Miramar home sales during March 28-April 3, 2021

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The following residential sales were reported for the week of March 28-April 3, 2021. The median sale price was $293,700.

11325 S.W. 18th Court
Miramar East$298,000
Buyer: Sanya Checo
Seller: Saul Fumero and Elizabeth Resillez

14103 S.W. 49th St.
Miramar Central$249,000
Buyer: Neeraj Kumar and Malie Raghunath
Seller: Joshua Brutus

15775 S.W. 49th Court
Miramar West$522,000
Buyer: Pravin Tambe and Jinia Basuli
Seller: A & C Florida Investments LLC

7936 Ramona St.
Miramar East$350,000
Buyer: Christopher and Gillian Brooks
Seller: Geraldine OCHS Scholz

8041 S.W. 21st Court
Miramar East$175,000
Buyer: Monica M Giraldo Restrepo and Carlos R Broche
Seller: Ff Remodeling & Investment Inc.

2938 E. Missionwood Circle
Miramar East$170,000
Buyer: Yango Jesus Ortiz and Aymara Napoles Hernandez
Seller: Patricia A. Saunders

1711 S.W. 84th Ave.
Miramar East$280,000
Buyer: Bryan Jose Arguello and Diana Reyes
Seller: Ruben R Lara and Dayanara C Salazar

16231 S.W. 49th Court
Miramar West$500,000
Buyer: Jorge L Jimenez and Yudith B Herrera
Seller: Wilfred and Joyce Diaz

6414 S.W. 18th St.
Miramar East$300,000
Buyer: Edwin and Gloria Louis
Seller: Sherrie L Cooper, Sherrie Lynn Rabsatt and Elvis Martin

4341 S.W. 160th Ave.
Miramar West$272,500
Buyer: Maria J. Cruz and Eduardo R Suarez
Seller: David Gherardi and Mariana Gabaldon

4025 S.W. 68th Lane
Miramar East$160,000
Buyer: Laconya Natesse Phillips
Seller: Ludmilla Fequiere

9391 N Meadows Circle
Miramar East$275,000
Buyer: Mary Luz and Jair Diosa
Seller: Paula L Velez

7340 Panama St.
Miramar East$265,000
Buyer: Jenny G Vasquez
Seller: Gertrude, Anberley, Andrew and Anne White

17506 S.W. 48th St.
Miramar West$716,500
Buyer: Arshad Khan and Summaiya Arshad
Seller: Arshad Mahmood and Sadea Manzoor Awan

14146 S.W. 31st St.
Miramar Central$415,000
Buyer: Jaime F Plaza
Seller: Jhonny and Rosanna Almonte

4907 S.W. 183rd Ave.
Miramar West$670,000
Buyer: Mario C. and Tiffany Mucci
Seller: Ofir and Andrea Nicole Bar

2602 S.W. 85th Ave.
Miramar East$324,000
Buyer: Miqueas Melendez and Linnette Sabater
Seller: Rudolph Innocent and Rudolph and Edwine Etienne

3400 Foxcroft Road
Miramar East$152,000
Buyer: Suayip Dogan Erbay
Seller: Tanya Smith

12785 S.W. 47th St.
Miramar Central$141,044.90
Buyer: Yesenia M. and Yessenia M. Gonzalez
Seller: Juan L. Gonzalez

6137 S.W. 35th St.
Miramar East$293,700
Buyer: Southtrust Financial LLC
Seller: Broward County Circuit Court, Luz M. and Manuel Vazqueztell and Charles Rhodes

8401 Windsor Drive
Miramar East$389,500
Buyer: Yaleisy Valdes Pena and Cindya Gonzalez Oroza
Seller: Germaine P., Prophete-Germaine, Jhonny and Johnny Louis

1900 S.W. 125th Ave.
Miramar Central$470,000
Buyer: Yamir Abascal Cabrera and Milagros Dopico Rodriguez
Seller: Katherine L. Andrioli

6751 Miramar Parkway
Miramar East$305,000
Buyer: Cristian Ballesteros
Seller: Jairo Jose Ballesteros and Dorna Casarubia

3026 S.W. 140th Ave.
Miramar Central$445,000
Buyer: Carl S. Pate and Silvia A. Teodorian
Seller: Sunlight Place LLC

3410 Foxcroft Road
Miramar East$125,000
Buyer: Novemie Bautista
Seller: Lydia Hwang

16444 S.W. 30th St.
Miramar West$700,000
Buyer: Angel and Claudia Marcela Mendoza
Seller: Clara Puebla

17937 S.W. 36th St.
Miramar West$160,000
Buyer: Aguiar & Mansur LLC
Seller: Solstice Venture Properties Inc.

6505 S.W. 21st St.
Miramar East$249,900
Buyer: Jorge Jesus Cabello Diaz, Mayda Senan and Maria Lisy Cabello
Seller: Suyapa Villalobos and Suyapa Jordana Stillwell

9291 E. Daffodil Lane
Miramar East$244,000
Buyer: Samiris Beatriz Feliz Aravena
Seller: Omar Cespedes and Nubia Barrera

8560 N. Sherman Circle
Miramar East$120,000
Buyer: Among US Inc.
Seller: Etna Investments LLC

7912 Granada Blvd.
Miramar East$370,000
Buyer: Sherley Joseph
Seller: Hopeview Properties LLC

12148 St. Andrews Place
Miramar East$155,000
Buyer: Among US Inc.
Seller: Etna Investments LLC

2648 Riviera Drive
Miramar East$315,000
Buyer: Susana E. and Guillermo Javier Castillo Fuentes
Seller: Dennis Flynn

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