March 14-20, 2021: Lebanon home sales

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The following residential sales were reported for the week of March 14-20, 2021. The median sale price and twelve-months property tax bill were $177,000 and $3,556, respectively.

124 Florence St.
Effective Property Tax Rate: 0.00%
Buyer: Elizabeth and Terry and Becky Wilkins
Seller: Mark Poa Schlemer, Somers Michael By Poa, Schlemer Rebekah By Poa (now known as) and Somers Rebekah By Poa

214 N. Herman St.
Property Tax (2019): $4,150.92
Effective Property Tax Rate: 2.05%
Buyer: Chris R Andrews Jr. and Jamie L Andrews
Seller: Justin C. and Ashley M. Schichler

320 N. Pearl St.
Property Tax (2019): $3,556.12
Effective Property Tax Rate: 2.63%
Buyer: Heather Burger
Seller: Robert E. Lienau (trustees) and Robert Lienau (trust)

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