March 14-20, 2021: Wilton Manors home sales

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There were 11 reported residential sales in Wilton Manors for the week of March 14-20, 2021. The median sale price was $195,000.

2660 N.E. Eighth Ave.
West of Wilton Drive$195,000
Buyer: Luis Zuniga-Lobo
Seller: Omar Mostafa (revocable trust)

2450 N.E. 15th Ave.
East of Wilton Drive$185,000
Buyer: Nelson A. Orellana and David Osborn
Seller: Carrie Flanigan, Carrie R. and Jason M. Melachrinoudis and Carrie R. and Jason M. Melachrino

2720 N.E. Eighth Ave.
West of Wilton Drive$175,000
Buyer: Maria Devita and Keith Miro
Seller: Pll LLC

425 N.E. 25th St.
West of Wilton Drive$609,350
Buyer: Gregory R. Covert of 2020 (revocable trust)
Seller: John Jeffery Hill

1400 N.E. 23rd St.
Buyer: Sea Watch Properties LLC
Seller: Eliseria Concepcion

124 N.W. 22nd St.
West of Wilton Drive$435,000
Buyer: Charles D. Miller
Seller: Starcrim LLC

300 N.E. 30th St.
West of Wilton Drive$795,000
Buyer: David Rappel
Seller: Advanta Ira Administration LLC and Roger Hermann Ira # 1522611

124 N.E. 19th Court
West of Wilton Drive$165,000
Buyer: Hiran Falcon and James Thomas
Seller: John L. Mather and Ryan Maloney

1125 N.W. 30th Court
West of Wilton Drive$131,900
Buyer: Roy Marin
Seller: Roger L. Besecker

1901 N. Andrews Ave.
West of Wilton Drive$138,000
Buyer: Isis Maria Castro
Seller: Andrew B. Innerarity

606 N.E. 27th St.
West of Wilton Drive$499,000
Buyer: Jason Arthur Scarlatti and Kennedy Campbell Watkins III
Seller: Paolo Serafini, Patricia Andrea Millozzi and Cesar A. Boggio

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