Home sales in Coralville, June 14-20, 2020

The following residential sales were reported for the week of June 14-20, 2020. The median sale price was $255,000.

1512 21st Ave. Place
Buyer: Kevin Thomas and Linda Rose Lonergan
Seller: K & L Real Estate Team and Kyle Agt and Laura E. Agt Burkle

707 10th Ave.
Buyer: Westin S Peters
Seller: Nolan Joseph Quint

1906 Generry Drive
Buyer: Yingjie Bock
Seller: Anthony T. and Rebecca K. Chung

60 Meade Drive
Buyer: John G. and Alice A. Swenka
Seller: Eric S. and Melissa C. Nettleton

2403 Muddy Creek Lane
Buyer: Haider Darkzali
Seller: Gregory A. and Tonya L. Dardis

34 Chad Court
Buyer: Robert C. and Nita M. Wiederien
Seller: Jason A. Burns and Melissa J Meisterheim

307 Holiday Road
Buyer: Zachary A. and MacKensie K. Graham
Seller: George and Kamila Agi Mejias

2033 South Ridge Drive
Buyer: Kristine A. Lake
Seller: Gunnar and Madeline Vraa and Madeline Phillips

575 Auburn Hills Drive
Buyer: Gary Wray Small and Michelle Renee McQuistan
Seller: Chad Allen and Sue Ellen Burtch

2007 Ashlynd Drive
Buyer: Lewis I. and Stephanie V. Field
Seller: James R. and Rachel E. Parkhill

2149 Chad Drive
Buyer: Ryan J. Kelly and Allie N. Hutcheson
Seller: Matthew D. and Courtney A. Sanders

2036 North Ridge Drive
Buyer: John Brennan H. Whitacre and Melinda A. Ma
Seller: Gary R. and Krista R. Buser

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