Recent Miramar home sales, June 28-July 4, 2020

There were 25 reported residential sales in Miramar for the week of June 28-July 4, 2020. The median sale price was $325,000.

3240 S.W. 66th Terrace
Miramar East
Buyer: Dany G Perez
Seller: J Trade Investment Properties LLC

4184 S.W. 159th Ave.
Miramar West
Buyer: Genny A. Rojas
Seller: Wells Fargo Bank Nc

16830 S.W. 49th Court
Miramar West
Buyer: Professional Legal Services of Miami Inc.
Seller: Dipchand Khadar

3591 S.W. 177th Ave.
Miramar West
Buyer: Alicia and Ian Simmonds
Seller: Federal National Mortgage Association and Fannie Mae

16837 S.W. 51st St.
Miramar West
Buyer: Saed Majed Farraj
Seller: Jatinder Pal Singh and Harmeet Kaur Masaun

2700 Canal Road
Miramar East
Buyer: Clyde Barrington Bowen
Seller: Sheila Walker

12124 St. Andrews Place
Miramar East
Buyer: Angelica Clarke
Seller: Federico and Maria Portes

5031 S.W. 158th Ave.
Miramar West
Buyer: Catherine Potyondy Family Trust
Seller: Hao Peng and Ji Zhang

2633 S.W. 187th Ave.
Miramar West
Buyer: Adalys Homma
Seller: Emilio Perez

5200 S.W. 141st Terrace
Miramar Central
Buyer: Dimitri E. and Giovanni Efren Florez
Seller: Tbg Legacy LLC

3816 E Lake Road
Miramar East
Buyer: Brenda Soto-Rodriguez and Joel Vega
Seller: Josette Verdela

14511 S.W. 33rd Court
Miramar Central
Buyer: Henda LLC
Seller: Bank of New York Mellon

3410 Foxcroft Road
Miramar East
Buyer: Orville and Marsylvia P. Maloney
Seller: Juanita Karen Takacs and Takacs Family (revocable trust)

3400 Foxcroft Road
Miramar East
Buyer: Fancy Properties LLC
Seller: Daniel M. Keil and Kathy Payne

2482 Centergate Drive
Miramar Central
Buyer: General Assembly of the True Jesus Church in the USA
Seller: Honore Empire Inc.

13420 S.W. 17th Court
Miramar Central
Buyer: James B. Gorelick and Maria Quiles
Seller: Rolando A. Soler (living trust)

3461 S.W. 195th Ave.
Miramar West
Buyer: Ricardo A. Phang
Seller: Carl D. and Elsie M. Berry

3680 S.W. 60th Terrace
Buyer: Bryan Lynch
Seller: Haniff and Delores Murray

3575 S.W. 173rd Way
Miramar West
Buyer: Tiffany Reid and Gregore Celestin
Seller: Suju Xiao and Bo Jiang

4962 S.W. 173rd Ave.
Miramar West
Buyer: Hamed Jalaeian
Seller: Benjamin Urra Jr., Paloma I Ramirez Rico and Benji and Angela E. Urra

10207 S.W. 18th Court
Miramar East
Buyer: Melvin and Cary Castillero
Seller: Abhishek Ticku and Sheetal Bhan

12949 S.W. 31st Court
Miramar Central
Buyer: Michael Anthony Montero and Angela Gomez Casas
Seller: JD & D Rehab Associates Inc.

1806 S.W. 181st Way
Miramar West
Buyer: Guillermo Pi Milan and Maritza Noa Valdes
Seller: Jose and Mireya Cabassa

2432 S.W. 99th Way
Miramar East
Buyer: Cheyenne Rodney
Seller: Carlitos A. Francisco

8520 Sheraton Drive
Miramar East
Buyer: James Ferrin
Seller: Vladimir and Wildene Pean

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