Weekly recap of Pompano Beach home sales during March 14-20, 2021

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There were 84 reported residential sales in Pompano Beach for the week of March 14-20, 2021. The median sale price was $252,500.

3412 Beacon St.
Pompano Beach East$1,160,000
Buyer: Abby Schenkman (revocable trust)
Seller: Rhonda and Michael Blanchette

2740 S.E. First Court
Pompano Beach East$445,000
Buyer: R Degler Retirement Holdings LLC and L Degler Retirement Holdings LLC
Seller: Gregory Thomas Freund

21 S.E. Ninth St.
Pompano Beach Central$455,500
Buyer: Sph Property Three LLC
Seller: Marilia M Shea

2681 S Course Drive
Pompano Beach West$195,000
Buyer: Alan P. and Jody Agins and Agins Family Trust
Seller: Antonio Campanelli

576 W. Palm Aire Drive
Pompano Beach West$455,000
Buyer: Jon P Lilley and John P. Lilley (trust)
Seller: Debra Patsones

111 Briny Ave.
Pompano Beach East$375,000
Buyer: Yongquing Jiang and Francis J. Licata
Seller: Joan and Alan Hansen and Annie May Defrank

4400 N.E. 15th Ave.
Pompano Beach Central$257,500
Buyer: Daniel J. and Rachel Mendes Cramer
Seller: Paul L. and Kenneth Martinez

2900 N Course Drive
Pompano Beach West$239,000
Buyer: Robert F. Giarratana
Seller: Arcangelina Pardo and Arcagelina Bino Pardo

305 N. Pompano Beach Blvd.
Pompano Beach East$225,000
Buyer: Fortunato Bracciale and Nadia Tucci
Seller: Andrea and Marina Manganelli, Luc Dufresne and Gloria Motroni

1550 N.E. 41st Court
Pompano Beach Central$235,000
Buyer: Bridgit Oliver and Francis Anthony Edwards
Seller: Keung and Siu Quiang Liu

2222 N. Cypress Bend Drive
Pompano Beach West$173,000
Buyer: Kurt Lehmann
Seller: Norbert and Johanne Saindon Levesque

912 Pine Drive
Pompano Beach Central$205,000
Buyer: Brian and Rose Gayrelda Walsh
Seller: Lea C Townsend

3051 N Course Drive
Pompano Beach West$145,000
Buyer: Jennifer Lynn Nelson
Seller: David and Michelle Schnobrick

777 S. Federal Highway
Pompano Beach Central$175,000
Buyer: David Skinner
Seller: Darren Impemba

330 N.E. 25th St.
Pompano Beach Central$320,000
Buyer: Akk 330
Seller: Charles R. Carlson III and Galina Bershadskaya

110 Cypress Club Drive
Pompano Beach Central$225,000
Buyer: Christine Ruddy Ruebel and Diane M Cramer
Seller: Janet M Lipinski

401 Briny Ave.
Pompano Beach East$345,000
Buyer: Raymond Bayer
Seller: Jackeline Rivera-Santiago

3030 N.E. 11th Ave.
Pompano Beach Central$321,000
Buyer: Michelle A. Lynch
Seller: Kerry-Ann Parsons

710 N. Ocean Blvd.
Pompano Beach East$365,000
Buyer: Tony and Gloria Diaz
Seller: Maria Dicuia

2200 S. Cypress Bend Drive
Pompano Beach West$127,500
Buyer: Sofia A. Gomez Viera
Seller: Alan J. and Mary Krafchin

150 S.E. 11th St.
Pompano Beach Central$581,000
Buyer: Chad and Vivian Haydar
Seller: Michael Nazario

2733 N.E. First St.
Pompano Beach East$875,000
Buyer: Stephen Smith
Seller: Robert Farenhem and Mariana Zarate

100 N.W. 28th Court
Pompano Beach Central$230,000
Buyer: Chris Wood
Seller: Guy and Susan Leboeuf and Leboeuf (revocable trust)

940 S.W. Third Ave.
Pompano Beach Central$329,000
Buyer: Geremy Algarin
Seller: Betty A. Pcolar

480 S.E. First Ave.
Pompano Beach Central$420,000
Buyer: Chris Hollinger and Ladonna Woods
Seller: Annmarie Jensen and Peter A. Gallione

2730 N.W. Eighth St.
Pompano Beach West$105,000
Buyer: Casa Pompano LLC
Seller: Nexovant Properties LLC and 2730 Nw 8 Street Land Trust

