Dubuque home sales during March 14-20, 2021

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There were 23 reported residential sales in Dubuque for the week of March 14-20, 2021. The median sale price was $170,000.

1616 Atlantic St.
Buyer: Arrow Homes LLC
Seller: Kelly John and Rebecca Lee Johnson

1859 Key Way Drive
Buyer: Bang Tran
Seller: Sade L Swedenhjelm, Sade Latrice Pointer and Joseph William Swendenhjelm

275 Princeton Place
Buyer: Julie A. and Mike Hammer
Seller: Leconte Construction LLC

2852 Katrina Circle
Buyer: Thg LLC
Seller: Ralph C. and Jean Noel Eucher

1998 Golden Eagle Drive
Buyer: John Quinones and Kirstin Apel
Seller: Emily C. Depner (trustee) and Emily C. Depner (trust)

3466 Waller St.
Buyer: Martin J. and Patricia K. Jungers
Seller: Brian S Tschiggfrie

760 Fifth St.
Buyer: Odetta L. and Cory M. Frommelt
Seller: Cody J Shipp

3542 Charleston Court
Buyer: Donald J. and Derra M. Zieser
Seller: Vladimer and Mary R. Honchar

328 Monroe St.
Buyer: Jeremy J. and Dori J. Hook
Seller: Richard R. and Gina M. Miller

1205 Park St.
Buyer: Jacob D. Donovan
Seller: Douglas M. and Kimberly J. Roush

370 Kaufmann Ave.
Buyer: Robert E. Boge
Seller: Sidney B. and Gail M. Clark

3521 Eclipse Circle
Buyer: Jennifer and Ryan Horst
Seller: Segun P. and Rachael Osemene

1990 Sky Blue Drive
Buyer: Marcus and Brittany Gosse Jesus
Seller: Tyler J. and Michelle L. Krout

3930 Creston St.
Buyer: Jessica Marie Healey
Seller: Karen K Gabrielson

2235 Schroeder St.
Buyer: Lexi Knief
Seller: Amy L. and Jacob Kenniker and Amy L. Hoffman

820 Alpine St.
Buyer: Jeffrey T Manternach
Seller: Donald Scott Heicken

1950 Asbury Road
Buyer: Debra R Wright and Allison N. Hencke
Seller: Michael P. Rooney

4160 Cayden Court
Buyer: Jean Pierre Sorondo
Seller: Chelsey R Porter

2220 Washington St.
Buyer: Michael D. and Julie K. Beck Green
Seller: Michael P. and Julie K. Kane

461 Woodland Ridge
Buyer: Mary Susan Pape (trust) and Mary Susan Pape (trustee)
Seller: Gemma Hentrich (trustee) and Linda Hentrich (trust)

2655 White St.
Buyer: Joseph W Weydert and Joseph W Wedert
Seller: Grtd Investments LLC

2922 Washington St.
Buyer: Megan Elizabeth Ciesielski
Seller: A & B Property Management LLC

2791 Oak Crest Drive
Buyer: Susan and Steve G. Strella
Seller: Duane W. and Angie M. Kutsch

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