Fort Lauderdale home sales, March 14-20, 2021

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The following residential sales were reported for the week of March 14-20, 2021. The median sale price was $360,000.

527 N.E. 10th Ave.
Fort Lauderdale East$725,000
Buyer: Jay Scott Sensmeier
Seller: James T. and Cheryl A. Rawson

511 S.E. Fifth Ave.
Fort Lauderdale South$309,000
Buyer: Jessica Baranski
Seller: Jacob S. Silverstein

2848 S.W. Ninth St.
Fort Lauderdale South$150,000
Buyer: Shareholders LLC
Seller: Lasandra Javarius and Jaquan Hudson Javarius

1213 N.W. Ninth St.
Buyer: Joel Alexander Palau
Seller: Carolyn Jackson

542 N.E. Seventh Ave.
Buyer: Brian O Jones and Michelle B Muzea
Seller: Michael B. Biggins

1121 S.W. 18th Court
Fort Lauderdale South$335,000
Buyer: Florencia Paula Menendez and Santiago Galan
Seller: Paul and April Erlandson

4820 N.E. 23rd Ave.
Fort Lauderdale East$245,500
Buyer: Steven Biktower
Seller: Linda Ruth Pickl

1141 S.W. 32nd St.
Fort Lauderdale South$355,000
Buyer: David Michael Buttacavoli and Jaclyn Ann Kuwik
Seller: Sirva Relocation Credit LLC

416 Isle of Capri
Fort Lauderdale East$1,825,000
Buyer: Andrew G. and Elizabeth H. B. Housey
Seller: Jonathan Gunther and Robert Adam Harry Vickers

2270 N.E. 68th St.
Fort Lauderdale North$105,000
Buyer: Richard B. Tucker
Seller: Ashley E. Beal (revocable trust)

924 Orange Isle
Fort Lauderdale South$700,000
Buyer: 924-926 Orange Isle LLC
Seller: Bobby L Haag Jr.

2300 N.E. 33rd Ave.
Barrier Island$425,000
Buyer: Nancy M. and Fernando M. Oliveira
Seller: Laurie M Andrews and Roberta L Colosi

3301 S.W. 16th St.
Fort Lauderdale South$384,000
Buyer: Jacob Raphael and Danielle Duclervil
Seller: Elise M Cruz and Samuel Nunez

315 S.W. 19th Ave.
Fort Lauderdale South$355,000
Buyer: Sean Cabrey and Leah Silvieus
Seller: Israel Ivan Rivera Gonzalez

2409 N.E. 26th Ave.
Fort Lauderdale East$789,200
Buyer: Erin M Tate
Seller: Louis N. and Catherine S. Larsen

1250 S.W. 29th St.
Fort Lauderdale South$284,000
Buyer: Denise R Morris
Seller: Elizabeth Dunham Mattison

320 S.W. 13th St.
Fort Lauderdale South$327,500
Buyer: Sini Park Investments LLC and Lorena Lopez Homes LLC
Seller: Victor Gil and Claudia Cespedes

1312 N.W. Fifth Ave.
Fort Lauderdale Central$135,000
Buyer: Terence Louis Haynes II
Seller: Terence Louis Haynes II and Vanessa Perez-Corredor

2200 N.E. 33rd Ave.
Barrier Island$243,000
Buyer: Joelle Hansen
Seller: Dorothy Anne Walker and Dorothy Walker Celander

511 S.E. Fifth Ave.
Fort Lauderdale South$495,000
Buyer: Stuart J. and Rachele F. Schifter
Seller: Maureen T McDonald and Maureen T Magarigal

629 N.W. First Ave.
Fort Lauderdale Central$1,250,000
Buyer: Progresso Villas LLC
Seller: New Bay US Corp.

440 Royal Plaza Drive
Fort Lauderdale East$1,465,000
Buyer: Teresa Wardlaw
Seller: Jack Wardlaw III

2945 S.W. 19th St.
Fort Lauderdale South$134,704.66
Buyer: Kevin P Burke and Maria Alejandra Canevaro
Seller: Kevin P Burke

