Home sales in Hollywood, June 14-20, 2020

There were 48 reported residential sales in Hollywood for the week of June 14-20, 2020. The median sale price was $322,450.

2800 N. 46th Ave.
Hollywood Central
Buyer: Charlene M Dykman
Seller: David M. Scully and Jacqueline Kooperman

2800 N. 46th Ave.
Hollywood Central
Buyer: Charlene M Dykman
Seller: Stephanie Brennan, Leslie Roen and Jacqueline Kooperman

335 Connecticut St.
Hollywood East
Buyer: Haski Investments LLC
Seller: 106 Oasis Surfside LLC

6710 Pershing St.
Hollywood West
Buyer: Sigma Global Holdings LLC
Seller: Crm Leasing LLC

3213 Laurel Oaks Lane
Hollywood Central
Buyer: Michael Serao, Fidel Abreu and Alejandro Abreu Rossello
Seller: 3213 Laurel Oaks Lane LLC

1102 N. 19th Ave.
Buyer: Molly Scanlon
Seller: Andreea Prichici

3800 S. Ocean Drive
Hollywood East
Buyer: Sheldon and Donna Leibowitz
Seller: Michael and Angela Fronte

911 N. 13th Ave.
Hollywood East
Buyer: Valentina Tejera and Valentina Brandt
Seller: Traci A. Gianola

1384 Harbor View
Hollywood East
Buyer: Mark Alan Hill
Seller: Allforhome LLC

4916 Lincoln St.
Hollywood Central
Buyer: Gianna Maruzzella Barcelli
Seller: B I S Homes LLC

343 Franklin St.
Hollywood East
Buyer: Daniel and Purnama Kogan
Seller: Valken Group LLC

2615 Fletcher Court
Hollywood East
Buyer: Fgf Investments LLC
Seller: Kemisha S Cross

425 N. 28th Ave.
Hollywood East
Buyer: Jose Abreu
Seller: Andres Felipe Mesa

6115 Call St.
Hollywood West
Buyer: Belkis Johana Carranza and Ana Bonel De Leyva
Seller: Baf 2 LLC (trustees)

6581 Hayes St.
Hollywood West
Buyer: Dennis Vargas
Seller: Baf 2 LLC (trustees)

4120 N. 65th Ave.
Hollywood West
Buyer: Zvi Jehuda Smith
Seller: Ibrahim Fernadez and Evelyn Espinoza

1307 Monroe St.
Hollywood East
Buyer: Lucio G. and Darlene L. Souto
Seller: Edward F. Weidlich Jr., Mika Weidlich and Denise McCauliffe

1327 N. 30th Court
Hollywood Central
Buyer: Gustavo Gonzalez Mendoza and Dana Alexa Buenrostro
Seller: Arturo G. and Maria P. Mendoza

1246 Arthur St.
Hollywood East
Buyer: Matthew A. Novak and Rose Gourdet
Seller: Sigma Management Services LLC

1109 N. 13th Terrace
Hollywood East
Buyer: Teddy and Allison Garsva
Seller: Maurice Lugo

1304 Fillmore St.
Hollywood East
Buyer: John A. Marino
Seller: Guy A. and Tonia F. Melton

1637 Jackson St.
Buyer: Bufi & Sale LLC
Seller: Maritimus Florida LLC

2305 N. Ocean Drive
Buyer: Hollywood Beach Vacation Homes LLC
Seller: No Worries Inc.

2130 Rodman St.
Hollywood East
Buyer: Antonio Escobar
Seller: Alexandra Sara Kim and Oleg Fleisman

1644 N. 15th Terrace
Hollywood East
Buyer: Jacqueline R Ridgway and Celeste M Methot
Seller: Luis A. Simon

1242 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood East
Buyer: Joseph White Vasavong
Seller: Jacques and Annette Ganin and Ganin (living trust)

4821 Taylor St.
Hollywood Central
Buyer: Adam C. Korn and Elizabeth A. Quinones
Seller: Hector A. (survivor) and Debralee (survivor)

1020 Tyler St.
Hollywood East
Buyer: Taylor James Cox
Seller: Gregory L Bagby and William J. McDonough

3311 S.W. 58th St.
Hollywood Central
Buyer: Schneur Zalman Plotkin and Sprinza Rena Sollish
Seller: Sidney and Rochelle Linda Newman

1750 Jefferson St.
Hollywood East
Buyer: Asya Jemna
Seller: Angela Nilda Micheletti and Micheletti Family (irrevocable trust)

3436 Freedom Drive
Hollywood Central
Buyer: Gator Funding LLC
Seller: Abby G Feilich and Goldstein Irrevocable Gift (trust)

3001 S. Ocean Drive E.
Hollywood East
Buyer: Miguel and Marcela Torres
Seller: Esd Real Estate Holdings LLC

3317 McKinley St.
Hollywood Central
Buyer: Eitan and Jackie Aloush
Seller: We Florida Financial

730 N. 65th Terrace
Hollywood West
Buyer: Bendy and Marly Sene
Seller: Marie Ange Bernier and Mab (trust)

6900 Raleigh St.
Hollywood West
Buyer: Miguel Payano
Seller: House Group Assets LLC and Broward R. E. Florida Land Trust #271

2455 Wiley Court
Hollywood East
Buyer: Jesenia De La Caridad Gil
Seller: JP III Management LLC

1010 Lincoln St.
Hollywood East
Buyer: Roy Jossfolk
Seller: Ricky Van Houten and George Van Houten (revocable living trust)

2751 S. Ocean Drive
Hollywood East
Buyer: Yair Zur
Seller: Pamela Ippolito

3348 Oak Hill St.
Hollywood Central
Buyer: Yosef Yitzchok Lazerson and Rivkah Cohen
Seller: Paul and Dina Lapco

101 Berkley Road
Hollywood West
Buyer: Rose N McLaurin
Seller: Salvatore R. and William C. Orefice

2916 Funston St.
Hollywood East
Buyer: Process Improvement Academy LLC
Seller: Ana E Villamar, Ana Eugenia Villamar Keleb, J Isabel Donoso, Justa Isabel Spooner Marttin, Yadira Navarrette and Yadira Lillibeth Katsikes

7410 Fillmore St.
Hollywood West
Buyer: Eagle REI Holdings I LLC
Seller: Tracy D Cole, Tracy D Brogan and Leslie J. Young

3900 N Hills Drive
Hollywood Central
Buyer: Dor Karni and Shifra K Garfinkel
Seller: Carol Sassoon and Bernard Greenspan

6432 Perry St.
Hollywood West
Buyer: Carwain Rickardo and Ileana Gordon
Seller: Juliett Williams

1646 Fletcher St.
Hollywood East
Buyer: Maximo Moscoso
Seller: Robert J. and Martha Schentrup

1445 Royal Palm Way
Hollywood East
Buyer: Isabel S. Lago
Seller: Peter and Benjamin Wong and Ruth Lee

5384 S.W. 38th Ave.
Hollywood Central
Buyer: Shon Gershon Ben Chaim
Seller: Wayne Weatherbee

1135 Adams St.
Hollywood East
Buyer: Mariah L Tuffy
Seller: Hugo Salgado Martorelli

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