Weekly recap, March 14-20, 2021 home sales in Deerfield Beach

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The following residential sales were reported for the week of March 14-20, 2021. The median sale price was $197,000.

1010 N.W. 49th St.
Deerfield Beach South$267,000
Buyer: Stephanie Trappberger
Seller: Philip Domitz

608 S.W. Natura Blvd.
Deerfield Beach East$60,000
Buyer: Galdina Campos
Seller: Dolores M Cardillo

237 Ventnor
Deerfield Beach Central$76,000
Buyer: Kevin G. Attar (trust)
Seller: Lucja Katarzyna Rolf

2928 S.W. 12th St.
Deerfield Beach Central$240,000
Buyer: James Cummings
Seller: Rbs Investments Inc.

2119 Cambridge E.
Deerfield Beach Central$120,000
Buyer: Dennis Gendron (life estate), Lucie Beaudr (life estate) and Mathieu and Mylene Gendron
Seller: Mark A. and Hue Thi Vasick

38 Tilford
Deerfield Beach Central$100,000
Buyer: David Beati and Diana Cano
Seller: Rene L. and Michelle M. Monforton and Monforton Family Trust

1975 S.E. Third St.
Deerfield Beach East$340,000
Buyer: Laurie J. Viola (life estate) and Kristina A. Poncy
Seller: Frank and Maria Kalsan and Kalsan (living trust)

2097 Newport S.
Deerfield Beach Central$85,000
Buyer: Helen Rose Transue
Seller: Kenneth V. Hock and Dorothy H. Stunder

367 S. Federal Highway
Deerfield Beach East$146,000
Buyer: Cheryl Hess
Seller: Keith Edgar and Margaret Mary-Lanzon Baker

4759 S.W. 14th Court
Deerfield Beach West$245,000
Buyer: Jeffrey Marks and Kailynn Mirance
Seller: Kaizen USA LLC

1431 S.W. 48th Terrace
Deerfield Beach West$269,000
Buyer: Olivia and Elly Chiong
Seller: Adilson Moraes

3028 Harwood
Deerfield Beach Central$83,000
Buyer: Yessai Khatchhirian
Seller: Armando Coto

403 Hibiscus Drive
Deerfield Beach Central$70,000
Buyer: Simon Benoit and Suzanne Dagenais
Seller: Pine Tree Park Co-Op Inc.

602 Hibiscus Drive
Deerfield Beach Central$70,000
Buyer: Francois Langlois and Marie Josee Nadeau
Seller: Pine Tree Park Co-Op Inc.

913 S.E. 14th Drive
Deerfield Beach East$565,000
Buyer: Michael Mandel and Allyson Icardi
Seller: Amir Haghgooye-Tehrani, Amir Hagoo and Danielle E. and James H. Bishop

4355 N.W. Third Terrace
Deerfield Beach South$110,000
Buyer: Modica LLC
Seller: Judith M. Sutton (trust)

4038 Berkshire
Deerfield Beach Central$77,000
Buyer: Avery Lanard Jones and Albertha Jones
Seller: Salvatore Debunda and Cheryl Finocchiaro

4040 Crystal Lake Drive
Deerfield Beach South$150,000
Buyer: Daniela De Oliveira Modesto
Seller: Jean-Yves Dery, Josee Rondeau, Pascale Giroux and Gaetan Monette

8 Tilford
Deerfield Beach Central$90,000
Buyer: Jocelyne Gagne Poulin (life estate), Noel Poulin (life estate) and Jean Marc and Eric and Caroline Poulin
Seller: Ghislain and Karyn Wilson and Nicole Lachance

230 N. Federal Highway
Deerfield Beach East$255,000
Buyer: Sarah Lawson (life estate), Amie Marie Lawson and Renee Lawson Sattler
Seller: Lorraine F Walker and Lorriane F. Walker (revocable trust)

701 S.E. 21st Ave.
Deerfield Beach East$1,195,000
Buyer: Tracy Acton Jensen
Seller: Gary H. and Sharon Katz

748 N.W. 42nd Place
Deerfield Beach South$270,000
Buyer: Alina O'Laughlin
Seller: Martha E. Swain

648 Deer Creek Emerald Way
Deerfield Beach Central$325,000
Buyer: Carolyn Purrington
Seller: Daniel M. Devine, Janet Villotti and Francesca M. Devine (trust)

745 S.E. 19th Ave.
Deerfield Beach East$245,000
Buyer: Michelle L Durkin and Chris Dipasquale
Seller: Linda P Patterson and Jennifer Lynn England

5130 N.W. Fourth Ave.
Buyer: Sylvain Pitre (life estate) and Mathieu Cartier Pitre
Seller: Georges Hupe and Isabelle Gelinas

1694 S.E. Eighth Terrace
Deerfield Beach East$496,000
Buyer: Adam C. Abrams and Elizabeth A. Florence
Seller: Jeremy and Stephanie Earnest

2002 Upminster
Deerfield Beach Central$110,000
Buyer: Gloria Potash (life estate), Devorah Greenfield, Jennifer Lipkind and Rifka New
Seller: Louis H. Katz, Isabelle Cohen Adler (revocable trust) and Jeffrey, Benjamin, Jill Beth and Emily Hannah Adler

433 Deer Creek Path
Deerfield Beach Central$530,000
Buyer: Patrick Sean and Amanda Werner
Seller: John and Valda Reinbergs

3000 Country Club Blvd.
Deerfield Beach Central$315,000
Buyer: Rudolf and Crystal Alviedo
Seller: Jana Stastny and Jana Stasny