1813 N.E. 15th Ave.
Fort Lauderdale Central$292,000
Buyer: Andre Mattis
Seller: Thomas Hillan

3655 N.E. 32nd Ave.
Barrier Island$340,000
Buyer: Tiziana Steven and Alexander Browning Steven and Tiziana M Cerri
Seller: Robert M. Rinvelt (trust)

4812 N.E. 23rd Ave.
Fort Lauderdale East$146,000
Buyer: Diego Felipe Erazo
Seller: John Sharp and Helene Loffredo

215 N.E. 16th Ave.
Fort Lauderdale East$255,000
Buyer: Angela Generosa
Seller: Jacqueline M Babinec

1110 S.E. Fourth Ave.
Fort Lauderdale South$434,000
Buyer: Jacob Paul Shilts and Allison Emily Gay
Seller: Perry and Nicole Mayer

2544 S.W. 14th Ave.
Fort Lauderdale South$299,000
Buyer: Diana and Roland Parent
Seller: Catherine Marjorie Simons and Michael John Lewington

720 S.W. 14th Terrace
Fort Lauderdale South$522,500
Buyer: Ignacio David Palladino and Alejandra Cristina Rosero
Seller: Duane R Korb and Carlos Eliezer Torres Jr.

1520 S.E. 10th St.
Fort Lauderdale East$1,940,000
Buyer: Robert John Mercurio
Seller: Bernard J. Schinder and Norman Golten

2733 N.E. 15th St.
Fort Lauderdale East$230,000
Buyer: William Konkle
Seller: Dechant Tropical Paradise Inc.

1316 N.E. Fifth Ave.
Buyer: Beautiful Home 100 LLC
Seller: I C Holdings LLC

712 S.W. Ninth Terrace
Fort Lauderdale South$565,000
Buyer: Stefan M. and Vanessa L. Apotheker
Seller: Rio Vista Holdings LLC

100 N. Federal Highway
Fort Lauderdale East$327,000
Buyer: Om Prosperity Co. LLC
Seller: Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association

3325 N.E. 18th St.
Barrier Island$3,050,000
Buyer: Andrew Curran and Curran (living trust)
Seller: Venetia Lifestyle LLC

1524 N.E. Seventh St.
Fort Lauderdale East$755,000
Buyer: Paula Jo Giordano (living trust)
Seller: Catherine A. Callard (trust)

221 N.E. 23rd Ave.
Fort Lauderdale East$3,900,000
Buyer: Inmobiliaria Grupo Villalobos L O LLC
Seller: Braun Property Investments LLC

1713 N.E. 16th Ave.
Fort Lauderdale Central$709,000
Buyer: Ward J Wilson and Edward J. Egan
Seller: Frank E. Scott

2900 N.E. 30th St.
Fort Lauderdale East$180,000
Buyer: Kraig Kowalski and Leigh Carr
Seller: Tomluc LLC

800 Solar Isle Drive
Fort Lauderdale East$1,530,000
Buyer: Steve Sarajian Jr.
Seller: John Pappas and Lois McNally

100 S. Birch Road
Barrier Island$730,000
Buyer: Jackson Tower 2205D LLC
Seller: Terry O. and Maria A. Blagg

1529 N.W. Sixth Ave.
Fort Lauderdale Central$302,000
Buyer: Matthew P. Sacoco
Seller: Jessica Alyse Corallo

1308 Bayview Drive
Fort Lauderdale East$235,000
Buyer: Glen and Dinahlee Reading
Seller: Gregory Everett

660 Tennis Club Drive
Fort Lauderdale Central$272,500
Buyer: Carlos O Moran
Seller: Avrill Barickman (revocable trust)

1212 N.E. Third Ave.
Fort Lauderdale Central$356,000
Buyer: Andrea Ramos
Seller: Rosaire St. Pierre

2831 N.E. 28th St.
Fort Lauderdale East$2,850,000
Buyer: White Lynx LLC
Seller: Charles Russell (living trust)

420 N.W. 23rd Ave.
Fort Lauderdale Central$184,000
Buyer: Shannon Jontel McKally
Seller: Mary and Parris-Mary Jean Butler

