Home sales in Iowa City, June 14-20, 2020

There were 67 reported residential sales in Iowa City for the week of June 14-20, 2020. The median sale price was $230,000.

650 Scott Park Drive
Buyer: Eran and Roni Roseman
Seller: Tonya Naughton

4301 York Place
Buyer: Jinsun and Boong Ryoo
Seller: Jeffrey T. and Molly Pacha

4647 Rapid Creek Trail N.E.
Buyer: Anthony J Orrico and Melinda Jean Myers
Seller: Chris A. and Debra P. Johnson

119 Colchester Drive
Buyer: Kyle and Bess Hanrahan
Seller: Roberta M. and Conrad A. Marvin

1812 Quincent St.
Buyer: Willie F. and Susan M. Mims
Seller: Gagan D. Kamal (trustee), Gagan D. Kamal (revocable trust) and Gagan D. Kamal (trust)

1625 Wilson St.
Buyer: Jodene J Fredericks
Seller: Crissa Lee Stephens and Oscar Reinaldo Urizar Gromsch

128 Pentire Circle
Buyer: Aimee L Langlas and Edward J. Little
Seller: Brooks and Stacy Simpson

2624 Bluffwood Circle
Buyer: Daniel W. Field
Seller: Dennis G. and Karen A. Visser

1114 Essex St.
Buyer: Margaret Mowery
Seller: Erik Francis and Taylor Isenhour

1304 Brookwood Drive
Buyer: Michael J. Severino Patterson, Michael J. Serevino and Jacqueline Shiguango
Seller: Matnic and Matthew D. Agt Lepic

1149 Manitou Trail
Buyer: Daniel and Jordan Meeker
Seller: Terry L Reinsager

3551 Donegal Court
Buyer: Matthew Bernard and Kelly Lynn Schaer
Seller: Thomas and Carissa A. Kaut

1077 Tamarack Trail
Buyer: James J. and Sena S. Amos
Seller: Matthew David Krasowski and Erica Jean Reschly

301 Woodside Drive
Buyer: Reed A. Johnson
Seller: Molly L. and Ryan Dahm and Molly L Ruhser

818 Tranquil Bluff Trail
Buyer: Jack Lovan and Katharine Leuang
Seller: Advantage Development Inc.

1451 Dunley Court
Buyer: Kimberly Helmkamp and Thomas Johnson
Seller: Anup Raj Tilak and Sushmita Sinha

41 N. High Circle Drive N.E.
Buyer: Kelcy Weibel and Ethan Sabers
Seller: Brandi Tamara and David Brent Nicholson

467 Samoa Drive
Buyer: Wahiba Amara
Seller: Nazan S Aksan

2382 Willowbrooke Lane
Buyer: Nicholas Cavanaugh
Seller: Sima M Tran

1918 H St.
Buyer: Robert W. and Judith N. and Nathan M. Armstrong
Seller: Wahiba Amara

858 Tranquil Bluff Trail
Buyer: Jeffrey W. and Jennifer N. Craig
Seller: Advantage Custom Builders Inc.

427 Brown St.
Buyer: Katherine Potter
Seller: CH Holdings, Mark Agt Havertape and Tim Agt Collins

1908 Flatiron Ave.
Buyer: Alexander and Grace Winter
Seller: Matthew J. and Mary E. Benage

1769 Louis Place
Buyer: Cheryl J. Randy L. and Ryan Earl Shanks Randy L.
Seller: Charles Phillip and Allison Christensen

4421 Berkeley Lane
Buyer: Amy and Mary Stalker
Seller: Andrea S. and Matthew J. Boland and Andrea S Binger

2665 Triple Crown Lane
Buyer: Susan Crane
Seller: Chelsea E. Meier Lima Nobre and Fellipe Lima Nobre Dequeiroz and Thomas A. and Mary C. Meier

1547 Langenberg Ave.
Buyer: Megan R. Cleveland
Seller: Jerald B Moon

4790 Apple Valley Drive N.E.
Buyer: Nathaniel and Nikola Prom
Seller: John C. and Shelly Mott

130 N. Mount Vernon Drive
Buyer: Ethan Charles and Grace Irene Abney
Seller: Isaac and Jaycee Chambers

256 Arlington Drive
Buyer: Benjamin and Monica Gisler
Seller: Chaitanya Addanki and Vijaya Bhargavi Pinnamraju

117 Green Mountain Drive
Buyer: Kevin T. and Hanne K. Dalmut
Seller: Michael J. and Katie K. Tunning

1926 Meadow Ridge Lane
Buyer: William G. and Lori B. Minor
Seller: Dennis L. and Melinda L. Bricker

32 Camborne Circle
Buyer: Fozia Ghafoor and Shehzad Gill
Seller: Steven J. Vanderwoude (trustee), Steven Vanderwoude (revocable trust), Steven J. Vanderwoude (trust), Barbara Vanderwoude (revocable trust) and Barbara J. Vanderwoude (trust)

