March 14-20, 2021: Parkland home sales

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There were 11 reported residential sales in Parkland for the week of March 14-20, 2021. The median sale price was $710,000.

6256 N.W. 62nd Terrace
Parkland East$1,065,000
Buyer: Rodrigo and Ana Christina Lara
Seller: Robert Dell'Aquila and Barbara Dell'Aquila

6306 N.W. 74th Terrace
Parkland East$870,000
Buyer: Zachary Graham and Denise Alexandra Jimenez Moore
Seller: Fabiana B. Balliro and Paulo Aniceto

10652 N.W. 61st Court
Parkland West$590,000
Buyer: William A. and Bridget L. Pearsall
Seller: Jennifer and Amy Beth Day

7543 N.W. 124th Ave.
Parkland West$877,000
Buyer: Laila Lakhani-Ali and Kitab Ali
Seller: Aaron C. and Julia C. Toombs

6836 N.W. 66th Way
Parkland East$769,000
Buyer: Maryanne Juresich
Seller: Camille Cancel

10989 N.W. 81st Manor
Parkland West$709,000
Buyer: Arthur Robert and Jodi Engelman
Seller: Eric and Gabriella Schwager

9381 Eden Manor
Parkland West$124,249.81
Buyer: Robert J. and Melissa Marie Squiccirini
Seller: Robert J. and Melissa Marie Squiccirini

7638 N.W. 59th Way
Parkland East$435,000
Buyer: Dana Simhon
Seller: Arthur and Jodi Engelman

8042 N.W. 125th Terrace
Parkland West$710,000
Buyer: Tamara Jackson
Seller: Jim and Maggie Leung

9784 N.W. 66th Place
Parkland West$570,000
Buyer: Sip Esquire Investments LLC
Seller: Kenneth A. Welt

6981 N.W. 68th Manor
Parkland East$970,000
Buyer: Dennis M. and Annette M. Willis and Yvonne Williams
Seller: CPT101 LLC

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