1322 N.W. First Ave.
Fort Lauderdale Central$295,000
Buyer: Erik Petersen
Seller: Randall D Cortez

223 S.W. 17th St.
Fort Lauderdale South$350,000
Buyer: Bryan Schiessl and Blaise McMackin
Seller: Steffenie Fish Andreasen, Jeffrey E. Fish (irrevocable trust) and Randolph Scott Fish

1111 E. Las Olas Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale East$460,000
Buyer: Barry Edward and Veronica Koran
Seller: Kazi Shakil

1509 S.W. 12th Court
Fort Lauderdale South$350,000
Buyer: Bryleigh M Hansen and G Mather Wiswall
Seller: David Thomas VI and David Thomas IV and Tracy Darling Percy

1807 N.W. 15th Ave.
Fort Lauderdale Central$160,000
Buyer: Hi-Land Properties LLC
Seller: Cheryl Tisdale Hadden, Bessie M. Thomas and Bessie Thomas Moore

2230 S.W. 28th Way
Fort Lauderdale South$240,000
Buyer: Benjamin Johnson and 2230 SW 28TH Way Land Trust
Seller: Mark Adams

33 Isla Bahia Drive
Barrier Island$4,550,000
Buyer: Isidro and Mirta Lezcano
Seller: Cognac 33 LLC

1505 S.W. 10th Ave.
Fort Lauderdale South$552,000
Buyer: William H. and Martha M. Frank
Seller: James Ernest Fletcher Jr. and Brenda Zuniga Fletcher

3137 N.W. 65th Drive
Fort Lauderdale North$318,000
Buyer: Kristen M Rosario
Seller: Scott E. and Vivian Wheeler

2512 Barbara Drive
Buyer: 2512 Harbor LLC
Seller: Archdiocese of Miami

347 N. New River Drive
Fort Lauderdale South$410,000
Buyer: Winston Douglas Cochrane and Bryant Douglas Spain
Seller: Sun Coast 1 LLC

2900 N.E. 30th St. E.
Fort Lauderdale East$148,000
Buyer: Phanters Group LLC
Seller: Michael Harrity Jr.

4240 Galt Ocean Drive
Barrier Island$1,435,000
Buyer: Phillip H. and Ann J. Morrow
Seller: James C. Birnbaum

2000 S. Ocean Drive
Barrier Island$355,000
Buyer: Clarke C Nickerson
Seller: Matthew Ryan and Frank Setteducati

2572 S.W. 30th Ave.
Fort Lauderdale South$515,000
Buyer: Jason A. Lawrence and Erin M Kiley
Seller: Juan Garcia-Aragon

1116 N.E. First Ave.
Buyer: Luke W. Jenkins
Seller: Jason Howard

500 N.E. 17th Way
Fort Lauderdale East$1,225,000
Buyer: Kaushal and Maria Karia
Seller: Kim Phillips and Randall Sweers

101 S Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd.
Barrier Island$3,020,000
Buyer: Allie T. Mallad
Seller: Mark E. Halloran (revocable trust)

2900 N.E. 30th St.
Fort Lauderdale East$267,000
Buyer: Mary Noa-Kempner and Robin Kempner
Seller: Cass G Collins

942 N.W. 14th Court
Fort Lauderdale Central$255,000
Buyer: Dihosy Dylan Veloz and Denis Peralta Reyes
Seller: Sarah L. and Celeste Boyd

13 Pelican Drive
Fort Lauderdale East$4,350,000
Buyer: Rita Syoma and Eduard Shnayder Syoma and Sanna Ezri
Seller: Glen M. Miller

