Weekly recap, March 14-20, 2021 home sales in Miramar

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The following residential sales were reported for the week of March 14-20, 2021. The median sale price was $300,000.

2371 Dunhill Ave.
Miramar East$364,000
Buyer: Roberto Navarro and Valeria Gabriela Moncada
Seller: Armando E. and Mercedes C. Valdes

14066 S.W. 49th St.
Miramar Central$235,900
Buyer: Christopher A. Miranda and Melanie Manso
Seller: Jacquelyn King Coats (revocable trust)

12430 S.W. 50th St.
Miramar Central$256,000
Buyer: Mateo Tangarife
Seller: Angel Perera and Liliana Acosta

4904 S.W. 141st Ave.
Miramar Central$240,000
Buyer: Jesus Ibanez
Seller: Edgardo Tavarez

2310 Kingston Drive
Miramar East$360,000
Buyer: Richard Garcia
Seller: Ricardo Vecino and Maria E. Alvarado

4602 S.W. 160th Ave.
Miramar West$300,000
Buyer: Carla Montenegro
Seller: S & T Global Investments LLC

10323 S.W. 20th St.
Miramar East$315,000
Buyer: Sheryl Nembhard
Seller: Mohammed Zakir and Saira Khanani

8110 S.W. 21st Court
Miramar East$138,900
Buyer: Reginald and Michael Franck
Seller: Cesar Ernesto and Jenny Escobar

2091 Renaissance Blvd.
Miramar East$170,000
Buyer: Luis Castillo
Seller: Cirilo A. Batista

2375 S.W. 183rd Terrace
Miramar West$650,000
Buyer: Joseph and Betty Piazza
Seller: Angela R Composto

3915 S.W. 155th Ave.
Miramar West$285,000
Buyer: Michael and Loraines Carias
Seller: Francisco and Lisbeth Valero De Arrieta

8117 S.W. 21st Court
Miramar East$125,000
Buyer: Green Dreams Property Management LLC
Seller: Fernando Guijarro and Leslie Nunez

2631 Havana Drive
Miramar East$285,000
Buyer: Aliurkys Santana Suarez and Kenia Vazquez Mustelier
Seller: Carlos M Gonzalez

12166 St. Andrews Place
Miramar East$205,000
Buyer: Louis B. and Ivy C. Antoine
Seller: William Quigley and Paola Colina

2301 W. Preserve Way
Miramar East$175,000
Buyer: Melissa Marie Zafra
Seller: Igor Emil Mejia

6812 S.W. 22nd St.
Miramar East$210,000
Buyer: Miguel W Maria
Seller: Commercial Creations Inc.

17367 S.W. 20th Court
Miramar West$480,000
Buyer: Marisol Carolina Salas and Christian Raul Gutierrez Morales
Seller: Cesar F. and Rosalvina Diaz

4623 S.W. 127th Terrace
Miramar Central$40,000
Buyer: Bathshua B Nedd and Bathshua Thomas
Seller: Ronnix R Nedd

18052 S.W. 29th Lane
Miramar West$462,000
Buyer: Andriney De Rocio Perozo Mendez
Seller: North Group Holdings Lakehouse LLC

9996 Periwinkle St.
Miramar East$300,000
Buyer: Carlos L Garcia and Vanessa Alexis Miranda
Seller: Julio Cesar Falconi and Christine Wolfe

3630 S.W. 167th Ave.
Miramar West$490,000
Buyer: Enante Renodain
Seller: Peggy Saunders Divert

5132 S.W. 140th Terrace
Miramar Central$359,000
Buyer: Edwin Brito and Cindy Larez
Seller: Lizzette Garcia and Gammar De Los Santos

6857 S.W. 21st St.
Miramar East$210,000
Buyer: Dominic Saverio Anfuso
Seller: Wesley Louis Russano

5281 S.W. 133rd Ave.
Miramar Central$495,000
Buyer: Luis Zerquera Rojas
Seller: Richet Cunill

4767 S.W. 195th Terrace
Miramar West$620,600
Buyer: Ebhc LLC and Tgr Land Trust
Seller: Broward County Circuit Court and Mirta Batista Tatum

1748 S.W. 195th Ave.
Miramar West$642,500
Buyer: Ebhc LLC and Tgr 3 Land Trust
Seller: Broward County Circuit Court and Richard F. Bowen

7561 Miramar Parkway
Miramar East$102,617.68
Buyer: Carlos M Martinez-Barahona, Karla C Barahona and Karla M Martinez
Seller: Karla C Barahona, Tomaz Martinez and Carlos M Martinez-Barahona

2718 S.W. 177th Ave.
Miramar West$45,397.32
Buyer: Marc A. and Renee Rose
Seller: Dane Rose

2050 S.W. 107th Ave.
Miramar East$385,000
Buyer: Kathlynn Tancawan and Paolo Benigno V Flores
Seller: Andrea Coy

2887 S.W. 125th Ave.
Miramar Central$336,000
Buyer: Elvin Rapozo and Emily Menaldo Santos
Seller: Edwin L. and Gina Paola Ten

2252 S.W. 180th Ave.
Miramar West$550,000
Buyer: Luis Omar Colon and Yarelis Ortiz
Seller: Carlos M. and Mary Govantes

8253 S.W. 29th St.
Miramar East$250,000
Buyer: My Land Inc.
Seller: Serge Jean-Louis Jr.

4924 S.W. 164th Ave.
Miramar West$606,000
Buyer: Renzo A. Arecco and Maryna Apekun
Seller: Sph Property Three LLC

6031 S.W. 38th St.
Buyer: Haneefah Shaw
Seller: Alexander James

3429 Foxcroft Road
Miramar East$186,000
Buyer: Inrg Investing Services LLC
Seller: Jesse and Denise Elise

3429 Foxcroft Road
Miramar East$213,000
Buyer: Prosper Investments LLC
Seller: Inrg Investing Services LLC

3617 Bahama Drive
Miramar East$285,000
Buyer: Rascal Management LLC
Seller: James Hjardemaal

2138 S.W. 176th Terrace
Miramar West$550,000
Buyer: Fernander and Suze Jones
Seller: Carlos and Christina Hoyos

3511 S.W. 145th Ave.
Miramar Central$651,000
Buyer: Liliana Cristina Clavijo
Seller: Craig R. and Alisha R. Joiner

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