Home sales in Oakland Park, March 14-20, 2021

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The following residential sales were reported for the week of March 14-20, 2021. The median sale price was $262,500.

5160 N.E. First Terrace
Oakland Park Central$292,000
Buyer: Julio Onell Ramos
Seller: Diar Homes Corp.

3115 Oakland Shores Drive
Oakland Park West$105,000
Buyer: Jmw Miami LLC
Seller: Moskaytower LLC

1078 N.E. 33rd St.
Oakland Park Central$330,000
Buyer: Scorod LLC
Seller: Deborah Bruce

3010 N.E. 16th Ave.
Oakland Park East$235,000
Buyer: Barry Jay Warsch
Seller: Denis Merz

555 N.W. 46th St.
Oakland Park Central$133,155
Buyer: Roberto Villegas
Seller: Roberto Villegas and Lance Robert and Lane Robert Cotton

4761 N.E. Third Ave.
Oakland Park Central$350,000
Buyer: Andrew Collin and Samantha Renshaw
Seller: Christian Michael and Monica Espinola

3255 N.W. 43rd Place
Oakland Park West$307,000
Buyer: Victor Bello Vazquez and Roxanna Baez
Seller: U.S. Bank and Truman 2016 SC6 Title (trust)

560 N.E. 46th St.
Oakland Park Central$329,000
Buyer: Trevor and Joana D.'Arc Lee
Seller: Allison Deluca

260 N.E. 42nd Court
Oakland Park Central$390,000
Buyer: Todd and Robert E. Jacobson
Seller: Housing Heroes LLC

1567 N.E. 34th St.
Oakland Park East$375,000
Buyer: Rk Path LLC
Seller: Barbara Nichols

179 N.W. 40th Court
Buyer: LEFOU3124 L P
Seller: Sagesse LLC

5212 N.E. Sixth Ave.
Oakland Park Central$136,500
Buyer: Roger Besecker
Seller: Danielle P Juliana

1070 N.W. 43rd St.
Oakland Park West$142,929.50
Buyer: Annie Saywack
Seller: Shashi, Kamaldai, Annie and Aneesha D. Saywack

4401 N.E. 17th Terrace
Oakland Park East$425,000
Buyer: Luciano Barbosa Garajau and Edinilson Gomes Dos Santos
Seller: Joan Stulginskas

2700 S. Oakland Forest Drive
Oakland Park West$216,000
Buyer: Mark Cayabyab and Steven Galea
Seller: Billy H. Sprayberry Jr Family Trust

213 Lake Pointe Drive
Oakland Park West$112,000
Buyer: Ricardo Resino PA
Seller: Mansford Properties LLC

2915 N.E. Eighth Terrace
Oakland Park Central$162,000
Buyer: Amy Michelle Vachereau
Seller: Beatrice Nowatnick and Veronique Gabriele

3640 N.E. First Terrace
Buyer: 5 Pcmnk Ooakland Park Inc.
Seller: Meet Investments LLC

3661 N.E. First Ave.
Buyer: 5 Pcmnk Ooakland Park Inc.
Seller: Gisela Parra

230 N.W. 38th St.
Oakland Park Central$375,000
Buyer: Diego Escamilla and Lauro Vasquez
Seller: Agueda M Coronado and Pedro V Delgado

106 Royal Park Drive
Oakland Park West$170,000
Buyer: Louise M. Smith
Seller: John M. Byrne Jr.

51 N.E. 45th St.
Oakland Park Central$275,000
Buyer: Robert Sloma
Seller: Kimberly Rossi

104 Royal Park Drive
Oakland Park West$109,000
Buyer: Douglas Satran
Seller: David Kaminski

2340 N.W. 28th St.
Oakland Park West$181,000
Buyer: Community Home Buyers LLC
Seller: Bennie P. Denson

2340 N.W. 28th St.
Oakland Park West$209,990
Buyer: Andreea Properties LLC
Seller: Community Home Buyers LLC

3050 N.E. 16th Ave.
Oakland Park East$250,000
Buyer: Priscilla W. Caskey (revocable trust)
Seller: Gil M Coogler

2371 N.W. 33rd St.
Oakland Park West$172,500
Buyer: Gary and Robin Forrest
Seller: Fof Holdings LLC

370 N.E. 56th St.
Oakland Park Central$318,900
Buyer: Raquel Garcia
Seller: Linda L. Roman (living trust)

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