1321 S.W. 29th Ave.
Fort Lauderdale South$349,000
Buyer: Forrest Mott II and Shari Hicks
Seller: Pf Development LLC

3700 Galt Ocean Drive
Barrier Island$215,000
Buyer: Maria Pardo
Seller: June Asem

3308 N.E. 42nd Court
Barrier Island$1,549,999
Buyer: Kevin Cantz
Seller: Peter Lore

3700 Galt Ocean Drive
Barrier Island$650,000
Buyer: Sakir Humayun and Sibel Gultekin
Seller: Ziad Abikaram, Ziad Abilkaram and Laura M. Hargrove

1712 N.W. Seventh Ave.
Fort Lauderdale Central$290,000
Buyer: Giovanni Manjarrez
Seller: Homeinc LLC

5100 Dupont Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale North$170,000
Buyer: Kelly Magrane and Tayana Carper
Seller: Richard Timmothy and Peggy Sue Herrin and Herrin Family Trust

347 N. New River Drive
Fort Lauderdale South$800,000
Buyer: Harry Struck
Seller: Abcz Properties LLC

1819 S.E. 17th St.
Fort Lauderdale East$800,000
Buyer: Stump IV LLC
Seller: Loren Brelsford

1800 N. Andrews Ave.
Fort Lauderdale Central$45,100
Buyer: Carlos and Alejandro Lopez
Seller: Broward County Circuit Court and Matthew C. Bourneuf

1542 S.W. 19th Ave.
Fort Lauderdale South$525,000
Buyer: Ashley C. Grimme
Seller: Pam Sanders, Paula Meetze, Charles K. and Christopher J. and Chistopher J. Hayslip and Thomas Lohrmann

524 Orton Ave.
Barrier Island$285,000
Buyer: John Griffin
Seller: James Anthony Kouchinsky and Michael Kenneth Howard

924 S.E. Second St.
Fort Lauderdale East$234,900
Buyer: Romik and Linda Kesian
Seller: Lori Sterling (revocable trust)

1610 N.E. Fourth Place
Buyer: Victoria Gables LLC
Seller: Ddzk Properties-10 LLC and David E. Perloff

6801 N.W. 34th Ave.
Fort Lauderdale North$397,900
Buyer: Heather Marie Larkin
Seller: Linda and Jeffrey Bruck

1455 Holly Heights Drive
Fort Lauderdale Central$240,000
Buyer: Alex Asfour
Seller: John P. Stevenson

2641 Middle River Drive
Buyer: Jennsen Varela
Seller: Ingeborg Grossmann

924 S.E. Second St.
Fort Lauderdale East$234,900
Buyer: Romik and Linda Kesian
Seller: Lori Sterling (revocable trust)

415 N.E. 14th Ave.
Fort Lauderdale East$725,000
Buyer: KEE Fredkove
Seller: Corey McPartlon

1632 N.E. Fourth Court
Fort Lauderdale East$903,750
Buyer: Wendy and Philip Herman
Seller: Peter C. Chase and Daniel J. Robinson

3051 N.E. 48th St.
Fort Lauderdale East$277,000
Buyer: Kathy and Marek Szymanski
Seller: Thomas R. Dolan Jr., Sheila Dolan Petit and Margaret Dolan

4250 Galt Ocean Drive
Barrier Island$230,000
Buyer: Fedari Homes LLC
Seller: Ilona and Janos Tihanyi

2100 S. Ocean Drive
Barrier Island$371,000
Buyer: Martha R. Pitcairn (revocable trust)
Seller: Patricia D O'Malley

3020 N.E. 32nd Ave.
Barrier Island$412,000
Buyer: Richard C. Hector Jr.
Seller: Nick G. and Petula Korolis

2030 N.E. 31st Ave.
Barrier Island$950,000
Buyer: John Walter and Patricia Escuder Hanna
Seller: John J. Crickett

1001 S.E. Sixth Court
Fort Lauderdale East$850,000
Buyer: Nikhil Kapila and Georgina Maggs
Seller: Scott Newmark and Carol A. Moroco

625 Orton Ave.
Barrier Island$153,000
Buyer: Seascape Group LLC
Seller: Orlando Alvarez

1455 N.E. 55th St.
Fort Lauderdale North$540,000
Buyer: Andrew Leslie Boardman and Jennifer Alexandra Georges
Seller: Gilberto Cardona Jr.

