Recent Coral Springs home sales, March 14-20, 2021

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The following residential sales were reported for the week of March 14-20, 2021. The median sale price was $445,000.

4331 N.W. 75th Way
Coral Springs Northeast$385,000
Buyer: Typhon and Tracy D. Kronk
Seller: Anthony Robert Pilcher

3601 Coral Springs Drive
Coral Springs Northwest$245,000
Buyer: Gardenia Del Carmen Smith Pardo
Seller: Xiaoqin Huang

5129 N.W. 121st Drive
Coral Springs Northwest$475,000
Buyer: Gary E Chase and Amanda L. Taylor
Seller: Peterjohn and Anita Plummer

6110 N.W. 122nd Terrace
Coral Springs Northwest$837,000
Buyer: Cynthia L Baker
Seller: Leon R. Basye III & Shari A. Basye Joint (revocable trust)

7755 N.W. 55th Place
Coral Springs Northeast$849,000
Buyer: Sandra P. and Luis F. Restrepo
Seller: Jason E. and Robert J. Dearstine

10017 N.W. 20th St.
Coral Springs Southwest$575,000
Buyer: Beby S Rojas and Dayana Leme
Seller: Joel Beltran Jr.

6020 W. Sample Road
Coral Springs Northeast$150,000
Buyer: Jemoag Investments LLC
Seller: Lomande Investments LLC

6690 W. Sample Road
Coral Springs Northeast$150,000
Buyer: Jemoag Investments LLC
Seller: Lomande Investments LLC

8431 Shadow Court
Coral Springs Southeast$203,000
Buyer: Rolin and Celiane J. Felix
Seller: Jian Y LI and Lin Guo

10337 N.W. 53rd Court
Coral Springs Northwest$545,000
Buyer: Terch Coral Investments LLC
Seller: Kira Levy

2108 Cherry Hills Way
Coral Springs Southwest$700,000
Buyer: Faran Khederoo and Farzaana Azeerulla
Seller: J & Y Property Investments LLC

2142 N.W. 85th Lane
Coral Springs Southeast$410,000
Buyer: Alexander James and Shannon Taylor Baptiste
Seller: John and Denise Atler

11971 Glenmore Drive
Coral Springs Southwest$625,000
Buyer: Brad and Erica Sonneborn
Seller: Jose L. Santana

4310 Coral Springs Drive
Buyer: Shahar Tamsis (revocable living trust)
Seller: Bekkalm Corp.

2372 N.W. 120th Lane
Coral Springs Southwest$485,000
Buyer: Pasquale and Elizabeth Patricia Deruvo
Seller: Jason and Nicole Lorini King

9825 N.W. 48th Drive
Coral Springs Northwest$495,000
Buyer: Richard and Cassiane Plasencia
Seller: Borzo and Mehrangiz Arrar

1061 Coral Club Drive
Coral Springs Southwest$135,000
Buyer: Cn Group Florida LLC
Seller: Xy Box Group LLC

9655 N.W. 52nd Place
Coral Springs Northwest$625,000
Buyer: Leonard M. Gralnik and Florencia Leila Araujo
Seller: Jennifer E Contreras and Victor Jesus Contreras Jr.

9864 N.W. 13th Court
Coral Springs Southwest$429,000
Buyer: Michelle and Jonathan Kowalsky
Seller: Michael S. Krkuc Sr (revocable trust)

10204 Vestal Court
Coral Springs Southwest$650,000
Buyer: Robert A. Patterson and Afarin Pirzadeh
Seller: Melissa V Schwartz

9940 Royal Palm Blvd.
Coral Springs Southwest$225,000
Buyer: Mauricio H Guayara
Seller: Sergio Pintado

9072 N.W. 53rd Manor
Coral Springs Northeast$580,000
Buyer: Duquenne and Estella Zetrenne
Seller: Express Independent Services LLC

3121 N.W. 107th Ave.
Coral Springs Southwest$560,000
Buyer: Marlon Bailey
Seller: Jason S Paz and Celia Randolph

9678 N.W. 28th Place
Coral Springs Southwest$405,000
Buyer: Samuel Nunez and Elise Marie Cruz
Seller: Marjorie Alabise

5731 N.W. 54th Place
Coral Springs Northeast$511,000
Buyer: Brian and Kristin Kacher
Seller: Frederico F. and Ana Paula Santiago Rodrigues

11060 N.W. 43rd Court
Coral Springs Northwest$450,000
Buyer: Joel Garon and Kimberly Ann Stevenson
Seller: Kellie L Chrstensen and Matthew A. Vangalis