254 Black Springs Circle
Buyer: Derek T. and Emily C. Muller
Seller: Knute D Carter and Jean C. Willard

1010 Wylde Green Road
Buyer: Theodore Zrostlik
Seller: Eva Vandelune

916 Duck Creek Drive
Buyer: Caleb J. Carlisle and Brookelyn E Klemesrud
Seller: Rebecca Lynn Sweeney

816 Fairway Lane S.E.
Buyer: Gerald E. and Ann M. Santos
Seller: Jerry A. and Mary K. Slezak

67 Gleason Drive
Buyer: David M. Hardy
Seller: Amber R Austin, Amber Rae Austin Becker and Amber Rae Swenson

309 Shrader Road
Buyer: Ronda K Council
Seller: William K. and Ellen K. Minchk

470 Hawaii Court
Buyer: Ethan B. and Brian M. and Jill T. Lemke
Seller: Nicholas C. Borcherding and Kirsten Karkow

1049 Pheasant Valley St.
Buyer: James and Lindsay M. Deandrade
Seller: Mark A. and Leslie M. Nolte

917 Canton St.
Buyer: Tauni Doster and Brock J Noel
Seller: Ali and Wendy Ahmad

35 Charles Drive
Buyer: Andrew O. and Dominic J. Frisbie
Seller: David J. and Rebecca J. Beecher

332 Samoa Court
Buyer: Rami Fakih
Seller: Qi Hua and Jun Ni

55 Denbigh Drive
Buyer: David III and Sara Harper
Seller: Mary F. Hacker

951 Dover St.
Buyer: Nanh Tanchinh
Seller: John C. and Shirley I. Green and Amanda Northam

653 Westwinds Drive
Buyer: Akshaya Warrier
Seller: Alexander Tereshchenko and Katherine Jina Lee

1176 Lake Shore Drive
Buyer: Nathan J. and Amy J. Graber
Seller: Gongjing Liu and Jing Feng

4379 York Place
Buyer: Anthony John Lutgen Jr. and Theresa Ann Lutgen
Seller: John and Regina Herbst

402 Kenwood Drive
Buyer: Jan S Wielert and Jenean A. Arnold
Seller: Donna Lee Cotr, Donna Lee and Donna Lee Davis (trustee) (trust), Paul Ellsworth Davis Trust and Donna Lee Davis Trust Agreement and Paul Ellsworth Davis (trust)

1818 Gryn Drive
Buyer: H. and P.
Seller: Leland J. and Carolyn M. Schlabaugh

833 River St.
Buyer: Nir Alexander Ben Shlomo and Dalya Shayna Lovy
Seller: Timothy and Katie Robinson

4182 Newcastle Drive
Buyer: Todd A. and Ashley L. Cooney
Seller: Michael L. and Wendy A. Adams

223 S. Riverside Court
Buyer: K & F Properties
Seller: Myrtle Grove Apartments and Michael E. Agt Hodge

119 Myrtle Ave.
Buyer: K & F Properties
Seller: Myrtle Grove Housing Inc.

220 Raven St.
Buyer: Joella R Gerber
Seller: Nan Yang

410 N. Governor St.
Buyer: Zachary O. Haralson and Joshua D. Weikert
Seller: Christina E Lambert

2112 F St.
Buyer: John P. Meade
Seller: William Paul Gee Jr. and Stacey L Gee

2342 Nevada Ave.
Buyer: Estefania Alejandra Valdiviezo Martinez
Seller: Ellen Black

766 Arch Rock Road
Buyer: Gustavo Geronimo Caro and Maria Teresa Bertorello
Seller: Berit C. Andreone (trustee), Berit C. Andreone (living trust) and Berit C. Andreone (trust)

726 Highland Ave.
Buyer: Blake J Winter and Kiersten A. Wright
Seller: Kelly L. Jason J. and Blake J. Winter Jason J.

1314 Carroll St.
Buyer: Linda S Grifhorst
Seller: Kevin R Grifhorst

1333 Carroll St.
Buyer: McKenzie and Kelby McClaran
Seller: Steve and Tammy and Lindsey Reicks

1563 Wild Prairie Drive
Buyer: Paul D. and Jolyn K. Schneider
Seller: Maritta Talcott Hesson

921 Dearborn St.
Buyer: Christina Sjogren
Seller: Michelle E Feijo

118 Broadmoor Lane
Buyer: Susan Rene and Shannon Robert Soupiset
Seller: Joan M Kjaer Kirkman

1441 Lake Shore Drive
Buyer: Stanley and Chinell Hahn
Seller: Scott D. and Rachel L. Temple

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