Pembroke Pines home sales during March 14-20, 2021

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There were 83 reported residential sales in Pembroke Pines for the week of March 14-20, 2021. The median sale price was $320,000.

1073 S.W. 156th Terrace
Pembroke Pines West$895,000
Buyer: Robert and Ghislaine Deeb
Seller: Kurt and Giselle Cushing and Giselle Dieguez

1740 N.W. 88th Terrace
Pembroke Pines East$420,000
Buyer: Rockfeller and Sandra Sorel
Seller: Ricardo and Esperanza Rodriguez

17254 N.W. Seventh St.
Pembroke Pines West$340,000
Buyer: Liliana Milena Alzate Quintero
Seller: Alcino J Vieira and Alicia M Greyner Gadea

571 S.W. 141st Ave.
Pembroke Pines Central$160,000
Buyer: Marlene M. and Gina B. Velez
Seller: Sam Wiener and Hanna Wiener (revocable trust)

700 S.W. 128th Ave.
Pembroke Pines Central$140,000
Buyer: Elvis and Carmen Delia Toledo
Seller: Ana Teresa De Gracia (life estate), Susan R. Puig, Martha De and Jack Phil De Gracia and Magali Xiomara Rodriguez

101 S.W. 132nd Way
Pembroke Pines Central$85,000
Buyer: Equistore Properties I LLC
Seller: Michael A. Alfano

740 N.W. 106th Terrace
Pembroke Pines Central$285,000
Buyer: Anthony Richard Engel
Seller: Tina R Moeinian and Shusheng Ye

12351 N.W. 11th Court
Pembroke Pines Central$299,500
Buyer: Rodolfo Lopez Campano and Indira Barbara Rodriguez Soto
Seller: Holly R Katz

1400 N.W. 79th Way
Pembroke Pines East$295,000
Buyer: Alejandro Bermudez Fajardo and Tania Nimo Leon
Seller: Thomas A. Richmond

1829 N.W. 139th Terrace
Pembroke Pines Central$620,000
Buyer: Tulio Antonio Revollo and Giocana Yisett Guevara-Baquero
Seller: Thomas Smith

19750 N.W. Ninth Drive
Pembroke Pines West$565,000
Buyer: Dianne Sanchez
Seller: Albert and Dolores Soto

8781 Johnson St.
Pembroke Pines East$357,000
Buyer: Belinda Christine Alexander
Seller: Josette D Bonne-Annee

2200 N.W. 103rd Ave.
Pembroke Pines Central$451,000
Buyer: Andrew Stephen and Mo Villagran
Seller: Dwight J. and Charlene Pinkney Ferguson

10210 N.W. 25th St.
Pembroke Pines Central$444,000
Buyer: Raphael Arturo Palacios and Nadia Fernandez
Seller: Susan Roberta Samson and Susan R. Samson (revocable living trust)

16438 N.W. 23rd St.
Pembroke Pines West$408,000
Buyer: Moises Antonio Betances and Debra Christine Cruz
Seller: Alex Vega

15450 N.W. 12th Place
Pembroke Pines West$345,000
Buyer: Thaisa M Elmer
Seller: Thomas Brosnahan

11376 S.W. Second Court
Pembroke Pines Central$150,000
Buyer: Alain Guerra Diaz
Seller: Gustavo A. Aguilar

100 S.W. 132nd Way
Pembroke Pines Central$115,000
Buyer: Regina Word
Seller: Baruhmylive LLC

1101 Colony Point Circle
Pembroke Pines Central$167,000
Buyer: Cesar F. and Rosalvina Diaz
Seller: Ruth Caro Manca

1111 N.W. 130th Ave.
Pembroke Pines Central$455,000
Buyer: Nathalie Rodriguez and Emay Rodriguez Gil
Seller: Manuel Anthony Catani and Manuel Catano (revocable trust)

7269 N.W. 23rd St.
Pembroke Pines East$390,000
Buyer: Esther G. Montallana and Ferdinand G Soliven
Seller: Elizabeth J. Pratt

9928 N.W. 19th St.
Pembroke Pines East$485,000
Buyer: Van and Dung Nguyen
Seller: Angelo Marcellus and Ashaki S Bronson-Marcellus

12800 S.W. Seventh Court
Pembroke Pines Central$155,000
Buyer: Ubaldo M Don
Seller: Kathleen C. Diaz and Charlotte Harvey (revocable trust)

610 N.W. 217th Terrace
Buyer: Natalie Maria
Seller: Jorge C Garcia and Maylin Garcia Diaz

115 S.W. 68th Ave.
Pembroke Pines East$222,000
Buyer: David Mercado Jr. and Veronica Cruz Vazquez
Seller: Mona R Ryner

13155 S.W. Seventh Court
Pembroke Pines Central$105,000
Buyer: Harriet G. Russo
Seller: Sheldon and Maria Goldberg

12375 N.W. 15th St.
Pembroke Pines Central$315,000
Buyer: Maria J. Lopez and Cristina M Noriega
Seller: Douglas C. Wolfe

1115 N.W. 100th Ave.
Pembroke Pines East$325,000
Buyer: Jonathan Perdomo
Seller: Natalia Gonzalez and Justina Vega

1673 N.W. 144th Way
Pembroke Pines Central$471,500
Buyer: Isabel Cristina and Robinson Alberto Peralta and Maria Isabel Vidal
Seller: Eric J Marriaga