11044 N.W. 19th Manor
Coral Springs Southwest$510,000
Buyer: Elyse Guerrero
Seller: Robert C. and Robert Cassidy and Kristyn N. Stanton

945 N.W. 126th Terrace
Coral Springs Southwest$465,000
Buyer: Hatem Eldakhakhni and Eman Daghestani
Seller: Rufus Sanchez and Ronique Anjuli Thomas and Antonet Carey

8362 N.W. 23rd Manor
Coral Springs Southeast$286,500
Buyer: Fernando and Natacha C. Mendoza
Seller: Joshua W. and Angela L. Brankamp

8433 N.W. 47th Drive
Coral Springs Northeast$586,000
Buyer: Paola Carolina Castro and Hamza Kamran Khan
Seller: Mario M Baines

11295 Lakeview Drive
Coral Springs Southwest$315,000
Buyer: Jisha Kuriakose
Seller: Rosalie P Garcia Galluzzo

3248 Coral Ridge Drive
Coral Springs Southwest$100,000
Buyer: Perdizes LLC
Seller: Kimberly Downs-McCabe and Kimberly and Judy L. Downs

1200 N.W. 87th Ave.
Coral Springs Southeast$165,000
Buyer: Skyline 510 Group LLC
Seller: Julian Orlando Hurtado

7014 N.W. 40th St.
Coral Springs Northeast$460,000
Buyer: William and Mary Gismondi
Seller: Edward J. Ryan Jr.

4290 N.W. 80th Ave.
Buyer: Amardath Micoo and Maria L. Rivera Bello
Seller: Mimose Doblas

5012 N.W. 122nd Ave.
Coral Springs Northwest$561,000
Buyer: Jeffrey and Michelle Goldsmith
Seller: William and Ebelin Puya

11076 N.W. Third St.
Coral Springs Southwest$100,000
Buyer: Sara Angelina Mau
Seller: Nicholas and Sara Angelina Mau

6670 W. Sample Road
Coral Springs Northeast$165,000
Buyer: Ken Wong and Yvette Tabernilla
Seller: Brian J McDonald

11777 N.W. 30 St. 206
Coral Springs Southwest$120,500
Buyer: Redware Corp. Inc.
Seller: Yochay Moscari LLC

7611 N.W. 40th Court
Coral Springs Northeast$340,000
Buyer: Christopher and Natalia Quiles
Seller: Kevin A. Marsh

9928 Royal Palm Blvd.
Coral Springs Southwest$230,000
Buyer: Gerald and Maria A. Dunne
Seller: Truett L. and Elouise Coleman

12347 N.W. 56th Court
Coral Springs Northwest$372,500
Buyer: Keith L Seabrooks Jr. and Veronica Seabrooks
Seller: Georgina Gans and Maria Barone

7123 N.W. 44th St.
Coral Springs Northeast$445,000
Buyer: Ekar A. Pena Barraza and Laura Herrera
Seller: Jose Miguel Perez and Jose Miquel Perez Beltran and Raquel Rosabal Blanco

2801 N.W. 105th Terrace
Coral Springs Southwest$396,500
Buyer: Daniel Bautista
Seller: Rebecca Gordon and Victor Ledon

219 N.W. 92nd Ave.
Coral Springs Southeast$510,000
Buyer: Steven M. and Christina G. Cassie Kuzmich
Seller: Robert James and Lisa Susan Wilcox

11738 N.W. 26th St.
Coral Springs Southwest$460,000
Buyer: Lemar Blackwood and Sophia Sanchez-Blackwood
Seller: Susan Denise Hurst and Raul T Aparicio

5271 N.W. 90th Terrace
Coral Springs Northeast$595,000
Buyer: Amanda M. Boggiano and Richard C. Hartnett
Seller: Don Eugene Vettorel & Gail Fairfield Vettorel (revocable trust)

12088 N.W. 31st Drive
Coral Springs Southwest$510,000
Buyer: Jose R. Lopez
Seller: John E. and Tina M. Crider

100 N.W. 83rd Way
Coral Springs Southeast$545,000
Buyer: Shawn and Diana Aguilar
Seller: Raymond A. and Brittany C. Adams

9680 Royal Palm Blvd.
Coral Springs Southwest$330,000
Buyer: Brandon A. Campbell
Seller: Elvis Camille and Ann Joseph

6055 N.W. 118th Drive
Coral Springs Northwest$410,000
Buyer: Glenn Serrano and Julia Aquino
Seller: Jessica Kamel-Iafano and Jessica Kamel

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