3471 S.W. 18th St.
Fort Lauderdale South$305,000
Buyer: J & J Acquisition Homes LLC
Seller: Manhattan Associates Leasing Co. Ltd.

1310 Cordova Road
Fort Lauderdale East$1,175,000
Buyer: 1515 Seabreeze LLC
Seller: Lyman Ricker Chisholm Jr.

101 S Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd.
Barrier Island$2,500,000
Buyer: Richard Parrillo
Seller: Mike and Kathy Nuccitelli

1231 S.E. First St.
Fort Lauderdale East$179,000
Buyer: Brianna Nicole Vento
Seller: Andrea C Boynton and Andrea C. and Christopher Daniel Mallen

1904 N.W. 15th Ave.
Buyer: Greater Together Properties LLC
Seller: Maggie L. Wilson

2500 E. Las Olas Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale East$699,000
Buyer: Joan Crohn and Deborah Lengen
Seller: Kelly C. Overman (revocable trust) and Barbara Mallett Overman

5960 N.E. 21st Circle
Fort Lauderdale North$615,000
Buyer: Frederick P. Marzec
Seller: Terrence N. and Toby S. Manke

1505 N.E. 16th Terrace
Fort Lauderdale Central$1,499,000
Buyer: Green Rubicon Florida LLC
Seller: 1505 Ne 16 Ter LLC

1501 N.E. Seventh Ave.
Fort Lauderdale Central$190,000
Buyer: Vault Realty & Property Management LLC
Seller: H30-USA LLC

4731 N.E. 18th Terrace
Fort Lauderdale North$485,000
Buyer: Nicholas Green and Chau Phan Bao Tran
Seller: Donald C. Aitchison and Geralda O. Aitchison (revocable living trust)

841 S.W. 11th Court
Fort Lauderdale South$425,000
Buyer: Marc Aptakin
Seller: John Allen IV and Chelsea Elizabeth Myers Richey

800 S.E. Fourth St.
Fort Lauderdale East$430,000
Buyer: Charles Anthony and Ellen Marie Cerminara
Seller: Chateau Mar 302 LLC

3333 N.E. 34th St.
Barrier Island$175,000
Buyer: William H. Schuster
Seller: Galt View Apartments Inc. and Coral Ridge Towers South

2504 S.W. 14th Ave.
Fort Lauderdale South$315,000
Buyer: Trenton S Phipps
Seller: Chinook Investments LLC

704 S.E. Seventh St.
Buyer: Ritos Development LP
Seller: Kristen Bratberg

1708 N.E. Ninth Ave.
Fort Lauderdale Central$485,000
Buyer: Gilbert St. Louis and Puja Stlouis
Seller: Christine E. Sierotowicz

3011 N.E. 46th St.
Fort Lauderdale East$1,200,000
Buyer: Terrence Davis
Seller: Maldonado Property Investment LLC

1741 Poinsettia Drive
Fort Lauderdale Central$765,000
Buyer: Leacroft and Solbrisa Robinson
Seller: Waddah Allaf

6984 N.W. 30th Terrace
Fort Lauderdale North$37,275.34
Buyer: Jeanna M Deonanan
Seller: Jeanna M Deonanan and Aaron and Armani Maraj