895 N.W. 135th Terrace
Pembroke Pines Central$357,000
Buyer: Luis Alejandro Muniz Mendez and Monica Miriam Montiel Minguela
Seller: Mariangel and Fabian Caicoya and Jesse Crespo

1721 N.W. 106th Ave.
Pembroke Pines Central$114,000
Buyer: Carissa A. Wall and Laurie Wall-Bryant
Seller: Carissa A. Wall and Laurie Wall-Bryant and Carol Wall

17693 S.W. Fifth St.
Pembroke Pines West$150,100
Buyer: Anthony Turner
Seller: Broward County Circuit Court and Yaritza Jessica Roman Ramos

520 N.W. 214th Ave.
Buyer: Ricardo and Maricela Sabatier
Seller: Luis and Lillian Gonzalez, Derrek Salas and Jasenia Miranda

201 S.W. 116th Ave.
Pembroke Pines Central$211,000
Buyer: Padma Gahawada
Seller: Lesi 1912 Group LLC

587 N.W. 208th Drive
Pembroke Pines West$273,000
Buyer: Heber F Milian and Merian Sepulveda
Seller: Monica Veillette and Monica E Torres-Lefebre

1351 S.W. 125th Ave.
Pembroke Pines Central$160,000
Buyer: Hernando and Sandra Forero and Forero Family Trust
Seller: Lydia D. Castro and Eric Garcia

2290 N.W. 170th Ave.
Pembroke Pines West$323,000
Buyer: Eduardo Sarmiento and Amanda Eloisa Terra
Seller: Jessica Pacheco and Luis Orta

13455 S.W. Third St.
Pembroke Pines Central$100,000
Buyer: Lawrence Levow
Seller: Socorro Valle De Luna

2261 N.W. 185th Ave.
Pembroke Pines West$485,000
Buyer: David Agudelo and Erika Ruiz Echeverry
Seller: Danielle Joanne Hunt and Danielle and Justin Steinhardt

10316 Fairway Road
Pembroke Pines Central$330,000
Buyer: Zania N Anderson
Seller: Kurt T. and Giselle Cushing

7421 N.W. First Court
Pembroke Pines East$320,000
Buyer: Me & Me Property Solutions LLC
Seller: Linda Tuttle

1914 N.W. 167th Ave.
Pembroke Pines West$400,300
Buyer: Cfai Special Assets LLC
Seller: Broward County Circuit Court and Gaynor Monique Stephenson LLC

901 S.W. 141st Ave.
Pembroke Pines Central$170,000
Buyer: Carmen Violeta Gomez
Seller: Manuel Torres Lopez and Josefa Rebollo Gomez

1101 S.W. 128th Terrace
Pembroke Pines Central$145,000
Buyer: Karen C Benitez
Seller: Jeffrey and Royden Lobel

1148 N.W. 122nd Terrace
Pembroke Pines Central$317,000
Buyer: Carolina Aquino Pena
Seller: Paola Zengotita Cruz and Jemuel Fuentes Maldonado

15130 N.W. Seventh St.
Pembroke Pines West$390,000
Buyer: Kenneth and Charmaine Brown
Seller: Freddy and Astrid Laverde

2046 N.W. 182nd Ave.
Pembroke Pines West$470,000
Buyer: Willy V. and Yamile N. Mendez
Seller: Mark D. and Susan C. Prior

250 S. Hollybrook Terrace
Pembroke Pines East$145,000
Buyer: Esther A. Pitts
Seller: Lori Spring and Elise Spring

1914 N.W. 167th Ave.
Pembroke Pines West$400,300
Buyer: Lendinghome Funding Corp.
Seller: Broward County Circuit Court and Gaynor Monique Stephenson LLC

1914 N.W. 167th Ave.
Pembroke Pines West$400,300
Buyer: Cfai Special Assets LLC
Seller: Broward County Circuit Court and Gaynor Stephenson

8551 N.W. 24th Court
Pembroke Pines East$425,000
Buyer: Reynier Mazola and Nathalie Perez
Seller: Frederick Anthony and Tracey Eve Maas

730 S.W. 69th Terrace
Pembroke Pines East$409,300
Buyer: Zillow Homes Property (trust)
Seller: Carolina Perez Tobon

20106 N.W. Ninth Drive
Pembroke Pines West$525,000
Buyer: Lander Zugazaga Mardaras and Goizalde Pallin Lancho
Seller: Robert Thomas and Jenna Marcelle Mesa

15128 N.W. Eighth St.
Pembroke Pines West$355,000
Buyer: Geovanny A. and Nelly E. Hurtado
Seller: Lisa L Carr and Lisa L Edge

1460 Lacosta Drive
Pembroke Pines West$450,000
Buyer: Joshua Richwine and Jasmine Jemel Reid
Seller: Eric Nathanson and Trans Global Financial LLC