521 N. Riverside Drive
Pompano Beach East$367,500
Buyer: Richard W. St. and Bonnie St. John
Seller: Myron Jay Thorn

3244 N.E. 11th St.
Pompano Beach East$350,000
Buyer: Robert Guilbert
Seller: Frank Angione Jr. and Kathleen Angione

1720 S.W. Second Ave.
Pompano Beach Central$445,000
Buyer: Luke and Danielle Fynn
Seller: Aleksandr Vakhromov

901 S.W. 13th Court
Pompano Beach Central$170,000
Buyer: Elvin Saul Lopez Navas
Seller: Juan Pablo and Sonia Rodriguez

3300 N. Palm Aire Drive
Pompano Beach West$155,500
Buyer: Allison B. and Anthony S. Saporito
Seller: James David Hensley & Kathryn Marie Hensley (revocable trust)

141 N.W. 27th Court
Pompano Beach Central$210,000
Buyer: Sevana Vertilus and Sandy Telsaint
Seller: Guy Leboeuf & Susan Leboeuf (revocable trust)

2309 S. Cypress Bend Drive
Pompano Beach West$132,000
Buyer: Denis Merz
Seller: Clifford L. and Joyce D. Berggren

302 Gardens Drive
Pompano Beach West$140,000
Buyer: Sol E Lua LLC
Seller: Robert Niven

2636 N.W. Sixth Court
Pompano Beach West$205,000
Buyer: Nuview Trust Co.
Seller: Arbranite Dorelus

700 Pine Drive
Pompano Beach Central$250,000
Buyer: Edward A. Winder
Seller: Robert L. Newman Jr. and Donna J. Newman (trust)

2541 N.E. 10th Terrace
Pompano Beach Central$355,000
Buyer: Einar Johnathon Nissen
Seller: Devin McCarthy

3150 N Course Lane
Pompano Beach West$185,000
Buyer: Yolanda Torales
Seller: Jasmin Tremblay and Rachel Lavoie

3201 N.E. 14th St.
Pompano Beach East$140,000
Buyer: Calvin R. and Linda J. Hunt
Seller: Lucirene C Aldous

3440 N.E. 10th Terrace
Pompano Beach Central$307,000
Buyer: Elizabeth and Amy Manley
Seller: Fine Florida Homes LLC

605 N. Riverside Drive
Pompano Beach East$310,000
Buyer: David W. Bath
Seller: Manon Bigras, Michel Theriault and Jacques Plante

709 N.E. 23rd Terrace
Pompano Beach East$520,000
Buyer: Erika Jurrens and Adam Hutchinson
Seller: Lars O. and Cheryl T. Koewing

1009 N. Ocean Blvd.
Pompano Beach East$227,500
Buyer: Daniel P. and Lynn M. Gleason
Seller: Robert and Deborah Winston

150 N.E. 26th Court
Pompano Beach Central$370,000
Buyer: Paulena and Paul Prince
Seller: Celeida Araujo and Elion De Souza Silva

2721 N.W. Fourth Ave.
Pompano Beach Central$12,600
Buyer: Romain Financial Services LLC
Seller: Broward County Circuit Court and Bruce H. and Rochelle Barclay

1320 S.W. Second Ave.
Pompano Beach Central$314,900
Buyer: Jason A. Alvarez
Seller: Hunter Rosenbloom

970 S.W. Third Ave.
Pompano Beach Central$385,000
Buyer: Vimala Vemireddi
Seller: Matthew W. and Kristin C. Ludlow

2300 S.E. Eighth St.
Pompano Beach East$949,000
Buyer: Dean C. and Sherry A. Dunham
Seller: Michele Frank

2631 N.E. First St.
Pompano Beach East$182,500
Buyer: Theresa Ann Young
Seller: Gaetan Belanger and Eve Frenette

2700 N.E. Eighth Terrace
Pompano Beach Central$300,000
Buyer: Elke E De La Vega
Seller: Laila Ghione Thomas

220 N.E. 26th St.
Pompano Beach Central$160,000
Buyer: Brian Hyer
Seller: Nexovant Properties LLC and 220 Ne 26 St. Land Trust

2600 S Course Drive
Pompano Beach West$120,000
Buyer: Maria Morell
Seller: Pierre Raymond and Diane Lepine

2212 S. Cypress Bend Drive
Pompano Beach West$175,000
Buyer: Bonney Galindo
Seller: Charles Daniel Marriage and Marriage (trust)

531 N. Ocean Blvd.
Pompano Beach East$365,000
Buyer: Rene and Monica De La Cruz
Seller: Julia, Mark, Jeffrey and Angelo Risi

