Weekly recap, March 14-20, 2021 home sales in Coconut Creek

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The following residential sales were reported for the week of March 14-20, 2021. The median sale price was $179,500.

2603 Nassau Bend
Coconut Creek South$110,000
Buyer: Dorothy Ann Gary and Beatrice Elaine Sahadeo Gary
Seller: Gino and Pierina Berardi

3301 Aruba Way
Coconut Creek South$279,000
Buyer: Eton David and Anna Mae Jaffe and Jaffe Family Trust
Seller: Elliot and Beverly Rappaport

2840 Carambola Circle
Coconut Creek South$180,000
Buyer: Andrea Alan and Amy Levenson Alan
Seller: Adinah Cornett

5540 N.W. 50th Ave.
Coconut Creek Central$386,000
Buyer: Pierre Maxon and Katia Dorvilier
Seller: Kervin Saunders

3002 Portofino Isle
Coconut Creek South$90,000
Buyer: Domenico La Novara
Seller: Conception Transept Inc.

3102 Portofino Point
Coconut Creek South$108,000
Buyer: Thomas Raneri
Seller: Fred and Bernice Swidler

2223 N.W. 45th Ave.
Coconut Creek South$252,000
Buyer: Denise Granston
Seller: Yan Huo

3693 Cocoplum Circle
Coconut Creek South$170,000
Buyer: Michael James Lawrence and Sara Elabiary
Seller: Paula M. and Carissa Dasilva

2302 Lucaya Lane
Coconut Creek South$190,000
Buyer: Elaine H Bennett
Seller: Howard and Linda K. Newman

6321 Osprey Terrace
Coconut Creek North$355,000
Buyer: Mark Lewis
Seller: Eton David and Anna Mae Jaffe

1803 Eleuthera Point
Coconut Creek South$110,000
Buyer: Devin Kalvaitis
Seller: Igor Sherman

5172 N.W. 52nd St.
Coconut Creek Central$459,000
Buyer: Karen McCarthy
Seller: Genesis Capital Group LLC

4375 Carambola Circle
Coconut Creek South$233,000
Buyer: Sandeep and Kamal Sarbadhikari
Seller: Jason Frucht

3101 Portofino Point
Coconut Creek South$87,500
Buyer: Daniel C. Frankel and Nicole Adhami
Seller: Janis E Summerville

3304 Aruba Way
Coconut Creek South$65,000
Buyer: Maria Eugenia and Rafael Barrios
Seller: Roger K. and Linda B. and Adam M. Gelb

2805 Victoria Way
Coconut Creek South$145,000
Buyer: Elaine Natale and Georgeann Ardito
Seller: Maria Boyle, Adriana Elizabeth Coronel and Jennipher Caso

1205 Bahama Bend E.
Coconut Creek South$80,000
Buyer: Humberto I Rosero and Kelly J Valle
Seller: Samir Heshema and Sonia Ackad

3957 Carambola Circle
Coconut Creek South$56,000
Buyer: Tamar S Ferrari-Zamonski and Lawrence J. Krass
Seller: Tamar S Ferrari-Zamonski

3783 N.W. 35th St.
Coconut Creek South$210,000
Buyer: Carl and Patricia Stephens
Seller: Robert Katz and Nancy Katz (revocable trust)

2633 Carambola Circle
Coconut Creek South$180,000
Buyer: Jorge A. Francisco-Garcia
Seller: Yasmin Mangaroo

1804 Eleuthera Point
Coconut Creek South$158,000
Buyer: Kerry D Whitworth
Seller: Pearl B. and Terry and Susan Jacobs

1601 Abaco Drive
Coconut Creek South$147,500
Buyer: Ernest and Christine Banfalvy
Seller: Donna L Channell and Renee L Miles

4727 N.W. 30th St.
Coconut Creek South$265,000
Buyer: Kimberly Anne Insalaco
Seller: Margaret C. Talerico

750 N.W. 44th Ave.
Coconut Creek South$415,000
Buyer: Jonathan Mark and Danielle R. Heaner
Seller: Jorge Arturo and Samantha Lyn Navarro

6630 N.W. 41st Terrace
Coconut Creek North$455,000
Buyer: Alexander Ballarte
Seller: Nedine and Nedline Mesadieu

5403 N.W. 54th Drive
Coconut Creek Central$440,000
Buyer: Sara L. Laighold and Dana L Verhelst
Seller: Michele Bonilla and Scott Hajducky

4768 Lago Vista Drive
Coconut Creek Central$320,000
Buyer: Lorenzo Orion and Nicole Cathy Ives
Seller: Gary Burwick (revocable trust)

4622 Carambola Circle
Coconut Creek South$190,000
Buyer: Thaynara Mazzoni
Seller: Amy Gorman

2801 Victoria Way
Coconut Creek South$82,000
Buyer: Michael and Renae Roth
Seller: Paul Seiler

1040 N.W. 45th Ave.
Coconut Creek South$411,000
Buyer: Paula and Carissa Dasilva
Seller: Nicholas and Miranda Vickers

2006 Granada Drive
Coconut Creek South$159,900
Buyer: James Roy and Regina Aleotti Jones
Seller: John and Diane K. Sommerer

2901 Victoria Circle
Coconut Creek South$110,000
Buyer: Debra Bruxton
Seller: Beth Bier, Alvin D. Yurman and Glenda Yurman (irrevocable trust)

6500 Ibis Way
Coconut Creek North$370,000
Buyer: Michael F. Romanski Jr. and Mary A. Romanski
Seller: Michael III and Crystal L. Romanski

4701 Martinique Drive
Coconut Creek South$108,000
Buyer: Eduart and Mirela Kryemadhi
Seller: Faiga Zylberpic and Faye Silver

3612 Coco Lake Drive
Coconut Creek Central$325,000
Buyer: Susan Steadman
Seller: Mark R. Bier

5005 Wiles Road
Coconut Creek Central$206,000
Buyer: Bradley Eric Tappen
Seller: Bakouni Investments LLC

3203 Portofino Point
Coconut Creek South$135,000
Buyer: Ruth Halpern
Seller: Gerald W. Wilson Jr., Holly O Wilson and Wilson Family Trust

3717 Asperwood Circle
Coconut Creek Central$330,000
Buyer: Heather Cooper and Anthony Sedley
Seller: Brent and Melissa Nelson

1805 Eleuthera Point
Coconut Creek South$76,250
Buyer: Albert Desarro and Annie Ryan
Seller: Fran R Barrett

4844 N. State Road 7
Coconut Creek Central$170,000
Buyer: Jemoag Investments LLC
Seller: Ruben Jose Lisman (living trust)

3137 Cocoplum Circle
Coconut Creek South$148,500
Buyer: Laura Torres and Yarly M Franco
Seller: Jeffrey N Marks and Saundra L. Weinberg (residuary trust)

6474 N.W. 37th Ave.
Buyer: Nicholas and Diane Grasso
Seller: Adrienne Boyd

3579 Santa FE Place
Coconut Creek Central$335,000
Buyer: Jean Joseph and Elizabeth Emmanuel
Seller: Alicia Terrell and Kevin Darby

2102 Lucaya Bend
Coconut Creek South$164,600
Buyer: John E. and Elin M. Alto
Seller: Robert B. David

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