10000 S.W. Sixth Court
Pembroke Pines East$417,100
Buyer: Paulette Etienne
Seller: Carlos and Fernando A. Frias

8921 N.W. 21st St.
Pembroke Pines East$262,981
Buyer: Elvin Dario and Franilza Abreu
Seller: Mallobanex Castillo

7031 S.W. 12th St.
Pembroke Pines East$375,000
Buyer: Jose Milton Izaguirre Ortiz
Seller: Joel Alonso

9923 S. Hollybrook Lake Drive
Pembroke Pines East$128,000
Buyer: Sylvain Pothier and Lise Beland
Seller: Charles and Bryan Samuel and Eric Howard Schnabolk

1429 N.W. 161st Ave.
Pembroke Pines West$505,000
Buyer: Anthony Raphael Chapman and Virginia Del Carmen Paz
Seller: Jeannie Johnny and Sosa-Jeannie Sibilly Johnny

371 S. Hollybrook Drive
Pembroke Pines East$73,700
Buyer: Realty Wholesalers Inc.
Seller: Broward County Circuit Court and Robert Vittozzi

1811 N. Hiatus Road
Pembroke Pines Central$433,000
Buyer: Jose A. Ravangouy
Seller: Nancy M. and Daniel L. Morrill

436 S.W. 113th Way
Pembroke Pines Central$134,000
Buyer: Jmbm Investments Family Ltd. Partnership
Seller: Elena Thibault

9520 S. Hollybrook Lake Drive
Pembroke Pines East$75,000
Buyer: Francesco and Belkis Villalba
Seller: Joseph Richard Greeley

10641 S.W. Eighth St.
Pembroke Pines Central$248,000
Buyer: Sandra J Velez and Carlos Alberto Montoya Florez
Seller: Brian Betancurth and Jessica L. Villamizar

10701 N.W. 11th St.
Pembroke Pines Central$320,000
Buyer: Jeffrey Armand and John G. Lambert and Milca Amich
Seller: Waleska Cordero Cedeno and Fernando Luis Velez

900 St. Charles Place
Pembroke Pines Central$124,000
Buyer: James and Linda Love
Seller: Wing Biu Fong Sam

6371 S.W. 195th Ave.
Pembroke Pines West$540,000
Buyer: Hina Zainab and Bilal Khanani Zainab
Seller: Andree Celestin

9420 S. Hollybrook Lake Drive
Pembroke Pines East$70,000
Buyer: Rolando Llanes Rodriguez and Isela M Soria Diaz
Seller: Silvia Gonzalez

7950 N.W. 10th St.
Pembroke Pines East$280,000
Buyer: Mavis Acosta and Roberto Lima
Seller: Wilford M. and Paula W. Goode

8451 N.W. 15th St.
Pembroke Pines East$310,900
Buyer: Sph Property Three LLC
Seller: Timothy Eagan and Yahumara Martinez

320 N.W. 187th Ave.
Pembroke Pines West$465,000
Buyer: Yamilka Jissette Sena
Seller: Eduardo Gomez

1530 S.W. 193rd Terrace
Pembroke Pines West$475,000
Buyer: Damien P. and Tameka A. Otto Stewart
Seller: Hugo and Ana Maria Cortes and Ana Maria Bejarano

241 N.W. 154th Ave.
Pembroke Pines West$400,000
Buyer: Gonzalo A. and Jenniffer Justiniano De Calasich
Seller: Carmen Navarro

19122 N.W. 23rd St.
Pembroke Pines West$480,000
Buyer: Michelle Gonzalez and Michael Allande
Seller: Kevin and Patricia Burnett and Burnett Family Trust

8240 N.W. 11th St.
Pembroke Pines East$170,000
Buyer: Lian Menendez Fajardo
Seller: Jordan Investment Corp.

8240 N.W. 11th St.
Pembroke Pines East$170,000
Buyer: Lian Menendez Fajardo
Seller: Alvaro Ivan Torres and 8240 Nw 11TH Street Land Trust

311 N.W. 198th Ave.
Pembroke Pines West$513,000
Buyer: Lucilo and Elsa Soler and Andrew and Mayra Breault
Seller: Jeffrey A. and Sharon A. Rizzo

6124 S.W. 192nd Ave.
Pembroke Pines West$550,000
Buyer: Alfonso Francisco Suarez
Seller: Inter MacHinery Inc.

8921 S. Hollybrook Blvd.
Pembroke Pines East$75,000
Buyer: Miguel R. and Anna Concepcion
Seller: Jean Savard, Louise and Nathalie Nolin and Jacques Lambert

750 S.W. 133rd Terrace
Pembroke Pines Central$28,119.86
Buyer: Juan and Milkeya and Michael Monahan
Seller: Juan Monahan (life estate), Milkeya Monahan (life estate) and Michael Monahan

800 S.W. 137th Ave.
Pembroke Pines Central$86,000
Buyer: Victor and Yvette Salgado De Acurio
Seller: Eugene Kapinos

705 N.W. 208th Circle
Pembroke Pines West$305,000
Buyer: Diego and Maria Libia Sanz
Seller: Kin Keung Ng and Leana Truong

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