1473 N.E. 25th St.
Pompano Beach Central$232,000
Buyer: Elise Orenstein
Seller: Kingsley and Marcia P. Dowman

8 S.E. 19th Ave.
Pompano Beach Central$1,065,000
Buyer: Peladrone LLC
Seller: LA Gala Property Management Inc.

2751 S. Palm Aire Drive
Pompano Beach West$135,000
Buyer: Daniel Herskoviz
Seller: Jesus Pombo Jr. and Jesus Alberto Pombo Bermudez

2250 S.E. Fifth St.
Buyer: 2250-2270 Se 5TH St. LLC
Seller: Kds Properties LLC

1831 N.E. 53rd St.
Pompano Beach Central$216,000
Buyer: Thomas Chiffriller
Seller: Lynacres Inc.

2624 N.E. Ninth St.
Pompano Beach East$362,000
Buyer: Jan Pietruske
Seller: ASA Investment LLC

804 Cypress Grove Lane
Pompano Beach West$195,000
Buyer: Paul J. Mitchell
Seller: J David Modrak

405 N. Ocean Blvd.
Pompano Beach East$125,000
Buyer: Diana Petrucci
Seller: Frankie Petrucci

405 N. Ocean Blvd.
Pompano Beach East$255,000
Buyer: Cornelia and Nicolaie Izbasa
Seller: Harry L. and Emily A. Malech

3216 S.E. Eighth St.
Pompano Beach East$260,000
Buyer: Karen Monroe
Seller: Catherine Louise Pfueger

1700 N.W. First Ave.
Pompano Beach Central$250,000
Buyer: Sharmane T. and Jacques E. Thelusma
Seller: MLB Properties LLC

1609 N. Riverside Drive
Pompano Beach East$275,000
Buyer: Bjorn Vandemeulebroucke and Laura Flechas Torres
Seller: Michael Burstall and Anna Matteo

215 N.E. Ninth St.
Buyer: Silvana Jorleth Parra
Seller: William Nerestant

1620 N. Ocean Blvd.
Pompano Beach East$455,000
Buyer: Joanne Durkin
Seller: Esther Weber

4331 N.E. 16th Ave.
Pompano Beach Central$320,000
Buyer: Red Deer Corp.
Seller: Edivaldo Alves Reis

350 S.E. Sixth Ave.
Pompano Beach Central$550,000
Buyer: Joao Carlos Costa and Elis Cardoso Zevallos
Seller: Dennis G. and Linda H. Fanning

3201 N.W. Fourth Terrace
Pompano Beach West$125,000
Buyer: Christopher Beasley
Seller: Maria A. Riquelme

190 Leisure Blvd.
Pompano Beach Central$177,500
Buyer: Christopher O. Taylor
Seller: William M. and Bonnie B. Palmer

381 N.W. 25th Court
Pompano Beach Central$150,000
Buyer: Betty Febres
Seller: Narcisse Semoin

591 S.E. 12th Court
Pompano Beach Central$750,000
Buyer: Jonathan Bercowicz
Seller: Clifford Shannon

3051 N Course Drive
Pompano Beach West$199,900
Buyer: Ilian Lazaroff
Seller: Marcel and Georgette Raiche

1584 N.E. 28th St.
Pompano Beach Central$242,000
Buyer: Ashley Sosner, Andrew Gold and Ines Sanchez-Sosner
Seller: Nathalie and William Arnold

960 S.E. 10th Court
Pompano Beach Central$625,000
Buyer: Raymond L. Moss
Seller: Robert Weeks

4180 N.E. 16th Ave.
Pompano Beach Central$300,000
Buyer: Frances N. Jagroop
Seller: Lucky Duck Properties LLC

2400 N.E. 10th St.
Pompano Beach East$90,000
Buyer: John Drumm
Seller: Chad E Rustici

2933 N.E. 12th Terrace
Pompano Beach Central$278,000
Buyer: Tanisha Pluviose-Ade and Flavia Pluviose
Seller: Vannia Alexandra La Hoz

1340 N.E. 28th Ave.
Pompano Beach East$179,000
Buyer: Dragan and Divna Miljkovic
Seller: Tamara Garber

2840 N.E. 14th St.
Pompano Beach East$145,000
Buyer: Hernando Cruz Jr.
Seller: Dionisio and Ana Maria Lopez

3250 N.E. 12th St.
Pompano Beach East$350,000
Buyer: Elizabeth Roque and Michele Roque-Paskow
Seller: Rock It Rentals LLC

1230 N.E. 42nd St.
Pompano Beach Central$240,000
Buyer: Shawn Borucki
Seller: Matthew and Nicole White

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