4250 Galt Ocean Drive
Barrier Island$251,000
Buyer: Isaac and Lidia Levy
Seller: Lewis Kraus and Phyllis Infante

308 N.E. 14th Ave.
Buyer: M & B Home Property Investments LLC
Seller: Emmanuel De Baucaud and Alexis De Boucaud

1145 N.E. 17th Terrace
Buyer: Shapland Yard LLC
Seller: Fortaleza Properties LLC

3550 Galt Ocean Drive
Barrier Island$625,000
Buyer: R. Clancy Parks (living trust)
Seller: David and Julia Breda

1700 S.E. 15th St.
Fort Lauderdale East$360,000
Buyer: William J. Lehman and Susan G. Lehman
Seller: Pamela N. and Ian Knight

6479 Bay Club Drive
Fort Lauderdale North$265,000
Buyer: Robert Schackle and Donna Bentley
Seller: Susan L. Ambrogio

3800 Galt Ocean Drive
Barrier Island$230,000
Buyer: Joseph P Harvey and Charlene Salito-Harvey
Seller: Marchland Holdings USA Inc.

609 N.E. Eighth Ave.
Fort Lauderdale East$462,500
Buyer: M & B Home Property Investments LLC
Seller: 6 Estrelas LLC

1430 Holly Heights Drive
Fort Lauderdale Central$135,000
Buyer: Djmk Properties LLC
Seller: Sunset Holdings Oasis 6 LLC

520 S.E. Fifth Ave.
Fort Lauderdale South$265,000
Buyer: Lori Horvitz
Seller: Nicholaas C Van Vanno III

4020 Galt Ocean Drive
Barrier Island$304,950
Buyer: Carl Green
Seller: HB2 Alternative Holdings LLC

3300 N.E. 36th St.
Barrier Island$192,000
Buyer: Sheila A. and Michael J. Maloney
Seller: Shore Drive Apartments Inc. and Coral Ridge Towers East

946 N.W. 13th Court
Fort Lauderdale Central$250,000
Buyer: Sf Homebuyers LLC
Seller: Abbey L. Friedman (revocable trust)

1900 S. Ocean Drive
Barrier Island$192,000
Buyer: Troy V Faletra and Daniel W. Fitzgerald
Seller: Breakwater Towers Corp.

701 S.E. Sixth Court
Buyer: Ritos Development LP
Seller: Giovanni Rocchio

1245 N.W. First Ave.
Buyer: 1245 Nw LLC
Seller: Abacos Y3K Holdings LLC

2900 N.E. 30th St.
Fort Lauderdale East$239,000
Buyer: Stephen and Theresa Deluca
Seller: Lisa Hagin

1812 N.E. 11th Ave.
Buyer: Ashley Michelle Clarke
Seller: John J. Crickett

1801 S.W. 10th Ave.
Fort Lauderdale South$520,000
Buyer: Ryan and Jennifer Lipps
Seller: Barbara Newman

1100 S.W. 12th St.
Fort Lauderdale South$210,000
Buyer: Mark and Shannon and Nicolette Bonkowski
Seller: Kerry Szymanski

516 N.E. Seventh Ave.
Buyer: Theodoros Tsaousides and Andre Luiz Costa
Seller: Sph Properties Two LLC

1316 S.W. 19th Ave.
Fort Lauderdale South$450,000
Buyer: Sarah C. Lang
Seller: Blake Plyler and Fern Shearer

2881 N.E. 33rd Court
Fort Lauderdale East$250,000
Buyer: Donata and Fortunato Barbieri
Seller: 5416 Ne 3RD Ave Oakland Park LLC

2190 N.E. 68th St.
Fort Lauderdale North$123,500
Buyer: Tiffany J Alexopoulos
Seller: Kenneth O. Lunde

600 Victoria Terrace
Fort Lauderdale East$1,100,000
Buyer: Jorge Ceballos
Seller: Michael Alan Fields

3015 N. Ocean Blvd.
Barrier Island$269,000
Buyer: Cynthia Gershoff (living trust)
Seller: Richard and Kath Anderson

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