Home sales during March 14-20, 2021 in Margate

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There were 27 reported residential sales in Margate for the week of March 14-20, 2021. The median sale price was $158,000.

6552 N.W. 16th Court
Margate Central$370,000
Buyer: Alejandro Hector Krause and Melany Patricia Gongora
Seller: Adrian A. and Jamonique K. Harrison

6850 N.W. 14th St.
Margate Central$94,980.96
Buyer: Toni Greenfield and Daniel Engl
Seller: Toni Greenfield

775 N.W. 73rd Ave.
Margate Central$234,900
Buyer: Lourdes Velez
Seller: Barbara Zolnowski

950 N.W. 80th Ave.
Margate Central$146,450
Buyer: Valentino Gifford
Seller: Aldith McNish and McNish Family (revocable trust)

7900 N.W. 18th Place
Margate Central$161,874
Buyer: Freddie Jones
Seller: Ruth Eloi

6227 N.W. 16th Court
Margate Central$261,500
Buyer: Erwin Van Der Bunt and Nuvia Sutton
Seller: Anthony Boremi

3220 Holiday Springs Blvd.
Margate North$56,000
Buyer: Jair Sanchez Ortiz
Seller: William L. Nieves Jr.

1065 N.W. 69th Ave.
Margate Central$178,000
Buyer: Mary Barnes Remley
Seller: Dragana Cuckovic Redditt

3114 Merrick Terrace
Margate North$259,000
Buyer: Tamara Cummings
Seller: Kristian Baso

551 N.W. 76th Terrace
Margate Central$75,000
Buyer: Rita Cerilli
Seller: Barbara Peterson

6021 N.W. Third St.
Margate South$70,500
Buyer: Damian Walter Neil Christie and Marsha M Bruce
Seller: Damian Christie and Marsha M Bruce

1090 N.W. 67th Ave.
Margate Central$235,000
Buyer: Bridget Tayman (life estate) and Daniel Tayman
Seller: Mary L. Powell and Carlos W Smith

6234 Coral Lake Drive
Margate North$145,000
Buyer: Luz D Nunez-Diaz
Seller: Frantz and Ghislaine Lahens Dieudonne

3040 Holiday Springs Blvd.
Margate North$102,500
Buyer: Estella Posada
Seller: James F. Palmer

1455 N.W. 69th Ave.
Margate Central$199,000
Buyer: Christopher Paolini
Seller: Theresa Massey

1227 S.W. 46th Ave.
Buyer: Luz Amparo Carmona (life estate) and Daniel Ceballos
Seller: Felmac LLC

2485 N.W. 79th Terrace
Margate North$385,000
Buyer: Toran Parsifal Hamilear and Jessamine Vera Torrefranca Dhanasar
Seller: Grant Barnett and Marsha Anne Wolak

5510 Lakeside Drive
Margate Central$150,000
Buyer: Carmen Perry
Seller: Danielle and Bradley Concepcion and Danielle and Waltroud Goupee

6173 S.W. Fourth St.
Margate South$217,000
Buyer: Flavio Enrique Alvarado and Valeria Esther Regalado
Seller: Nelson Orellana

3785 Cocoplum Circle
Buyer: Jhan Quintero
Seller: Christine Joanna Mannino and Christine Joanna Caglianone

6550 Winfield Blvd.
Margate North$92,500
Buyer: Marisca Wong
Seller: Jose Miguel Carrasco and Sharon Vanairsdale

6850 Royal Palm Blvd.
Margate Central$76,000
Buyer: Rossana L. and Wilson Gonzalez, Melissa Declet and Nelson L. Vasquez
Seller: Sdms Real Estate LLC

2209 W River Drive
Margate North$315,000
Buyer: Julienne Jean Jacques and Segene Narcisse
Seller: Sandra Lynn and Alan H. Reiser

3310 Pinewalk Drive
Margate North$158,000
Buyer: Belyang Investments LLC
Seller: Coral Key Investments II LLC

5607 Coral Lake Drive
Margate North$122,500
Buyer: Jose Luis Caicedo
Seller: Rita Agatstein

995 N.W. 74th Ave.
Margate Central$223,000
Buyer: Anthony Francis
Seller: Lois J. Dean and Dean Family (revocable living trust)

7320 N.W. 18th St.
Margate Central$85,000
Buyer: Richard and Maria Del Carmen Betances De Trejo
Seller: Palm Springs III Condominium Association Inc.

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