davie East
Buyer: Aquasitions Unlimited LLC
Seller: Richard Hall

8517 S.W. 18th St.
Buyer: Gerhard Gotzmann
Seller: Rene R Raboin

1900 S.W. 83rd Terrace
Buyer: Linda McAlister
Seller: Kathleen E. Klatt

6676 S.W. 41st Place
Davie East
Buyer: Aymee Florencia Prieto
Seller: Mathias and Nicole Tamasi

2132 S.W. 83rd Ave.
Buyer: Gerald Anthony and Leona Tamborello
Seller: Violet M Eagan and Violet K Van Iderstine

2984 Tall Oak Court
Davie Central
Buyer: David A. Lianos and Eileen A. Visbal
Seller: Ivonne and Francisco Torres

2440 S.W. 115th Terrace
Davie Central
Buyer: Mario and Anielka Alonso
Seller: Bryan Shiva and Trisha Persad

7100 Nova Drive
Davie East
Buyer: Nicholas M. Catrambone
Seller: Yuri Zagvazdin and Ia Zagvazdina

1531 S.W. 106th Terrace
Davie Central
Buyer: Mother's Milk Inc.
Seller: Richard Heinsohn and Diane Heinsohn Misurale

4320 S.W. 73rd Terrace
Davie East
Buyer: William GH III Latham and Courtney Jayne Fish
Seller: Stuart J McLees

8403 N Lake Forest Drive
Davie Central
Buyer: Michael and Jacqueline Newman
Seller: Steve G. and Kimberly Wang

15071 Featherstone Way
Davie West
Buyer: Ruben Augusto Suarez and Lesley Garcia-Suarez
Seller: Luis Gonzalez and Lisette Avila

9480 Tangerine Place
Davie Central
Buyer: Nicole Yvonne and Edward L. Wenger
Seller: Mandy M Olson

7504 S.W. 26th Court
Davie East
Buyer: Frances Solomon (revocable trust)
Seller: James O'Neill and Duncan O'Neill

9531 Sea Grape Drive
Davie Central
Buyer: John Szucs and Lajosne Mari
Seller: Darcap LLC

4240 S.W. 73rd Terrace
Davie East
Buyer: John W. Garrett III and Tom Brosnahan
Seller: Gene L Gustad Jr. and Peggy Sue Gustad

14200 S.W. 23rd St.
Davie West
Buyer: Manuel De Jesus
Seller: Shari Stier and 14200 SW 23 St. Land Trust

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