1477 S.E. Fourth Ave.
Buyer: Aamr Mohamed Ali
Seller: Alex K. Investment LLC

1467 S.E. Fourth Ave.
Buyer: Amgad Zaki
Seller: Alex K. Investment LLC

806 S.E. Seventh St.
Deerfield Beach East$160,000
Buyer: Michael and Colleen Nagel
Seller: Peter and Karen M. Reilly

330 S.E. 20th Ave.
Deerfield Beach East$375,000
Buyer: Azmi and Andrea Zarou
Seller: Edmund and Susan Restivo

755 N.W. 42nd Place
Deerfield Beach South$251,000
Buyer: Mark Kosior
Seller: Jessica Carrion and Jessica and Edward Eveld

253 S.W. 35th Ave.
Deerfield Beach Central$260,000
Buyer: Rodney and Hermione Pierre
Seller: Johannes A. H Neto, Bruna Brendel Zarzar and Thiago P De Araujo

2812 S.W. Natura Blvd.
Deerfield Beach East$92,500
Buyer: Claudia Jean Barrington
Seller: Edmundo Garcia

212 Grantham
Deerfield Beach Central$99,000
Buyer: Richard Kurt Thomas (life estate), Billie Thomas (life estate), Casie Randazzo and Harrison and Gillian Thomas
Seller: Mariano and Karen Polito

577 Deer Creek Viaduct Verona
Deerfield Beach Central$515,000
Buyer: Michel Gadoury and Stephane Guertin
Seller: Clare Evert Shane and Colette T. Evert (revocable trust)

272 Grantham E.
Deerfield Beach Central$77,000
Buyer: MacIej Lewandowski (life estate) and Iwona Dorota and Katarzyna Anna Lewandowska
Seller: Gary and Gina Gullo

811 Freedom Court
Deerfield Beach West$172,000
Buyer: Ebhc LLC and Tgr 2 Land Trust
Seller: Broward County Circuit Court and Herman Jansen

1353 S.E. Seventh Court
Deerfield Beach East$560,000
Buyer: Raviv Holdings Inc.
Seller: Laurie J Viola

2801 S.W. 15th St.
Deerfield Beach Central$233,500
Buyer: Peter H. and Patricia A. Worthy
Seller: Anthony Yao M. and Sylvi A. Dzegede

2080 E. Hillsboro Blvd.
Deerfield Beach East$500,000
Buyer: Northern Star Rentals LLC
Seller: Waterside Beach Holdings Inc.

2504 S.W. Natura Blvd.
Deerfield Beach East$178,500
Buyer: Santana Roberto and Sol Milagros Elosegui
Seller: David C. Ritchie and Cynthia Brewer

3921 N.E. Fourth Ave.
Deerfield Beach South$320,000
Buyer: Hayriye Gulay Ayduk and Guvenc Uz
Seller: Willian Fernandes and 3921 Ne 4TH Ave Land Trust

211 Grantham
Deerfield Beach Central$55,000
Buyer: Lynn M Lisanti
Seller: Gina S Amato

53 Harwood
Deerfield Beach Central$53,000
Buyer: Phyllis Smith and Phyllis Pyne
Seller: Maurice Dalois and Nicole Lemieux

493 Grantham
Deerfield Beach Central$135,500
Buyer: Anthony Foti
Seller: Lisa Buragina and Donna F Nickleson

700 S.E. Sixth Ave.
Deerfield Beach East$110,000
Buyer: Deanna C Friedberg
Seller: Mary Deveaux and Catherine I. Davis

1428 S.E. Fourth Ave.
Deerfield Beach East$104,000
Buyer: Carlos Gabriel Clavijo Florez and Kaitlyn Marie Lugo
Seller: Allan Lemos and Paige Carroll

139 N.W. 44th Terrace
Deerfield Beach West$395,000
Buyer: Angel Luis Rodriguez and Debbie Virgile
Seller: William Diaz and Gladys Moctezuma

197 S.E. Seventh St.
Deerfield Beach East$205,000
Buyer: James R. Cornelison Jr. and Richard S. Harrington
Seller: John F. Deering

94 Tilford E.
Deerfield Beach Central$65,000
Buyer: John and Carol Mikulin
Seller: Thomas M. Drabik Jr. and Mary A. Drabik

181 S.W. 32nd Ave.
Deerfield Beach Central$389,000
Buyer: Marcela S Mauro and Ian Ross Klaity
Seller: Brenda L Boyd and Harold J. Andrews

4758 S.W. 13th Place
Deerfield Beach West$309,000
Buyer: Wellington Dos Santos Lima
Seller: Christopher Lee

2038 Deer Creek Woodlands Place
Deerfield Beach Central$260,000
Buyer: Heather Huntemann
Seller: Melvin A. and Jessica Long

222 Richmond
Deerfield Beach Central$180,000
Buyer: Jacob and Udel Horowitz
Seller: Charles Martin Sabo

1047 Cambridge
Deerfield Beach Central$66,750
Buyer: Linda E Denis
Seller: Carolyn Finkelstein

665 S.E. 21st Ave.
Deerfield Beach East$407,470
Buyer: Duane and Cathy Hennarichs
Seller: Ocean Property 107 LLC

2033 Durham
Deerfield Beach Central$93,000
Buyer: Richard Racine and Carole Brisson
Seller: Real Gobeil and Monique Bernard

1511 Congressional Way
Deerfield Beach West$190,000
Buyer: George D. and Virginia M. Schou
Seller: Andrew Cardona and Jennifer Suzanne Myers

1905 S.W. 15th St.
Deerfield Beach Central$197,000
Buyer: Shannon Marie Patron
Seller: Carla Dias De Sousa and Stenio Elias

400 N. Federal Highway
Deerfield Beach East$410,000
Buyer: Manon Chouinard
Seller: Antonio Del Guadio and Paolo Palmieri

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